How does PTSD affect the mental capabilities of adult females?

How does PTSD affect the mental capabilities of adult females?

Who: Women who suffer with PTSD ages under 40

What: I would like to research how does PTSD mentally affect women under 40

Where: I would like to focus on women in troubled situations. I haven’t not decided if I want to focus on a certain area or what

When: I would to focus on situations where PTSD would be present, maybe they was in combat, abusive relation, car accident, etc.

How: I would like to conduct interviews to gather information

Geographic: USA, Middle East

Demographic: women under 40

Question: Does PTSD in Adulthood Increase the Likelihood of Alzheimer’s Disease?

The target population would be adults, male and female, age 70-80 that were diagnosed with PTSD in their early adult hood.

I will try to see if their is a positive correlation with those who have been diagnosed with PTSD and those who now suffer from Alz. 

I chose this because PTSD and ALZ are both family diseases. They affect everyone around those who are suffering. If we can properly treat PTSD maybe we can reduce the chances of ALZ.

I will focus on patients throughout the US.

I hope to begin this study immediately reaching out to clinics.

It will be based off of prior reports and research.

Above are two research questions that involves PTSD. What would be your concern about about these questions, if not, what do you think about the questions.