College Admission Essay

College Admission Essay

Paper instructions from customer:

Imagine you are going to enter Bates College.

Write a 2-page college admission essay.

Please, describe an experience that has impacted your educational goals, and explain how Bates College can help you accomplish them.

sample on such an Essay

In your paper:

  • Present a brief introduction stating your aim of entering Bates College.
  • Show your own experience that affected your educational aims.
  • Prove that Bates College can help you to achieve your goals


 College Admission Essay

Author’s Name

Name of Institution




I am writing this admission essay with the hope that I can a secure a place as a student in Bates College. Knowing that Bates College has been ranked as one of the best liberal art colleges nationally prompts me to send my admission letter to your institution. Besides its national accolade, learning of Bates’ unique timetable that allows students to take advantage of abroad programs and its expansive offering of courses, equipped with the latest facilities and resources drew me to enrol to this college to help me accomplish my academic goals.

Life Experience

Growing up in a small community, I had an inherent sense of unity in connection with my neighbourhood collective. I lived in a society where neither skin color nor religious choice mattered. This sentiment among the community members did not last forever, though. Some residents formed a small religious group which incited other members of the society against a certain religion. They claimed that a particular religion was more superior to the other and urged everyone in the town to convert to that religion – a failure to covert would result in being chased away and even killed. This installed fear in our small society but neither religion was willing to negotiate, for each believed theirs was the correct spiritual path. 

What seemed to be a mere conflict transformed into a outright war. My community members began killing each other, women were raped, and others were forced to flee to other towns for protection. These incidents lead to trauma: the people in our community that fled have been living in the fear of another attack and the terrible memories are still fresh in their minds. This experience inspired me to major in psychology to help erase these painful memories from their minds and also bring a way forward for my community. I feel that attending

Bates College would help me accomplish my goals.

What I Look Forward to If Accepted

Bates College is known for excellence in teaching as well as in learning. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, resources and programs which will be of great assistance to my psychology program – and in turn, my community. Resources such the library, imaging and computing centre, as well as archives and special collection will make my learning easier. I also read that the college offers funding for research, which will be of aid to my endeavours in finding a solution my communities’ dilemma, if I can receive such assistance. 

If I am given a chance to join the ranks of Bates College, I will make the best out of the opportunity. My research assures me that the college has a Diversity and Inclusion Office of Intercultural Education. I would engage myself with learning how this office operates so as to intermingle with people from different cultures, religions and places, enabling me to learn how to connect with people from various life-circumstances. This educational experience will directly reflect on my career aspirations involving my communities’ maladies. Bates College also allows students to take advantage of abroad programs. This program would especially be of great help to me, as I believe traveling to different places will supply me with a more comprehensive understanding of my studies. 


I see this opportunity to join a prestigious college like Bates not only as a pathway to personal success, but as an educational endeavour that will provide me with a tool-set that will be able to handle the trauma of reality: the catastrophes that have occurred in my community. I am sincerely dedicated to the cause of my fellow townsmen, and believe their recovery is assured if given the chance. Though you may consider my case special in terms of personal history, I would argue that every student’s education is not solely for themselves, but rather for the greater good. 


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