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Description Of Semantic Memory

Semantic Memory

Description Of Semantic Memory. Semantic memory is the long term memory which processes ideas or concepts that are not driven from personal experiences. It is a type of explicit memory. This is also known as term memory, declarative memory, and memory of facts or events. Semantic memory are those memory which includes the common knowledge for example: the sound of letters, the names of countries, the capitals of countries and the basic facts that are acquired over lifetime. The general knowledge is intertwined in experience and dependent on culture. Semantic memory is not same as episodic memory. This is a memory of specific events that usually occurs during our lives. These memories can be recreated by us at any point of time.

 This is a new concept introduced in 1972 between Endel Tulving, of the University of Toronto and W. Donaldson of the University of Brunswick on the role of organisation in human memory. Tulving constructed a separate system of conceptualizing episodic and semantic memory. He wrote a book on “Elements of Episodic Memory. He noticed that both episodic and semantic memory are different in operations and the type of information both process. Before Tulving, many investigations were held related to the difference between episodic and semantic memory. Some of the notable experiments were conducted by J.F. Kihlstrom in 1980s, his test was on hypnosis on episodic and semantic memory.

Semantic memory is the collection of facts that are gathered from the time one is young. They are mainly indisputable information and are not related to emotions or personal experiences.

Some examples of semantic memory are:

  • Knowing the grass is green
  • Recognizing the names of colour
  • Knowing to use the phone
  • Understanding to form a sentence
  • The concept of what a cat is
  • The knowledge that fish swims in water
  • The dates when World War II began and ended
  • Knowing deer can be hunted
  • To know where to find a parrot
  • Knowing of what a tree looks like

There is a steady movement of memories from episodic to semantic, during childhood. When we learn new things and start to adapt to the environment. For example, at first learning about the phone, this may be an episodic memory when the child plays with a toy phone. This becomes the long- term memory. Semantic memory is generally derived from episodic memory. In semantic memory we get to learn new facts and concepts from experiences. Researchers agrees to the fact that episodic memory has gradually transitioned to semantic memory. In this research they found that, episodic memory reduces its sensitivity and is associated to particular events. This is to store the information as a general knowledge. For example, one knows how to operate the phone, but have forgotten the early knowledge acquired while playing with a toy phone. This does not mean that all semantic memory starts with episodic memory. If a person possess semantic memory then he have learned it before, it may be directly or indirectly from someone else at an early time.

Definition Of Quantum Numbers: Types Of Quantum Numbers In Details

Quantum Number:

Definition Of Quantum Numbers: Types Of Quantum Numbers In Details. Quantum numbers may be used to describe the trajectory and also the movement of associate electron in an atom. The quantum numbers of all the electrons during a given atom, once combined, should comply with the Schrodinger equation.

What Are Quantum Numbers?

The values of the preserved quantities of a quantum system are given by quantum numbers. The definition of the quantum numbers that are associated with electrons will be written as – a bunch of numerical values which offer solutions that are acceptable by the Schrodinger wave equation for Hydrogen atoms.

Four quantum numbers can be used to complete describe all the attributes of a given electron belonging to an atom, these are:

  • Principal quantum number, denoted by n.
  • Orbital angular momentum quantum number (or azimuthal quantum number), denoted by l.
  • Magnetic quantum number, denoted by ml.
  • The electron spin quantum number, denoted by ms.

Types Of Quantum Number:

When the characteristics of an electron should be represented in compliance with the Schrodinger wave equation, a complete of 4 quantum numbers are used. Every of those values are represented below.

