Hi, I need help with essay on Speaker What Matters to Me and Why asks audience to reflect on their beliefs, values motivations, choices made, difficulties,. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, n

Hi, I need help with essay on Speaker What Matters to Me and Why asks audience to reflect on their beliefs, values motivations, choices made, difficulties,. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

[Your full January 11, What is important to me and why? I love people. I cannot see people suffering. And I long to wipe away tears form the eyes of humanity. These are the best words that can ever describe me. I did not know that I will grow up to love my values, beliefs and morals- the standards which have been passed on to me by my parents. Everybody’s parents are special beings, and mine are the most special blessing that God has bestowed upon me. They have taught me to be kind to humanity. They have told me that the only way to gain God’s pleasure is to love his creatures. ‘Do unto others as you want others do unto you’, is the greatest lesson my father has ever taught me. And I thank him for that because this lesson has made me serve humanity and lessen their suffering. I belong to a poor family in Bangladesh, in a community where girls are considered to be a burden. I always wondered what was wrong with being a girl. It was my father who told me that being a girl did not mean that I could not move ahead in life as boys did. He believed in me that I would do something great in my life and become a role model for other girls of my community. It was my parents’ endless support and prayers that I am what I am today. My father has always been a great inspiration for me because he used to help the poor financially. He was a banker. He was very humble in his actions and treated others with love and kindness. Then the event occurred which changed my idea of a successful life. My father met a horrible accident and because he did not get proper treatment, the right side of his body got paralyzed and remained so for a long time. That was the most depressing time of my life which turned out to be a turning point too. I thought how many patients would there be in Bangladesh lying paralyzed in their beds and not getting proper care and treatment. Then, when my grandparents got paralyzed too because of aging, I made the biggest decision of my life. I decided to help such patients out of their misery who did not get the therapy that could relieve them out of their suffering. Thus, I decided to become an occupational therapist. This decision and my passion to serve humanity made me move to USA for higher studies in this field and now I am getting special therapy courses. I will specialize in this field and then serve the people of my homeland and will bring them out of their agony. Although I am facing some difficulties in achieving my dreams like I am far away from my homeland and feel lonely in another country, and I also miss my parents when I face some problem. Then, I long for somebody like my father who could be here with me to support me emotionally and raise my spirits through kind and high-spirited words. But I have made a promise to myself and that is never to feel disappointed and never to back off from my ambition. I pray God to help me maintain my beliefs and values so that other girls of my community look up at me and follow me so that their parents start taking them as seriously as the take boys. It is about time people started believing that gender discrimination is one of the worst calamities that can ever strike a community and no nation can progress without throwing away the blanket of gender differences and bias toward one gender especially the female gender. The reader/audience must have got the idea by now that I have got great values and morals which force me to think about ways through which I could be helpful to people around me. For me, the biggest ambition of one’s life should be to live for others and not for one self. Everybody can live for his own self and for his immediate family but it is very seldom that somebody dedicates his life for the pleasure and ease of others. God has sent me in this world not without a purpose. If we will not look into other people’s problems, then what is the use of being the best of God’s creatures? Will there be any difference between us and wild animals if we will stop caring for others? Not a bit. Hence, for me it is very important to fulfill the purpose due to which God has sent me on this earth. And I am trying my level best to accomplish my dreams.