Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

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Paper instructions:As you know from our exploration of the topic, chronic illness is quite common and affects young people as well as older individuals. Many college students deal with the difficulties of migraine headaches, ongoing pain from athletic injuries, and various other health challenges. If you have ever coped with a chronic condition, or know someone who has, can you relate to Eric Dishman’s perspective of how a “team approach” to the condition might be beneficial? Have you or the person you know been fortunate enough to benefit from such an approach?


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Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

I have a friend, Kelly who has a diabetic condition. It has not been easy on her but she manages it well. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, both of which revolve around insulin management in the body. Kelly suffers from type 2 diabetes. Knowing one’s blood sugar level becomes vital when dealing with diabetes condition. It is easier and less stressful for diabetic patients to have care givers around them who are supportive. My friend’s family forms a very supportive team around her.

According to Erick Dishman, team approach proves to be the best way to take care of people living with chronic conditions. He recalls of the time he was diagnosed with kidney complications at his earlier years, while still in college. This condition led him to campaign for personalized health system based on three pillars, namely, care anywhere, care networking and care customization. Just as Dishmans cites the benefits of team approach, I have witnessed the same approach in Kelly’s life and can account for the benefits it has on her life. The family members are conscious of her diet, well-being and medication needs.

Team approach on health care system should be adopted and facilitated by policy makers.

Mainstream health system is very expensive, not to mention full of communication breakdown. Customized care takes into account the uniqueness of every patient which is key to effective health care. Embracing technology would play a big role in realization of successful healthcare team sport.

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