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I am having some trouble fully understanding how to calculate the accounts payable balance. Any help you could provide.

Do Homework – Aaron Herbert – Mozilla Firefox HerbeHomework: 1.7 – Homework: MyAccountingLab TM HomScore: 0 of 8 pts8 of 11 (7 complete)HVS2-4 (similar to)Accounts PayableMay 24,50012,000May 1May 2210,0001,200May 55,500 May 15550 May 23Calculate the Accounts Payable balance. (Enter the balance, along with a "Bal." reference on the correct side of the T-account.)Accounts PayableMay 24,50012,000 May 1May 2210,0001,200 May 55,500 May 15550 May 23Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer.All parts showingClear AllF8FSF10F11F12PrtScSys RqInsertScrLkDelete89BackspaceP