Principal Quantum Number:

  • Principal quantum numbers are denoted by n and that they designate the principal grouping of the atom. Since the foremost probable distance between the nucleus and also the electrons are described by it, a bigger price of the principal quantum range implies a larger distance between the lepton and also the nucleus that successively implies a larger atomic size.
  • The worth of the principal quantum variety is any whole number with a positive value that’s capable or larger than one. The worth n=1 denotes the innermost grouping of an atom, that corresponds to the bottom energy level (or the bottom state) of an electron.
  • Thus, it may be understood that the principal quantum variety, n, cannot have a negative charge or be adequate to zero as a result of its impracticable for Associate in atom to own a negative value or no value for a principal shell.
  • The azimuthal or orbital angular momentum quantum number describes the shape of a given orbital. It is denoted by the symbol l, and its value is equal to the total number of angular nodes in the orbital.
  • In example where the value of n is 5, the possible value of I are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. If I = 3, then there are a total of 3 angular nodes in the atom.

Azimuthal Quantum Number:

  • The azimuthal or orbital angular momentum quantum number describes the shape of a given orbital. It is denoted by the symbol l, and its value is equal to the total number of angular nodes in the orbital.
  • In example where the value of n is 5, the possible value of I are 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. If I = 3, then there are a total of 3 angular nodes in the atom.

Magnetic Quantum Number:

The total range of orbital’s in a sub shell and also the orientation of those orbitals is determined by the magnetic quantum number. It’s denoted by cubic ml. This range yields the projection of the momentum cherish the orbital on a given axis.

Electron Spin Quantum Number:

The electrons spin quantum range is freelance of the values of n, l, and ml. the worth of this range offers insight into the direction during which the electrons is spinning, and is denoted by the image ms

The value of ms offers insight into the direction in which the electron is spinning. The possible values of the electron spin quantum number are +½ and -½.

Definition And Types Of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Definition Of Spectrum

Definition And Types Of Electromagnetic Spectrum. It is a type of conditions which does not remain fixed whereas it keeps on varies across a continuum.  Continuum is a type of theories or model which shows the change which involves gradual quantitative transition without the changes or discontinuities. The first time this word is used by the scientist to define the colour of the rainbow after a prism passes it. It is considered as the light effects which are done by the rainbow after it can move from a prism.

Definition And Types Of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range in which full frequencies is considered of electromagnetic radiation which is also the feature of the distribution of the radiation which is absorbed by the object. The device which to measure the frequency of Electromagnetic is termed as spectrograph or spectrometer. There are many parts which can be seen by the human eyes, and that is termed as visible Spectrum, so the electromagnetic which can be seen by human eyes is visible Spectrum. The wavelength varies between 390-700nm.

The electromagnetic Spectrum is also used in radio and telecommunication as it helps the communication to telecast the news everywhere in the society, the frequencies in which it deals is below than 300 GHz.

There are many types of electromagnetic Spectrum which are shown below:

Radio Waves – This is the longest wavelength of all kinds of electromagnetic Spectrum; the range is from the foot-long to several miles long. These waves are used to transmit information from one place to many different places. It helps the individual to get more amount of data efficiently, effectively and timely. It is more been used in radio, radar, satellites and computer network. The waves are generated by transmitters and are received by the radio receivers with the help of antennas. It is kind of modern technology as it helps the people to get connected, so this help then to communicate correctly and able to reduce the barrier in communication.

Microwaves – It is not having the wavelength of radio waves as it has a wavelength in centimetres. There are many uses of microwaves as it helps the individual in cooking, to transfer some sort of information and also help to forecast the weather. It is more effective in communication as it able to remove a different kind of barrier which is there as the waves is able to penetrate the clouds which are not able to be done by other waves, it can also penetrate the smoke and light rain so this helps the user to deliver relevant information quickly to its final destination. As if the information does not reach on time, then it may happen, the data is of no use so it should arrive in time than only it able to get the proper result. As per the scientist, it is found that the whole universe is covered with a massive amount of microwaves, which is also considered as Big Bang.

Infrared – This wave is found between microwaves and visible lights. The waves can be divided into two parts as “near-infrared” and “far infrared”. Near-infrared is the waves which are found closer to visible length as it has a short wavelength. These are the standard wavelength which is located in TV remote as with the help of waves it able to change different channels. Far infrared is the one which is away from visible light, and it has a long wavelength, they are thermal and give off heat. Anything which releases off heat is considered as Infrared, so this is the reason the human body is also found as a type of Infrared

Visible Light – These waves are easily be seen by human eyes; the range is usually lower as it consists of 390 to 700 nm, which is equivalent to the frequencies of 430-790THz.

