Directions I need to create an ER Diagram for the scenario described below. You are commissioned to design a database to keep records of a small…


I need to create an ER Diagram for the scenario described below.

You are commissioned to design a database to keep records of a small college. You talked with various key members of this community and obtained the following information: 

  1. The college keeps information about students and student performance. Every student is known by her/his first name, initials and last name. They are also identified by a unique StudentID provided by the University. Every student also belongs to one of five Schools (Arts & Sciences, Education, Management, Music and Engineering), and has a Major within that School (History, Chemistry, etc.). All programs of study require 4 years of study, and students are classified as freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior, depending of the year that are currently attending. Each student is assigned and advisor from Faculty.
  2. The college also keeps track of Faculty information. Besides their first name, initials and last name, Faculty members are also issued a unique FacultyID for the institution. Each one is also given an official title for their position in the University, an office number and a telephone number.
  3. Every school within the college has a number of different departments. Each department may offer courses identified by a unique CourseID (i.e. IS361). They also have a course name, and a number of credits hours they are worth for.
  4. Every semester the departments offer some of the courses associated with them. These offerings are uniquely identified by a Semester and a List number. There are 3 semesters per year (Fall, Spring and Summer) and they are given a name that includes the year, i.e.: Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. A List Number is unique within a semester, but it may be repeated from semester to semester and assigned to different courses between semesters. Different sections of the same course within a semester are assigned different List Numbers. Besides referencing a course, every offering also identifies the faculty member who will teach the course, and the classroom number.
  5. When a semester ends, student’s grades are stored in a file of Official Records that references the student, the semester, the list number, and the final grade (A, B, C, D, F or I).
  6. The college also wants to keep track of student associations that are advised by a Faculty member. To this effect they give each of these associations a unique AssociationID and an official name. Each association must have only one advisor, but any student may belong to as many associations as they want. A list of all student members of each association is also kept up-to-date.