Discussion Board: health is a team sport

Discussion Board: health is a team sport

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Discussion Board: health is a team sport

This week’s topic of pain management and the challenges of coping with chronic illnesses is very relevant to what I’ve been dealing with for the past four years of undergrad. During these years, I’ve mentioned in other discussions that I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which caused me to have organ problems much like out Ted Talk speaker Eric Dishman, in which I had two transplants and months of dialysis by the time all by the time I was 23. I know what its like to go from relatively healthy to suddenly having your days presented to you in a number. I know my experiences are pretty rare, but many of us deal with chronic illnesses, which from out text we know accounts for 75% of health care and which a third of adults starting at 18, having at least one condition. Coping with a chronic illness has been extremely challenging, everything we’ve covered from negative emotional responses like depression to having a negative self concept is all so real. 

What has been the most beneficial for me as far as care management and coping, is Dishman’s perspective of care networking and having a team approach. With all that I’ve been through, I take comfort in knowing I have a huge team making sure I have the best quality of life. Unlike Dishman, I’ve never seen an isolated specialist. From my transplant team, rheumatologist, dermatologist, primary doctor, nutritionist, nephrologist, physical therapist, etc. every specialist I see is a part of the same network, they communicate with each other, and have excess to ever test, blood work, or visit summary. I find comfort in knowing that they’re all working together, and also working with me. My doctors have a social network where I can have access to my history and labs as well, and also communicate with them if needed. Having a team that’s all on the same page is so helpful when having a chronic condition and I recommend it to everyone. 

ANSWER: Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

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Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

I have a friend, Kelly who has a diabetic condition. It has not been easy on her but she manages it well. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, both of which revolve around insulin management in the body. Kelly suffers from type 2 diabetes. Knowing one’s blood sugar level becomes vital when dealing with diabetes condition. It is easier and less stressful for diabetic patients to have care givers around them who are supportive. My friend’s family forms a very supportive team around her.

According to Erick Dishman, team approach proves to be the best way to take care of people living with chronic conditions. He recalls of the time he was diagnosed with kidney complications at his earlier years, while still in college. This condition led him to campaign for personalized health system based on three pillars, namely, care anywhere, care networking and care customization. Just as Dishmans cites the benefits of team approach, I have witnessed the same approach in Kelly’s life and can account for the benefits it has on her life. The family members are conscious of her diet, well-being and medication needs.

Team approach on health care system should be adopted and facilitated by policy makers.

Mainstream health system is very expensive, not to mention full of communication breakdown. Customized care takes into account the uniqueness of every patient which is key to effective health care. Embracing technology would play a big role in realization of successful healthcare team sport.

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