Ultraviolet – It is also a short wavelength, but it is having more length than Visible length, they are the ultraviolet rays which comes from the sun which causes sunburn. The ultraviolet rays are protected by the ozone layer as it stops them from reaching the earth orbit, but as time is passing there is a hole in the ozone layer, so the UV rays can enter in earth orbit and able to cause many types of problem to live as well as non-living things. It is not visible from human eyes, but as per the research which is taken place, it shows them there are an insect named bumblebees which can able to see the UV light. The UV Light helps the scientist to see in the universe and able to observe the movement of stars in the universe.

X-Rays – It is having the shortest wavelength even it is shorter than UV rays. As per the scientist who is researching upon the same is considering it as particles and not waves. The concept of X-Rays is found by the German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen. As to know about the X-Rays correctly they used to penetrate the soft tissue of skin and muscle and able to take pictures of bones in medicines

Gamma Rays – As per the research, it is found that as the wavelength becomes shorter it able to have more amount of energy, Gamma rays are the shortest wavelength, so it contains most of the energy. As a result, it very harmful to the environment. It is having so much of energy, so it can help the doctor to cure the cancer patient as with the help of this treatment of cancer patient is done, and it also helps the doctor to take a detailed image of the human body for precise diagnostics medicine. It is not quickly produced as it can able to destroy many places so it can only be produced in high energy nuclear explosion and supernovas.

Characteristic Of Light

Light is electromagnetic radiation which also contains some part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The characteristic of light is shown below:

Reflection – It can reflect from one object to another object as in the same direction or into a different direction, as it can go to the same direction is the surface is smooth and shiny and if the surface is rough or uneven than it will go in different directions.

 Refraction – Light refracts when it changes its speed, as if the movement of light is slower then it refracts towards the normal line and if the light speeds up than it will refract away from the normal line.

Dispersion – It is the process in which the light can separate into different colour which happens due to the change in the degrees of refraction. It is the reason why the rainbow is formed.

Interference – Light can be superimposed so either it will be constructive interference or destructive interference.

Definition Of Visible Spectrum

 It is the portion of the electromagnetic Spectrum which is easily visible from the normal eyes. The electromagnetic radiation which passes from the wavelength is termed as visible light or simply light. The typical human eye can respond to 380 to 740 nm, which in frequency is 430-770 THz. It does not have all the colour, which is can be seen from human eyes and able to distinguish from the brain. To get many other colours, it has to mix many different wavelengths. The wavelength which contains only one colour also considered as pure colours or spectral colours.

What Are Olfactory Receptors? Where Are They Located And How Do They Work?

What Are Olfactory Receptors?

Olfactory receptors are also referred as the odorant receptors that are expressed in cell membranes of the olfactory receptor neurons. It is mainly accountable for detecting odorants that results in sense of smell. Activated olfactory receptors activates nerve impulses which helps in transmitting the information of odor to the brain. Such receptors are considered as the member of class A rhodopsin like family of G-protein coupled receptors. These receptors are found commonly in the arthropods, terrestrial vertebrates, fish and other animals.   

Where Are They Located And How Do They Work?

In the terrestrial vertebrates together with humans, the receptors are mainly located on the olfactory receptor cells that are present in very big numbers and it is clustered inside the small area at the back of nasal cavity which forms an olfactory epithelium. Every receptor cell has one single external process which spreads up to the surface of epithelium and results in long, slender extensions named cilia. The cilia is particularly covered by the mucus of nasal cavity leading to the detection of and response to odour molecules from the olfactory receptors. In the arthropods, the olfactory receptors are mainly located in the feelerlike structures namely the antennae.

