Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Events Management and Operations.These are described below: Bedfordshire University The company has a choice of consuming the university place for conductin

Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Events Management and Operations.

These are described below: Bedfordshire University The company has a choice of consuming the university place for conducting the desired event which can also be very economical for the University due to the exclusion of space rent. However, the cost associated with developing breakout rooms and other extra facilities will be rented out by the company itself which will increase the overall cost for both the university and company. The University is situated in Luton, England. Strathmore Hotel The Strathmore Hotel can be considered as an event organizing place which is very near to the University of Bedfordshire. The hotel has the availability of providing necessary equipments and space for the desired amount of audiences. However, a huge cost is associated with the rent of the space of hotel but all the necessary equipments are offered by the Hotel itself. UK Centre for Carnival Arts This location is also considered ideal for conducting an event which is situated at the opposite side of the University of Bedfordshire. However, the conference rooms and other space are to be designed accordingly by the event director. Furthermore, the equipments will be outsourced from a different company for the purpose of rent for a single day. Event Business Plan Vision The vision of the company is to create a long lasting impression in the mind of consumers about the event organized by the company. The company understands the value of retaining their customers over a longer period so they shall become potential customers. In order to make the vision successful, the company communicates the vision along with the desired preferences of audiences of event. The key stakeholders of the company are its audiences and the management people who make the event successful. The various strengths of the company involves targeting VIP’s and have relevant experience in serving them according to their needs. However, the company is very particular about using venues events because the company considers that many requirements are dependent to location of the event. The other strength of the company is their presentation which is likely to gain attention of audience. Operations The program will start with an opening ceremony which shall be performed by the chief guest appointed by the University of Bedfordshire itself. Different ideas and learning experience will be shared by professionals, which will be decided with the collaboration of University. The guests will then be transferred to 4 different breakout rooms where breakfast and tea will be served. The program will be resumed after guest entering the main conference room to discuss further involvement in event operations and hospitality. At precisely 1 pm lunch will be served to audiences to which they will again be transferred to their separate breakout rooms. The idea for developing 4 breakout rooms is that different individuals from similar related fields could join and share their ideas. For example, industry professionals can consume an entire breakout room, whereas, academic scholars can consume the other breakout room. The lunch will be followed by another session of conferences amongst audiences sharing their experiences and ideas on