College Admission Essay

College Admission Essay

Paper instructions from customer:

Imagine you are going to enter Bates College.

Write a 2-page college admission essay.

Please, describe an experience that has impacted your educational goals, and explain how Bates College can help you accomplish them.

sample on such an Essay

In your paper:

  • Present a brief introduction stating your aim of entering Bates College.
  • Show your own experience that affected your educational aims.
  • Prove that Bates College can help you to achieve your goals


 College Admission Essay

Author’s Name

Name of Institution




I am writing this admission essay with the hope that I can a secure a place as a student in Bates College. Knowing that Bates College has been ranked as one of the best liberal art colleges nationally prompts me to send my admission letter to your institution. Besides its national accolade, learning of Bates’ unique timetable that allows students to take advantage of abroad programs and its expansive offering of courses, equipped with the latest facilities and resources drew me to enrol to this college to help me accomplish my academic goals.

Life Experience

Growing up in a small community, I had an inherent sense of unity in connection with my neighbourhood collective. I lived in a society where neither skin color nor religious choice mattered. This sentiment among the community members did not last forever, though. Some residents formed a small religious group which incited other members of the society against a certain religion. They claimed that a particular religion was more superior to the other and urged everyone in the town to convert to that religion – a failure to covert would result in being chased away and even killed. This installed fear in our small society but neither religion was willing to negotiate, for each believed theirs was the correct spiritual path. 

What seemed to be a mere conflict transformed into a outright war. My community members began killing each other, women were raped, and others were forced to flee to other towns for protection. These incidents lead to trauma: the people in our community that fled have been living in the fear of another attack and the terrible memories are still fresh in their minds. This experience inspired me to major in psychology to help erase these painful memories from their minds and also bring a way forward for my community. I feel that attending

Bates College would help me accomplish my goals.

What I Look Forward to If Accepted

Bates College is known for excellence in teaching as well as in learning. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, resources and programs which will be of great assistance to my psychology program – and in turn, my community. Resources such the library, imaging and computing centre, as well as archives and special collection will make my learning easier. I also read that the college offers funding for research, which will be of aid to my endeavours in finding a solution my communities’ dilemma, if I can receive such assistance. 

If I am given a chance to join the ranks of Bates College, I will make the best out of the opportunity. My research assures me that the college has a Diversity and Inclusion Office of Intercultural Education. I would engage myself with learning how this office operates so as to intermingle with people from different cultures, religions and places, enabling me to learn how to connect with people from various life-circumstances. This educational experience will directly reflect on my career aspirations involving my communities’ maladies. Bates College also allows students to take advantage of abroad programs. This program would especially be of great help to me, as I believe traveling to different places will supply me with a more comprehensive understanding of my studies. 


I see this opportunity to join a prestigious college like Bates not only as a pathway to personal success, but as an educational endeavour that will provide me with a tool-set that will be able to handle the trauma of reality: the catastrophes that have occurred in my community. I am sincerely dedicated to the cause of my fellow townsmen, and believe their recovery is assured if given the chance. Though you may consider my case special in terms of personal history, I would argue that every student’s education is not solely for themselves, but rather for the greater good. 


Lewiston, M. (1877). Laws of Bates College revised in 1877. Lewiston Me.: The College.

Lewiston, M., & School, L. (1915). General catalogue of Bates college and

Cobb divinity school, 1863-1915. Lewiston, Me.: The College.

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Article research review

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Article Review

Article research review

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1 :Article research review

Article Review: The death of dialect? Don’t believe a word of it

In the article by the Guardian, Jonnie Robinson tries to disagree with a popular belief that dialects are going extinct. He insists that they are actually far from being overtaken by language evolution. Robinsons cites The Evolving English WorldBank that helps store all the contributions from all the dialects around United Kingdom. The Bank, he says, has 1500 contributions to date.

