HRM 620 Job Analysis

Task in HRM 620 Job Analysis

1. Basic Functions and Scope of Job:

Please provide a brief summary of the main purpose of this job and the prime reason for its existence. State briefly the scope of the job. Include quantitative data when possible.

2. Work Performed:

Describe in detail the duties performed. State specifically what is done, and explain why and how. State the frequency of the duties performed.

3. Work Contacts:

The extent to which the position requires the ability to gain cooperation, persuade and influence other people. Indicate the level, frequency, difficulty and importance of work contacts.

4.Decision-Making Authority:

Indicate level of discretion or authority allowed under company policies, procedures and practices.

5. Describe specific duties and responsibilities that are essential to the purpose of this position and critical to successful performance, listing the most important first. For each duty and responsibility, describe the successful completion or result of that activity. DO NOT use acronyms or abbreviations. Use a separate sentence or paragraph for each duty and responsibility.    Most positions can be described within 10 or fewer major responsibility areas. Each statement should be brief and concise. Give the best estimate of average percentage of time each duty and responsibility takes over the course of a day. Copy and attach additional information, if necessary. Marginal or occasional duties and responsibilities will be described in the next section.   

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