Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Terrorism Influence.Terrorism is not a new term. It has been using since the time the human history is known. However, different organizations descri

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Terrorism Influence.

Terrorism is not a new term. It has been using since the time the human history is known. However, different organizations describe terrorism differently. The Department of Defense of US defines terrorism as any act which includes the use of violence or threat to use violence which is unlawful in order to cause fear or to coerce governments or societies to achieve their ideological, religious or political objectives.United Nations defined terrorism in 1992 as a method which inspires to perform the violent actions repeatedly by any organization, group or even by an individual for any personal political or criminal purposes. Another main aspect of terrorism identified in this definition is that the direct targets of the violence are not usually the main targets of such violence. But the main target is the government, organization or general public who got threatened by such acts. The definition describes all such violent acts as terrorism which causes a fear or threat in the society to achieve specific objectives. So in simple words, terrorism may be defined as the acts of inducing fear in public with the intention of achieving intended goals and objectives. CAUSES OF TERRORISM: There are many reasons for which terrorism occur. In order to devise anti-terrorism strategies, it is necessary to understand those reasons. 1. The main cause which induces the terrorists to execute terrorist activities is their dissatisfaction with social, political or government policies. The terrorist groups adopt the means which may cause violence and fear to the government and the society to change the existing position of the world and bring it into the position in which that group intended it to be. 2. Sometimes, the intended motive of the terrorists is to maximize the harshness and the time period of the fear and the psychological impact on the general public. In such a case, terrorist activities are done at public places such as busy roads, markets and public sites to affect huge population and cause great damages to the society which sometimes induces the government to accept terrorists’ demands. 3. Another reason of the terrorism is the oppression imposed upon such groups which actuated them to take steps for self-defense including armed struggle and using destructive weapons. In such a situation, a group that seems terrorist to a person may be a freedom fighter for some other person. Such groups do not think that they are performing evil acts. They believe that they are combatants fighting for their legitimate goal. AMERICAN REVOLUTION: American Revolution took place in the 18th century when thirteen colonies of North America united to get themselves free from the British Empire and named themselves as United States of America. However, the revolution was based on an ideological movement that highlighted the basic rights of Native Americans. These states rejected the authority of Great Britain Parliament and expelled royal officials. The British Empire sent combat troops to impose their direct rule over these colonies but the states defended resulting in American Revolutionary War in 1775. The war ended in 1783 with the Peace Treaty of Paris. The British call the American Revolution a series of terrorism acts. Zalman, A (2012) explained that the event of Boston Tea Party which had roots in the American Revolution was considered by the British as terrorists act. The event took place in December 1773 when 150 men entered into the three ships which were ready to take tea to other British colonies. They dumped all the 342 boxes of tea in the harbor. On the other hand, the event is termed as a reaction against the unjustified British tax law imposed upon Americans. The Americans called the revolutionists such as George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson their heroes and freedom fighters who worked tirelessly for independence as mentioned on the official website of The American Revolution Organization. RUSSIAN REVOLUTION EFFECTS ON TERRORISM IN EUROPE: Russian Revolution took