Compose a 1000 words essay on Speaking Our Minds. Needs to be plagiarism free!Language and speech have been applied to convince parties to lean towards the presentation of establishing mutual agreemen

Compose a 1000 words essay on Speaking Our Minds. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Language and speech have been applied to convince parties to lean towards the presentation of establishing mutual agreement. The communication process has held the needed measures to offer a satisfaction in delivering substantial results in achieving a given target. The ability of expressing these desires has been noted to present the needed incentives to complete the norm of expression that determines the qualifications of individuals. The expression entity has been included in the relation to complete the norm of placing the desires before the though presented. The capability of individuals is varied and the challenge presented has been directed to the completion of the set tasks. However, various individuals hold different values that define their personality to the external society. The ability of an individual to claim their rights within the society has been noticed to hold the requirements in establishing confidence (Sanchez, 2009). Speech and the language involved in a conversation or monologue accords the needed information to define the needed attributes to develop. The ability of an individual to speak their minds can be regarded as a higher confidence form achieved, and without the provision, the message holder may face societal challenges. In any organization, the members are presented with the opportunity of equal participation. Before being included in the organization of these groups, the issued provision is placed on the principles to be followed. However, some rules made to govern these institutions may be challenging towards attaining progress. The importance is accorded the desire for the available members within the groups to suggest solutions (Russomanno, 2010). In speaking their minds, individuals are accorded the platform to suggest reforms. The entity breeds confidence to confront an external power that may be the authority of the setting. The leaders within the organizations articulate the measures to include positive reforms through the open opinion venues. Airing the opinions publicly, or in the set platform has been noticed to include the measures applied to yield a positive outcome. The speech may be for or against the set rules within the organization. A platform that allows individuals to express their minds is regarded as the avenue that has achieved liberalism. The aspect of speaking one’s mind ascertains the existence of a free society. When individuals speak their mind, a form of respect and higher accordance is realized. This is noticed in an oppressive societal setting where the power dictates the behavioral trend. The confidence generated from free speech expression would be directed towards achieving freedom. In a company that offers constrained salary scale, the leaders within the groups are charged with the responsibility of advocating for changes (Miniature Book Collection, 1998). Sometimes, the entity is applied to present a collective thought in opinions. The minds under consideration may be of a group depicted in their leaders. The listening and leadership skills are built when an individual is capable of presenting the arguments to a higher power. The provision to deliver a comfortable working environment is placed in the communication between employers and employees. The norm may also be applied in seeking for an increment in the salary. A free societal setting allows for the freedom of expression. In a society without the allowance for members to speak their minds, the challenge is presented in the