Inside the cell membrane, olfactory receptor proteins are oriented in a manner where one ends projects outside the cell while the other end projects inside the cell. As a result, it becomes possible for the chemical outside the cell particularly the molecule of the odorant for communicating as well as producing changes inside the cellular machinery without entering inside the cell. The inside and outside ends of receptor proteins involving smell are linked by the chain of amino acids. As the chain loops seven times from the thickness of the cell membrane, it is believed to have seven transmembrane domains. The order of amino acids creating these proteins is analytically significant. It is believed that stimulations happen when a molecule with the particular shape fits in the corresponding pocket under the receptor molecule instead as the key fits in a lock, thereby changing the chemicals which fits in the pockets.

For instance, one olfactory receptor proteins among rats generates higher response in the receptor cell when it interacts with the alcohol that is known as octanol instead of an alcohol that is known as heptanol. Changing one amino acid from the valine to the isoleucine in the fifth transmembrane area that is believed to contribute to the shape of pocket which changes the receptor protein in a manner that heptanol rather than octanol generates greatest impact. Whereas, in mice the corresponding receptor is commonly in this form, generating more response to heptanol instead of octanol. This portrays the significance of amino acid molecules in ascertaining the specificity of receptor cells.

When a receptor protein binds with the appropriate chemicals, the protein goes into conformational change that in return results in sequence of chemical events inside the cell involving molecules known as second messengers. Signalling of second messenger enables single odour molecule to bind with single receptor protein to effect changes in extent of opening greater number of ion channels.            

PHYS396-Electronic Materials

Project Description in PHYS396-Electronic Materials

The distribution pattern of magnetization in a sample can be very complex and it can reveal many basic properties of a sample. For example, superconducting currents in a superconductor flow in a specific way, producing a pattern of magnetization that can be used for obtaining their distribution and magnitude. Magnetic domain structure in magnetically ordered materials can provide invaluable information on magnetic anisotropy and coupling energy between the electron spins.

PHYS396-Electronic Materials

The distribution of magnetization on the surface of a sample can be obtained using very fine powder of magnetic particles, electron beam, X-rays and polarization rotation of the light. One of the most convenient methods employs the rotation of the polarization of light as it is reflected off the surface of the sample (Kerr effect). The degree of rotation is proportional to the local value of magnetization as the light is reflected off the sample. This method can give a very detailed magnetization structure of the sample. However, the rotation of the polarization is very weak and high degree of polarization of the incident light and high-quality analyzer are required. This method works well only for large gradients in the change of the magnetic field above the surface of the sample, otherwise the obtained contrast is very small.

Luckily, there are materials that provide a strong rotation of the polarization as light passes through them. This rotation is dependent on the magnitude of local field. Such materials can be used as magneto-optical indicators (MOI) for studying the magnetization pattern of various materials, as this magnetization pattern provides a non-homogenous magnetic field in the volume of MOI. MOI’s available in this project are made in form of films, with bottom surface of the film forming a mirror. MOI films themselves are magnetically ordered (ferrimagnets), with their magnetization oriented within the film plane. When MOI films are placed on top of a sample, their magnetization gets aligned out of the plane by inhomogenous field pattern of the sample. The rotation of the polarization of the polarized light as it passes through the film (Faraday effect) is much stronger than the Kerr effect of the sample itself and it is proportional to the local out-of-plane magnetization of MOI film.

Magnetooptical indicator films can work in two ways, in reflection or transmission mode. Both of them will be available.

a) Reflection-type magnetooptical indicator films. The light passes through the MOI film and gets reflected off its bottom mirror surface, passes through the MOI film again, is led through an analyzer and into a microscope, which reveals the pattern of sample magnetization. You will use these MOI films to study magnetization pattern on magnetic samples. They provide a superior spatial resolution, making them ideal for studying minute magnetic features of superconductors and magnetically ordered materials. Reflection-type microscope is needed to use these films.

b) Transmission- type magnetooptical indicator films. These films do not have reflective layer and light passes through them only once. Transmission microscope is needed to use these films. Their advantage are greater image contrast and greater sensitivity to magnetic field. They can also be used 

themselves as a sample on which magnetic domain structure can be studied, since they display welldefined domains. In fact, the width of the magnetic domains is used as a feature that enables measuring the magnetic field strength. These are excellent samples for studying the change of magnetic domain structure, as external field changes

