Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

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Title:Gitex 2018 Dubai in October
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Paper instructions:Write about Gitex that occurred in October 2018 in Dubai

Students will write a paper and do a very short oral presentation (3 minutes) to inform
their classmates of a current event in the business world, either in the UAE or
internationally. These students will select one event that has transpired or was written
about or discussed in the media within the last three months to report on. This can be
anything from the corporate world, e.g. mergers, corporate scandal, advertising, profit
reports, or anything involving companies at all found from a news article or any other
The purpose of this project is a) to prepare a 3 pages, double spaced, word processed
analysis of a current event in the business worlds and b) to give an informal

Guidelines for the paper accounting for 4 marks (out of 5):
1. Select a current business event
2. The paper may include the following general sections:
– Brief introduction describing the major business event
– Issue(s) raised/discussed in the literature (newspaper, internet, etc.) you read
– Summary of the main arguments used in the literature you read
– Own opinion about the topic
– Conclusion
3. The paper should be around 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt.
4. Refer to other literature. There should be at least 2 academic references.
5. Plagiarism. If you are simply lifting material off the web sites, and not explaining things
in your own words, it is an automatic F. Even if you struggle with the writing, if you do it
yourself you will get a better grade than a zero.
6. Use grammar check and spell check in your computer.
7. Proofreading, or the lack of it does affect the grade.

Answer: Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

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Gitex Dubai in October 2018

Gitex, (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), October 2018 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates happens every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is mainly an electronics sale extravaganza but also includes quality talks, diverse exhibitions, among other high scaled events. It attracts numerous retailers, suppliers and consumers including professionals in Information Technology, students and other enthusiastic entrepreneurs with startups. The Gitex in this year was no different. It was more diverse and advanced than it had been in previous years. There were more and better events including exhibitions, talks, coded robots and drones, online gaming among other items. The start-ups were also in great numbers emerging from all over the globe. The uncertainties that surround them are able to be eroded once the audience interact with the entrepreneurs in an interactive forum. The people in attendance were in excess of 150000 from all over the world.

The main focus this year was on coded robots and drones. These coded robots could do multiple operations by a click of remote controller, for instance, presenting newscasts, operating machines et cetra. The cut-edging technology was also depicted on other items.  Among the innovations launched at the just concluded Gitex in Dubai was the flying car. The Etisalat unveiled an automated flying car. The science behind a flying car was deeply captivating and the moment astounding. Balloon shaped car was said to be more economic taxi and can fly at a speed of 97 kilometers an hour. This would could move the transport industry a great deal ahead.

There were also online markets where one could shop for almost anything of their preference. This included latest cellphones, radios, television sets, and even groceries that could be shopped at the comfort of their residences. Those with start-ups had their opportunity too. They advertised their scaled business models to the enthusiastic consumers already in attendance. They guided them on how to navigate their websites for easier and convenient decision making. The consumers are therefore able to make informed decisions do online shopping in the future. High quality talks were also held in the presence of various Emirates government represented in various departments.

In my opinion, Gitex technology week is a very noble admirable idea. As depicted in this year’s electronic sale extravaganza, Emirates governments should ensure its growth as well as sustained continuity. This is because it gives hope to the upcoming scientists and other innovative minds of the young people especially those students that attends the Gitex in Dubai. It also ensures that everyone around the globe remains updated about the ever growing electronic industry. Electronics have become an important part of our lives today. They are involved in our lives in almost all aspects, be it communication, healthcare, medicine, food science among others. In this context, the more electronics advance in technology, the better and easier our lives become. For instance, in healthcare, electronic machines assists the doctor in arriving at an accurate diagnosis as well as establishing the underlying cause or problem. There are other major applications of electronic technology are satellite communication, telecommunication, internet technology among others. Gitex Dubai is therefore making the dream of world managed by technology come true. By providing space and audience for innovators to showcase their items, exchange ideas and learn new ideas through live interactions, great milestones in technology are achieved. The interaction between innovators, suppliers, retailers, government policy makers, students and consumers holds untold impacts.

In conclusion, the Gitex in Dubai technology week should be adopted by all countries worldwide. Though it is a priceless opportunity and many people from all over the world like to attend, it may be impossible for everyone to attend due to varied reasons. However, if all governments could make arrangements to have such electronic sale extravaganzas in their countries, more audience would be captured. Though start-ups are faced by immense uncertainties, the successful ones ends becoming very great companies. The Gitex helps to create opportunities for the people to understand and clear those doubts. The suppliers and retailers as well as the innovators would not mind going round the globe where audience is guaranteed to showcase and sell their items.

The coded robots and drones are bridging the gaps of human incapability and therefore providing solutions to various issues in life. Human beings cannot work round the clock, neither can they persevere immense pressure. The artificial intelligence enable gadgets can work under any condition for as long the controller desires. In electronic industry, more job opportunities are emerging and so by supporting these industry, the young professionals leaving institutions of higher learning would engage themselves easily. In fact, by having more international sales like Gitex Dubai, more innovations would be encouraged in the spirit of competition among innovators. The pressure to upgrade in technology would lead to new ideas. Gitex is a model that should be emulated by all countries who view technology growth important in its people’s lives.

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