According to Jonnie Robinson, dialects helps unite people in various social spheres upon establishing they hail from the same roots. For instance, there were two women in the article that happened to meet and realized they came from Grimsby. The word “spoggy”, became their unifying factor. They both understood it meant chewing gum and therefore, appreciated their roots.

The author however notes that dialects are mostly used in the earlier years of life persons in various age groups and then picked up later during the sunset years. This is due to relocation that happens to these people during their professional spheres of life. Some are forced to move to new localities thereby adapting to mainstream language for effective communication with people all backgrounds. As soon as they retire from forma employment, they head back to their roots and initiate their dialects afresh.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate for people of all walks of life. I agree with the author that dialects cannot go to extinction. The author provides an insight on the importance of preserving our dialects. Dialects forms a part of our heritage as well as unifying factor to people of shared roots. People should therefore preserve their dialects and ensure they do allow it to be eroded by civilization and continued evolution of new languages.

Article research review


Article review: Communication Tips for Successful Conversations for Families and Caregivers of People with Aphasia

In the article, Patricia Forsyth seeks to help out families and others living with people with Aphasia. Though it may seem obvious to use verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate with people, it is not for people with aphasia. One has to carefully choose the cue that will allow mutual understanding of the intended message. The author tips to ensure effective communication, for example, one should be ready to provide a good environment with minimal noise. One should also ensure to have attention of the partner while allowing enough time to avoid rushing and creating confusion. Communication aids could also assist for clearer communication.

The author also points out flexibility. It is indeed more effective if all forms of communication were incorporated, such as gestures, drawings, facial expressions among others. While communicating verbally, Patricia points out the importance of speaking aloud at normal speed while addressing one thought at time. The sentences should remain clear and contain familiar or key words. In non-verbal communication, she encourages the use of numbers instead of words, drawings as well as photographs from relevant sources among other visual aids.

The article in my opinion is well articulated and appropriate for caregivers of people aphasia and their families. The information is relevant and useful for effective communication with all persons regardless of their flaws. The ideas provided in the article quite resourceful and I would recommend all people living with people with aphasia to consider implementing.

For effective communication with people with aphasia, the tips provided in the article ensure successful conversations.

 The interaction is more important than a mere transaction, therefore, the more articulate one is, the better the communication gets. One has be ready to communicate and allocate sufficient time for effectiveness to be achieved.


Article review: Don’t Be shy

Beau Bingham narrates to New York Times the impediment interpersonal communication has to many students in institutions of learning. He points out that the reason why he decided to engage students in classes of interpersonal communication skills at the Wyoming University, where he is an assistant lecturer, was to avert this problem of self-expression.  He points out how some colleges like Hamilton College have adopted speech lab where students learn interpersonal communication skills. Ashlie Boltinghouse, a student in Wyoming University, featured in the article, points out how she felt comfortable in Beau’s classes since everyone seemed openly anxious.

Contrary to opinion of self-expression being key to effective learning, the article features John Daly who teaches at Texas University, Austin, who disagrees with this opinion. Daly says that merits of class participation are overrated and creates unnecessary discomfort to those with speech anxiety. He argues that the inability to talk about a topic does not mean one did not understand. Dylan shares a similar opinion with James McCroskey, a professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He notes that forcing students to publicly express themselves can be counterproductive.

The article in my opinion enlightens students in the institutions of learning the importance of having good interpersonal skills just like in class readings. The article is appropriate for all students in order for them to get equipped with self-expression skills. These students will require to express themselves as they find jobs. During the interview, the panel need to be convinced that the person they are about to hire, can articulate issues to his or her colleagues and other people. I find the article resourceful.


Article review: Body Language; Picking Up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals

The article by mind tools seeks to enlighten us decoding body language during conversations. It features a woman, Lauren who gets disappointed by her boss, Guss at the last minute on a proposal she been working on. Had she been keen on her boss’s body language, she would have known in good time that her proposal would not been signed in. In the article, the ability to read negative body language is key. They allow one to deal with unspoken issues amicably. The signs of negative body language includes tense facial expression, downcast eyes, folded arms, bodies turned away from the speaker among others. When one is aware of these signs, it is possible to make adjustments on what to say or do in order to make the audience feel more comfortable and receptive. During a presentation, it is anyone’s desire that the audience is interested and engaged.