The reflection-type MOI films you will be using can be easily damaged by scratching and are fragile. They were made in a research lab and obtained through a collaboration with this lab. They cannot be purchased on open market. Please handle them with extreme care because we have only a few of them and they are the best type of MOI films developed to day. Never touch them with bare hands, do not drop or scratch them, put any chemicals on them or pick them up with metallic tweezers. They will break like glass if pressed hard or dropped and the MOI film layer can be easily scratched off its glassy substrate. The transmission-type films are also fragile, so handle them with great care. 


Your goal in this class is to set-up a system for observing the magnetization distribution of magnetically ordered samples. To achieve this, you need to perform the following tasks:

-organize yourself as an effective team and maintain the meeting minutes

-study principles of MOI measurement

-find out what instruments and facilities are available to you to build your set-up. -gather everything that is needed, in coordination with the lab demonstrator, and build your system -test the performance of the set-up on a sample with known magnetic pattern.

-identify its strengths and limitations.

-obtain the distribution of the magnetization in at least one sample, with both, transmission and reflection-type films. You will need to swap the microscopes with another team to use both types of films, but this may prove to be an excellent opportunity for a collaborative research between the two teams.

-apply small magnetic field to the sample, which will help you derive the direction of magnetization for different volumes of your sample both by MOI and by the force on the sample (it might move)

-try to obtain magnetic pattern on the surface of sample like Fe, an iron garnet film, or similar, and explain your findings

-compare the performance of these MOI films with the more traditional ferrite garnet films that have their magnetization perpendicular to the film plane. The width of the domain walls iss used to determine the local field magnitude with such films. PHYS396-Electronic Materials

SET721 Sustainable Engineering

Do so with a coherent and logical progression to the factors presented. A good format would be to examine how energy production has been implemented historically, how it has evolved with our changing urban demands and technological innovations (e.g. electric cars, increasing electronics devices, etc). Comment on where we may be heading in the future as a global society and explore our necessity to address challenges such as global warming, peak oil production, depleting natural resources, etc.

Critical elements to consider in your report are the diversity of energy production

what it is used for, for instance we need energy to power our homes and businesses, how is this done?

Whatare the challenges to maintain a consistent supply?

What are the governance and legislative issues?

Remember energy is used in areas beyond electricity generation, and is a necessary requirement for transportation (combustion engine), in our ability to communicate (sensor systems, etc) and when operating in a national and global environment, please expand on these themes.

AVAT11005-Aviation Physics

1.If an object has a constant speed, then its velocity must also be constant.

2.The inertia of an object is relatively constant, but an object’s momentum can be changed.

3.A high jumper clearing a 2.20 m bar experiences the same level of pain landing on a concrete apron as he does when landing on an 0.75 m air cushion placed on the concrete.

4.If a ball is allowed to drop from the top of a cliff, both its potential energy and kinetic energy will each have the same value when it has fallen 10 m from the cliff top as when it has fallen 20 m from the cliff top.

5.If a child swings a ball held by a piece of string in a horizontal circular path above her head, then when the string breaks the ball will fly outwards along the line of the string.

6.The density of a liquid held in a container does not affect the pressure exerted by the liquid at any given (variable) depth within the container.

7.A metal bar and a similar mass of water are supplied with the same amount of external heat. The temperature of the water will rise much more than that of the metal bar.

8.Two railway carriages are involved in an inelastic collision. The first has a mass of 1000.0 kg and is moving at 40.0 m/s and the second has a mass of 1200.0 kg and is moving along the track in the same direction at 10.0 m/s. What is the resultant speed of the two coupled carriages after the collision. 

9.a)What is the instantaneous velocity of a freely falling object 10.0 seconds after it

is released from a position of rest at the top of a tall building. Ignore air resistance.

b)What is the average velocity during this 10.0 second time interval. 

c)How far will it fall during this time.

