Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Virtual learning environments.However, the long run is equally important, because the students are being prepared for it. This is where losses are experienc

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Virtual learning environments.

However, the long run is equally important, because the students are being prepared for it. This is where losses are experienced. To the administrator, the environment may shorten the processes. However, to some others, pressure is experienced in this kind of an environment. While at it, the way forward is to improve the environment so that there is efficiency in the learning environment. Table of Contents Understanding the Virtual Learning Environment 5 The Virtual Learning Environment as a Walled Garden 7 Conclusion 12 Introduction Technology has in many ways changed everyone’s lifestyle. According to Brown & Adler, (2008, p.16-32) the approach people have to life and the means in which given tasks are accomplished has completely changed. The education system has experienced this change, by the introduction of the concept of virtual learning environment. Virtual Learning Environment is a learning experience where students use the web to access academic resources for example class work, various tests, homework among others (Friedman 2005, p.123-125). It is also referred to as Learning Management System When Virtual Learning Environment was first introduced in the learning institution in 1990’s, a wave of pessimism met the concept (Bush & Mott 2009, p.3-20). Lecturers doubted their ability to use the environment. Students on the other hand were limited on the resources necessary to facilitate the environment (Friedman 2005, p.123-125). The concept looked as though it was something that would enable the teachers to evade administration processes. It looked like something in the mirage, probably to be conceived in the minds of many generations to come. However, Sener (1996, p.19-23) explains that technology has a way of making anything attainable, due to its dynamic nature. There are two forms in which virtual learning environment can take place (Gillmor 2006, p. 1-5). Firstly, it can take the form of synchronous learning. In this case, the teacher gives classes live from the web through tools such as power point videos or chatting. Both the teachers and the students are able to interact as they share their views on a given topic. The second aspect of virtual learning environment is that of asynchronous learning. This is also referred to as self spaced method of learning (Holden 1994, p.70-71). The students here are given a chance to act independently, and do the normal class-work. They are also expected to meet certain deadlines, which require commitment to the given tasks. New and better concepts are introduced everyday into the virtual learning environments to attain efficiency and effectiveness in the targeted areas (Friedman 2005, p.123-125). The idea is not limited to a certain location, or done in a specific way. Rather, the idea is flexible, allowing many students to access the information they need in their studies. There is also a shift from the centralization of the concept from the professional teacher. Today, the concept allows for interaction between students and their teachers, and amongst the fellow students. Several tools are used by teachers and students in the web learning. These include: social networks, blogs, wikis, and media sharing among others. Virtual learning environment was first fully embraced in the universities. The concept today has evolved to include all learning