Comm211 Human Resource Managment

Individual assignment

Comm211 Human Resource Managment. This assignment is focused on your ability to take the information from class and apply it to a real organization. Choose an organization you have worked with in the past or that you are familiar with and use one of the following areas to create your strategy:  

Area (Select 1)

Compensation & Benefits

Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity



Performance Management

Safety at the workplace

Other (with prior consent of instructor)

If you do not have experience working with an organization, review current events or local find a local organization to work with.

The strategy will focus on creating an outline to help the organization in the future.  For example, if you received a job with an organization without an interview, how would you create a selection process to replace you?

Work in the selected area should include the following:

A narrative describing the background, major issues, practices, and problems/challenges based on personal knowledge/experiences, observations, and/or interviews. The narrative or “problem statement” should be in essay form.  The problem should not be the focus on the paper.  Once you have established the area of opportunity provide data, research and information to support the value of improving that particular area.  For example, a lot of organizations have functioned well without ever interviewing a single employee, but what value could a good selection process bring to the organization?

You can include a copy of any materials in reference to the program or practice. If there are no reference materials, provide strategies and best practices to provide direction for the organization. Please note that these materials will be kept confidential and will not be shared with others.

With your referenced material you should look for material that provides strategic direction concerning how to address the challenge you have identified in #1 above.

Provide an evaluation of the program or practice in light of your knowledge of the topic gained in the course, research and class discussions. Discuss how this program or practice supports the organization’s strategic objectives. This evaluation should be based on what you would do after the program is put into place.