10.What is the speed over the ground, of an aircraft flying at 200km/hr relative to the air caught in a 20 km/hr head wind (i.e. the wind is directly against the plane).

11.The string in Question 4 is 2.00 m long and the angular velocity is 4.00 radians per second. The mass of the ball is 0.500 kg. What is the tension in the string.

12.Alex is hauling a load of cement bags using a pulley system from the ground to the third level at a building site. The total mass of the bags is 200.0 kg, but the pulley system gives him a Mechanical Advantage of 10.00. If he lifts the load a vertical distance of 20.00 m in 15.00 seconds, what power is he delivering.

13.A fixed mass of a gas is held in an adjustable sealed container at a pressure of 100.0 kPa, the initial volume is 3.00 m3. If the container size is decreased to 0.750 m3, what will the final pressure of the gas inside be? Assume that the temperature remains constant.

14.A ball is thrown from the top of a building 50.0 m high with an initial velocity of 20.0 m/s directly upward (i.e. vertically). Assume that as it falls it just misses the building and carries on down to ground level, rather than hitting the thrower on the head! Calculate:

a) The time taken for the ball to reach is maximum height.

b)The value of this maximum height.

c)The velocity of the ball just as it passes the thrower on the way down? Ignore any air resistance

d)The velocity of the ball just as it hits the ground. 

15.A boat is crossing a river. It heads off due north with a velocity of 10.0 km/h relative to the water, perpendicular to the bank. The river is flowing with a uniform current of 5.00 km/h due east. Calculate:

a)The velocity of the boat relative to a stationary observer on the riverbank.

b)The direction of the boat as seen by the observer, given with respect to north.

c)The time taken in minutes for the boat to cross the river, if it is 500 m wide

16.A small sphere of mass m kg hangs by a thin rope from the roof of a train carriage (like a pendulum say). The train moves off from the platform with a constant acceleration of ‘a’ m/s2 This causes the sphere to effectively swing backwards and adopt a position with the rope at angle theta (q) to the vertical. It stays in this position due to constant acceleration. By invoking Newton’s second law:

a) derive an expression for the acceleration of the train. Hint: consider the horizontal and vertical components of the tension force in the rope, your expression will be in terms of the acceleration ‘a’ and the gravitational acceleration g (10.0 m/s2), and the angle q.

b)If the angle q is 30.00 calculate the acceleration of the train.

c)If the mass of the sphere is 2.00 kg calculate the tension in the rope.

17.A horizontal Venturi meter is used to measure the flow rate of water in 150 mm diameter water mains. The throat diameter of the meter is 75.0 mm. The pressure in the mains is measured as 3050 kPa and the pressure in the throat is 50.0 kPa, the density of water is 1000.0 kg/m3 . Use Bernoulli’s Principle to:

a)Determine the velocity of flow in the throat.

b)Hence determine the flow rate in the water mains.

AVAT11005-Aviation Physics

Meridian Energy Limited Case Study

Meridian Energy Limited Case Study. Meridian energy limited is one of the leading power companies in New Zealand. It is also one of the companies which are listed on both NZX and ASX. The company was established twenty years ago on 16 December 1998. Meridian energy mainly works in the electricity generation and electricity retailing. The headquarters of the Meridian energy limited is in Wellington New Zealand. The company is generating power from hundred per cent renewable sources. Meridian energy limited makes the largest proportion of electricity in New Zealand. Meridian was one of the three electricity generating companies, breakups of the electricity corporation of New Zealand in 1988-89 taking over the Waitaki River and Manapouri hydro scheme. The company have seven hydropower stations and one wind farm in New Zealand, four wind farms in North Island and two wind farms in Southern Australia that generate electricity and sells into the wholesale market. It is one of the three primary electricity generators to generate electricity from renewable sources.

The company also purchase electricity back from the wholesale market and sells it directly to consumers. The company strive for clean energy for a fairer and healthier world. The business of the company is made of wind, water and sun. Meridian energy limited is excited about clean energy and its benefits. The company approach generation responsibility and with integrity in alignment generating a hundred per cent from renewable sources.