The article also provides ways of projecting a positive body language. This adds strength to the verbal ideas being put across. One can adopt various ways of making a confident first impression. For instance, having an open posture that is more relaxed but ensure the posture does not communicate a domineering attitude. Maintaining a good eye contact will go a long way in communicating sincerity and need for engagement. Another tip is avoiding to touching ones face. There is an unfounded belief that people who touches their faces while communicating, are mostly dishonest. It is therefore safe to avoid conveying mixed body language. Lastly, your handshake should be firm always as this portrays confidence.

In relation to the class readings, the article confirms the essence of effective communication. In my opinion, the article is very helpful and appropriate for everyone. I agree with the author that it is in everyone desire that message reaches their audience undistorted.

The article helps me in adopting the correct body language as I communicate with others in forums like interviews and public speaking.

Article research review


Article review: slang is it good or bad?

The article seeks to help people the importance of slang in communication. Provided one is aware of the meaning of the slang words, then it is no harm employing them in a conversation. Crystal, featured in the article points out that slang adds humor to the conversation as well removing undue seriousness that could others be implied. There are specific slang words only understood within certain groups of people. For example, the youth may use slang that the adults around them find hard to understand. This does not make it bad so long as those speaking understand each other perfectly.

The author, however warns people to be very cautious while using slang because some slang words are considered extremely rude. It of paramount importance that one’s understands the real meaning before using any slang. Also those associated with illegal drugs should be avoided if one intends to make a good impression. The authors encourages those learning English as the second language not to give up due to the misunderstanding of the slang language because it becomes easier with time.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate and in accordance with the class readings. Slang has both merits and demerits as it adds flavor to the conversation but also can cause language barrier. The article go a long way in encouraging people to keep with their slang and enjoy learning English. Slang helps one identify with their age group members therefore enhancing effective communication. Slang use with moderate control should be promoted among people of all eases unnecessary tension during conversations, creating a lively environment for people to effectively communicate with one another.

Works cited

Aviv, Rachel. “Don’T Be Shy”. Nytimes.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

“Body Language picking up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals”. Mindtools.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Communication Tips – National Aphasia Association”. National Aphasia Association, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Duncan, Pamela, and Josh Holder. “The Death of Dialect? Don’t Believe A Word Of It”. The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Watson, Margaret. “Slang – Language Article – The English Magazine”. English-Magazine.Org, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018. research review

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COMM3073 Communication For General Arts

COMM3073 Communication For General Arts. E-Mail: Scheduling Appointments to Interview a New Project Manager

. Using the e-mail template posted for you under contents on FOL, please respond to the scenario below.


You’re frustrated! Your boss, Shaun Rosen, has scheduled three appointments to interview applicants for the position of project manager. All of these appointments are for Wednesday,October 16.

However, he now must travel to Halifax on that weekend. He asks you to reschedule all the appointments for one week later.

He also wants a brief summary of the background of each candidate. Despite your frustration, you call each person and are lucky enough to arrange these times.

Carol Chan, who has been project manager for nine years with Piedmont Corporation, agrees to come at 10:30 a.m., Richard Blake, who is a systems analyst and a consultant to many companies, will come at 11:30. Laura Lee, who has an M.A. degree and six years of experience as senior project coordinator at High Point Industries, will come at 9:30 a.m.

You’re wondering whether Mr. Rosen forgot to include Hilary Lu, operations personnel officer, in these interviews. Ms. Lu usually is part of the selection process.

Task. in COMM3073 Communication For General Arts

Write an e-mail to Mr. Rosen including all the vital information he needs. Remember to use the e-mail template provided for you under Contents on FOL. Remember too to use graphic highlighting when possible. Again, please review the assessment criteria on FOL (e-mail grading sheet) before typing your email).