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i need answe for part D i did all parts anly need part D answer

" Enmllrner x CourseHi x a Do Home x [a GluenA [fl] Signlnlix ‘Schedulex (— G I 3 Secure https:.ilwww.methxl.corniStudentfPlayerHomework.espx?hemeworkld=448541032&questionld=46uflushed=fa|se&cld=47038898ecenterwin=yes filfiro Fotepoulcrs – FallZGW – Sec 02 Homework: Homework 5 Score: 0.4 of 1 p1 ® 6.2.5 1 GiuIn a normal distribution with p=150 and cr=1fl. complete parts (a) through (d).a Click here to View page 1 of the cumulative standardized normal distribution table. a Click here to View page 2 of the eurnulalivu standardized normal distribution table. a. What is Ihe probability thatX > 70? The probability thatx>70 is 0.9986 .(Round to four decimal places as needed.) b. What is the probability that X < 90? The probability thatX<90 is 0.1587 .(Round to four deoimal places as needed.) 0. What is the probability thatX < 30 or X >125? The probability that X4 80 orX > 125 is 0.0291 .(Round to four deu‘mal places as needed.) d. 96% of the values are between what two X—values (sylnmllricallydistribubed around the mean)? 90% of the values are greater than 14 and lles than 126 . (Round to two decimal plamfi as needed.) Enter your answer in the edit fields and then click Check Answer. Emma… — 4 of 6 (6 complete) 7 p Clear All Save HW Score: 90%, 5.4 of 6 pts SE Question Help Q C?) _|<> I m EwilabueMgtOpZ‘lSJeMdoc ‘ (g. A53ignrrlent+it2_0vervi….pdf – El Math 202 Syllabusi undue; ‘ a ACCTG 231 Fall 2017 ….xl5x ‘ @ Exam 2 Review Sheenducx [1. are 4):" I isnuwnu I x