HLSC2401: Human Growth And Motor Development

HLSC2401: Human Growth And Motor Development. Dynamic systems is a contemporary theory that is commonly used to explain motor development.

Choose one aspect of the theory (e.g. attractors) and explain how it is observed and/or explains a part of motor development (e.g. crawling).

Use specific examples to support your position. LAYOUT OF PAPER. Intro paragraph – overview of what the dynamic systems theory is? – Narrow in what topic we chose ( eg. attractors or control parameter) – State your thesis ex.

For the purpose of this paper, the concept of control parameters will be discussed in the context of ice skating.

To explain the dynamic theory best explains the processes in motor development Counter Argument

– How does another motor development theory (i.e maturationist) explain attractors or the motor behavior you used as examples?

– Why is DST a better explanation? Conclusion: summarize main points along with rewording your thesis I wish to do my paper on attractors. 1. Attractors: Most efficient way to move

– Stable states of behavior – Selected from a much wider range of possibilities

– E.g. Walking from point a to point b. HLSC2401: Human Growth And Motor Development