HR485 Medical Center Case Study

In this Assignment,HR485 Medical Center Case Study,you will apply the key guidelines associated with performance management and how they connect with the four human resource strategies described in Chapter 2 of the text

. Based on your reading of the “Medical Center” case at the end of Chapter 8, answer the questions belowin a 2–3-page paper.

Where appropriate, support your assertions from your readings and/or your own experiences. Please Note: Be sure to answer the questions below rather than the questions that follow the case.Questions: 

1. What two HR strategies do you think best align with this performance management approach?Why?

2. Do you think the new system is really more objective? W hy or why not?

3. Why do you think that the organization requires documentation for certain ratings?

4. What three strengths do you see in the new systems? What three weaknesses do you see in the process?

To successfully complete the projects, the following are the minimum requirements:

 Complete a 2–3-page paper in APA 6th edition formatting — 12-point font, double-spaced, indented paragraphs, citations, reference list, etc.

Review the APA formats found in Writing Resources accessed through the Academic Success Center within the Academic Tools area of thecourse.

 Your Assignment should have a cover sheet with the following information: Title of the paper, yourname, course and section number, and date.

 Include introductory and summary paragraphs.

 Limit the use of direct quotations — instead, paraphrase and cite the author’s work.

 Reinforce your personal opinions with at least two credible or scholarly research articles (not toexceed 10–15% of content).

Peer-reviewed articles, journal articles, textbooks, and Libraryresources are examples of high quality resources.

Note that Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. are notconsidered as reliable resources for this research.

 Demonstrate your understanding of the weekly objective(s) through your response.

 Ensure that a response to each question of the case study is included in your pap