CMHR523 Human Resources Management

1.CMHR523 Human Resources Management.  Use a newspaper article related to HRM from a reputable newspaper (paper or online source).  

CMHR523 Human Resources Management

· Examples include, but are not limited to, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and the National Post, local, provincial, national or international topics

· Dated within the past 4 months

· At least 4 paragraphs in length

· Article is copied into your Appendix. 

2. Write a five (5) page essay about the article using your textbook and at least four (4) credible and reliable, industry publications and academic journals,* from the last three years (see list below) to support your analysis. 

The essay includes and is formatted as below:

· Identification of the main HR issue(s) raised in the primary news article. One sentence per main issue. There is no introduction required. The statements serve as the introduction.

· A clear and accurate summary of the article (approximately 100-200 words).

· A clear and detailed explanation of the main HR issue(s) supported by your references/textbook.  

· A detailed discussion of the potential implications of the HR issues for businesses, employees, and/or society that arise from the article supported by the references.  (In other words, how does the subject of your news article affect any or all stakeholders: business, employees, and/or the general public?)

· Recommendation(s) for action to HR, the business and employees that will resolve the issues raised in your news article. CMHR523 Human Resources Management