This year meridian energy limited achieved best-ever financial result by generating energetically into favourable wholesale market condition by focusing on growing customer base and encouraging the retail brands in Australia and New Zealand to build customers loyalty.

Meridian energy limited invested in the technologies which can generate electricity at any given point in time. The primary purpose of meridian energy limited is to provide clean energy for the fairer and healthiest world. The business outcome of any company is based on the defining road map, customer experience, and performance, meeting experience, operational efficiencies and continuous improvements. Meridian energy limited defines road map such as putting the customer values first and sustainability leadership. The sustainability goals of meridian energy are SDG13 climate action and SDG7 affordable and clean energy. The meridian energy limited strategies are well defined, and the company work on these strategies for business outcomes.

Following are the strategies followed by Meridian Energy Limited:

Champion the benefit of a competitive market:
It covers the competing vigorously, leadership in sustainability in New Zealand and Australia. It also has major focus on wholesale liquidity.

Grow New Zealand retail:
More straight forward system, reduced cost, faster adaptation, rent less focus on customer experience and deployment of New Zealand most loved energy brands.
Support retail growth and protect our generation legacy: it demonstrates the contribution of hydro to New Zealand 100% renewable aspiration, maintaining best in the class generation and best placed renewable energy pipelines.

Grow overseas earning:
Increase the number of customers in Australia and maintaining a vertically integrated position. Flux global growth. Meridian energy limited has significant increases in customer experience. The company increases the customer base in New Zealand by 4% to more than 300,000 customer connections. In Australia, the customer base has increased by 36% to around 132,000. This year the company gives outstanding customer services.

Internal and external factors:
Internal factors that affect the growth of Meridian energy include the company mission, board of structure, employees and company culture.

The mission of Meridian energy: The purpose of Meridian energy limited is providing clean energy for a fairer and healthiest world.

Board of structure:
Diversity of perspective is essential. Meridian recruits the board member with a range of skills and experience. Chris Moller joined the meridian board team in 2008 and has been a board of director in Meridian since 2011. He is a great leader of the meridian company; he has been a steady hand as the company evolved through the mixed ownership model to become the New Zealand’s largest listed company and most successful company in the electricity sector. Boards play an essential role in oversees company activities. Strategise days and regular meeting allow the board to share the thoughts, challenge management (Meridian Energy, 2019).

Role of committees:
Committees support the board by providing details on specific issues and having subject matter experts offer insight and advice. The committees and the board as a whole, cover the spectrum of resources on which company depend for business success.

Role of the executive team:
The Company made changes in the executive team in the second half of the year. Tania Parmar joined as chief people officer in Meridian. Tania adds further skills to the team in leadership development, health and safety role in banking and energy industries.

Financial planning is not done correctly and efficiently. The current asset ratio and liquid asset ratio suggest that the company use the cash more.

There is a gap range in the products of Meridian energy limited. The lacks of choice can give a new competitor foothold in the market.

The profitability ratio and net contribution percentage of meridian energy limited are below the industry average.

External factors:
The demand for the highly profitable product is seasonal in nature and any unlikely event during the peak, the season may impact the profitability of the company in short to long term.

Shortage of skilled workforce in a particular global market represents a warning to the steady growth of profits of Meridian Energy Limited in those markets.

No regular supply of innovative products:
Over the year company has developed various products, The amount of new products is not consistent, this leads to high and low swing in the sales number over some time(Fern Fort University, 2019).

Government green drive opens various opportunities for procurement of Meridian energy limited products by the state as well as federal government constructors.

Operational strategies:
Meridian energy limited is auspicious at the execution of new projects in Australia and New Zealand. And these new projects give excellent returns on capital expenditure, and the company builds new revenue streams. (, 2019).

Meridian energy limited is innovating new product services. The new product brings not only new customers to fold but also give old customer a reason to buy Meridian Energy Limited products.

The Meridian Energy Limited is building the economies of scale so the company lowers the products fixed cost per unit.

