How does terrorism differ from other forms of violence?

How does terrorism differ from other forms of violence?.

Copy of the assignment sheet: Module 1 Assignment defining terrorism.docx

This assignment gives you a chance to apply what you have learned from the perspective of current events:

Read the following article by William Yeomans, This is What it Takes for Mass Murder to Be Terrorism, from Time magazine, 4 Dec. 2015: (Links to an external site.) The article highlights the importance of terminology, looking at terrorism vs. mass shootings using the San Bernardino attack as a case study (note the date of Dec. 4, 2015two days after the attackon Dec. 6 President Obama declared it an act of terrorism)

Then read this blog on the Oxford University Press website about definitions of terrorism from perspective of language use: (Links to an external site.)

After reading these two articles, think back to the first question in the reading worksheet on how you define terrorism, and how it differs from other forms of violence. Based on what you read in the Law textbook and these two articles, answer three of the following four questions (whichever three you find most interesting) using specific examples from the texts (as a general guideline, you should have a solid paragraph of 4-6 sentences for each one):

1) The Law textbook explored the challenges of defining terrorismwhat do these two articles add to our understanding of this issue?

2)Of the definitions presented in the various readings, which one(s) do you find most useful and why? Anything you think they leave out?

3) Based on the readings, how does terrorism differ from other forms of violence? (the Time article is helpful on this point when looking at whether mass shootings should be described as terrorism)

4) How might these readings on defining terrorism help us to better understand recent attacks? Can you give one or two specific examples?

Reminder: please draw specific examples from the text. Be sure to cite sourcesyou do not need to consult any sources other than the three readings and you can cite them by author, page number for the book or just author for the web articles. If you use any other sources they need full citations.

Book : Randall D. Law Terrorism: A History (Polity Press, 2009) ISBN 978-0-7456-4038-9

How does terrorism differ from other forms of violence?

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