GSBS6040 Human Resource Management


GSBS6040 Human Resource Management. Consider the recruitment challenge for WSA, based on the main material provided above and using the problem-based learning (PBL) method, you will write a briefing paper for your boss in an essay format. Your essay should identify three HRM issues (such as those concerning HR planning, selection and recruitment) that would be critical to address in WSA’s future recruitment campaign, and explain why these would be critical to make the recruitment campaign work.

The essay should comprise an introduction and the ‘scoping’ of the problem, and a brief statement of the main arguments of the paper. It should then provide substantive content on each of the three issues that reflects depth and breadth of research as well as practical understanding of the problem, and critical analysis of the issues in presenting solutions to the problems. A conclusion should draw together the identified issues, analysis and solutions.

The core of the essay would aim at demonstrating your ability to apply HRM concepts and theories (please avoid describing the provided case material, only mention what is necessary). The appendix of the essay would report your PBL matrix.

GSBS6040 Human Resource Management

Possible variations:

In writing up this exercise, you may prefer to use one more variations on this scenario. Any variation must be  agreed in writing with your Course Co-ordinator before proceeding:

– you are a consultant for a recruitment firm (rather than an HR Manager);

– you work for current Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport;

– you work for an airport overseas.