Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Mobile Technology.The use of these tools has turned to be an informal procedure in the learning process (Milrad, 2006).Mobile learning is very convenient because

Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Mobile Technology.

The use of these tools has turned to be an informal procedure in the learning process (Milrad, 2006).

Mobile learning is very convenient because both learners and their teachers can get access it at any given time. Just like the types of e- learning mobile learning is collaborative, learners and teachers can share information, this leads to receiving of prompt feedback and instructions (Milrad, 2006). This collaboration increases high performance, and it replaces the use of textbooks and notebooks during the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, it is easy to use mobile learning in the learning context (Milrad, 2006).

According to Chan et al, (2006), educational institutions are getting laptops and Internet services as a result of improve technological development. Educators need to understand how to work the mobile technologies and incorporate them efficiently during their teaching and learning process. Teachers understand that this process is important in education because it helps facilitate the teaching learning process using the mobile or tablets devices. Most important aspect of these mobile devices is that by using them in the teaching learning process, they tend to improve the general teaching and learning activity in the classroom, as well as instructor feedback after assessment.

Mobile devices have intrinsic educational products that improve instructional procedures in the classroom. Using an android system, the students, and their teachers can make use of the Microsoft word document to make, transform, or edit their documents (Milrad, 2006). The Picasa instrument found in tablets can be used to save meaningful pictures for assignments conducted on projects (Milrad, 2006). This mobile technology provides effective teaching and studying by speeding the entire teaching and learning procedure. Mobile devices used in teaching range from digital laptops to use of tablet in the tutorial room to boost the teaching and learning process (Milrad,