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You are a new database analyst and you are given the following flat file in csv to design a database in SQLITE:


1.The following specifications are provided:

  • LastName (text, 25 characters, required)
  • FirstName (text, 20 characters, required)
  • MiddleName (text, 20 characters, not required)
  • BirthMo (text, 2 characters, required)
  • BirthDa (text, 2 characters, required)  
  • BirthYr (text, 4 characters, required)  
  • HireMo (text, 2 characters, required)  
  • HireDa (text, 2 characters, required)  
  • HireYr (text, 4 characters, required)  
  • Grade (text, 2 characters, required)  
  • Rate (decimal, required) 
  • Title (text, 7 characters, required)  
  • SSN (text, 9 characters, required) 

Also note the following key:

  • Transcr = transcriptionist
  • Assemb = assembler
  • Secret = secretary
  • FileCl = file clerk 
  • Analys = Analysts 

2.Construct a database following the specifications above. Also design an appropriate primary key.

If anyone is willing to explain this process for me using SQL code I would be immensely grateful!

Thank you!