Meridian energy limited uses various strategies to tackle the treated product services by the service-oriented, rather than the product-oriented. The company understand the core needs of the customers rather than what the customer is buying.

Meridian energy limited can handle the intense rivalry among the existing competitors by building a sustainable differentiation. The company collaborate with the competitors to increase the market size and rather than the small market. (Fern Fort University, 2019).

Meridian energy limited has built a reliable and excellent distribution network that can reach majorly of its potential market. The company track a complete record of developing new products.

Reliable suppliers-
It has active, reliable suppliers of raw materials. These enabled the company to overcome any supply chain bottlenecks.

Meridian has a successful track record integrating complimentary firms through mergers and acquisition. It has successfully integrated several technology companies in the past few years to streamline its operations and build a reliable chain.

Strong cash flow:
Meridian energy limited has steady free cash flow that provides resources in the hand of the company to expand new projects.

Superb performance in new markets-
Meridian energy limited has built expertise at entering the new markets and making a success of them. The expansion has helped the organization to grow new revenue and diversify the economic cycle risk in the markets.

High level of customer satisfaction:
The company is dedicated with customer relationship department has able to achieve a right level of customer satisfaction among present customer’s satisfaction among current customers and good brand equity among the potential customers.

Opening up of new markets for Meridian energy limited because of government agreement- the adoption of new technologies standard and government trade and cooperation has provided the Meridian energy limited to an opportunity to enter a new market.

Stable cash-
Free flow provides the opportunities to invest in adjacent products segment. With more cash in banks, the company can invest in new technologies and as well as a new product segment.

Decreasing the cost of transportation because lower off shipping price can also bring down the value of Meridian limited products thus provides an opportunity to the company, either the increase in profitability or pass on the benefits to the customer to gain market share.

New Government environmental policies create new opportunities a level of playing field for all employees in the industry. It represents the great achievement for Meridian energy limited to drive success in new technology and gain market share in the numerous new product category.

Meridian energy limited is a leading company in the power generating industry. They have built a reliable distribution network, and that can help to reach the potential market. It is relatively successful in execution of new projects and they are making requisite expenses in building new revenue streams. Meridian energy limited is performing well in market; the expansion has helped the organization to create a new revenue stream and diversify the economic risk cycle in the markets. Meridian energy is having a good relationship with their customers and they are achieving satisfactory reviews from their customers, On the other hand side we can see that the company is not able to tackle with the new challenges present in the market. The company is handling these new threats by innovating new products and services. Innovations of new products attract new customers as well as old customers to buy Meridian energy products. Meridian also handles bargaining with suppliers by building an efficient supply chain with multiple suppliers. In this report, the Meridian energy limited formulates various strategies for enhancing the competitive advantages and long term profitability in industries. This is only reason Meridian energy limited listed in the 2019 gold award list in the Australian reporting awards (, 2019).

ME211 Introduction Of Statics

Task in ME211 Introduction Of Statics

1. A 100 kN force is applied at Point B as shown. Using the method of joints, find the magnitude of force in member BC. Indicate if it is in tension (T) or compression (C).

A. 87.3 [kN] (C)

B. 95.2 [kN] (T)

C. 61.9 [kN] (C)

D. 95.2 [kN] (C)

E. 61.9 [kN] (T)

2. A 250 lb force is applied at Point B as shown. Using the method of sections, find the magnitude of force in member AB. Indicate if it is in tension (T) or compression (C). Assume AB is horizontal.

A. 433 [lb] (C)

B. 433 [lb] (T)

C. 500 [lb] (C)

D. 500 [lb] (T)

E. 650 [lb] (T)

3. A 4ft x 4ft box is sitting on a 45˚ ramp. If the box weighs 200 [lb], what is the minimum coefficient of static friction to prevent sliding? Assume tipping will not occur.

A. μs = 1.00

B. μs = 0.71

C. μs = 0.35

D. μs = 0.23

E. Not possible; μ

ME211 Introduction Of Statics