Business Term Papers

Business Term Papers

One of the challenges faced in the business course is working on papers such as Business Term Papers. Just selecting a topic can be time-consuming. Consequently, many student ends up choosing the wrong topic where their Business Term Paper writing problems begin.
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If you are unsure of how the writing process of a Business Term Paper works, make sure that you stay focused on the instructors’ requirements of the assignment. Then find Business Term Paper samples to have an idea of the paper format topic and the paper’s structure. In case you feel that you cannot do it, request for professional help to work on your Business Term Paper.

Understand different parts that compose Business Term Paper. With this, you can create an outline that will act as your guide throughout your business paper writing process. Depending on your instructor’s instructions, your Business Term Paper may include, cover/ title page, table of content, the main body (viewpoint, state of research, problems among other), conclusion, references/ bibliography, and appendixes.
Create detailed information on each of the above-mentioned section and sub-section of your term paper. You should demonstrate understanding of what each section should present when you begin organizing your collected data.
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Popular business term paper topics ideas list

  1. Will involvement in a charity make a company more popular and likable?
  2. If personal guns are banned, will this ruin the handgun production industry?
  3. Should minimum salary (or minimum wage) be canceled? If so, how do you evaluate each employee’s work?
  4. Will the traditional definition of commerce and retail die in 10-15 years, and shopping activity migrate entirely to the Internet?
  5. Is advertising on the Internet more effective than other kinds of ads?
  6. Should tobacco production companies be obliged to pay more taxes or donate to cancer curing facilities?
  7. What are the main disadvantages of outsourcing?
  8. What role does business ethics play in making important decisions for a company?
  9. What roles do ethics and morality play in a business-oriented society?
  10. How do you make a museum exhibition exciting and marketable?
  11. What are the key factors that contributed to high sales rates of mobile phones in the last three years?
  12. What are the challenges faced by companies with international human resources?
  13. What are some old and rigid corporate rituals that are still present to this day?
  14. Is brainstorming as effective in creating business solutions and ideas as it is said to be?
  15. Define “healthy work environment.” How can you create one?
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Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting research papers

150 finance and accounting research topics for undergraduate and graduate students

Definition of finance

The term finance refers to the processes taken in the management of money and the acquisition of funds in a business entity. These processes involve the overall study of funds that make up the financial system of a business or company. The finance department oversees activities associated with the creation of funds, the banking of cash, debits and credits, assets and liabilities as well as investments.  

The primal concept of finance is based on the theory that time is money. The approach puts more weight on the time value of money. It suggests that the value of money at present is worth more than its value in the future. Therefore, it is more advisable to put into use the money you have at present for future benefits.

What are the three types of finance?

Finance, as a field, has three different types:

  1. Public finance
  2. Personal finance
  3. Corporate finance

Public finance

Public finance is a branch of finance that studies the flow of money between the public and the government. Public finance studies show how the government affects the economy through its expenses and expenditure. The branch of finance studies the policies concerned with the taxes, budgeting, and debt issuance.

Public finance facilitates the establishment of a stable economy by a correct allocation of funds within the government’s entities.

Personal finance

Personal finance is a branch of finance that studies the financial standings of an individual to determine their future financial needs. Personal finance evaluates the individual’s income and their financial needs to determine their future financial standings. Personal finance encourages savings to safeguard an individual’s future financial needs.

The banking sector aids in personal finance. Banking provides a platform where individuals can comfortably save their earnings and investments. Banking services enable the use of credit cards, mortgages, and insurance that go a long way into helping an individual manage their financial standings.  

An example of personal finance is a retirement plan. Individuals save up some of the money earned during their working years for later use.  A solid retirement plan needs saving and investing.

Corporate finance

Corporate finance is the study of the financial activities in a corporation. The finance division of the corporate entity oversees the sources funding, as well as the projects that increase the entity’s funding.

An increase in the company’s funding can be done through the issuance of bonds or stock offerings.

What are the topics in finance?

The study of finance covers several topics. The following list includes some of the important topics in finance.

  • Amalgamation
  • Behavioral finance  
  • Accounting and finance
  • Economics and finance
  • Investments
  • Risk Management
  • Valuation of bonds
  • Budgeting of capitals
  • Derivations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International law
  • Government grants

Definition of research

To find out more about a particular object or issue, one must research it. Research is a step by step investigation that aims at increasing knowledge concerning a specific matter. At the end of the study, the researcher comes up with a solid conclusion that will enhance their awareness of the subject matter. Before conducting research, one has to come up with a research proposal. After the investigation, one submits a research paper.

What is a research proposal?

Before embarking on research work, a researcher has to draft a research proposal. A research proposal is an overview of an intended research study. The plan is used to estimate the cost of the research work as well as evaluate the intended results. The summary could also include requests of funding if need be.

Finance and Accounting research papers

How do you write a research proposal?

A research proposal should follow the following format:

1.         TITLE/TOPIC

The topic should indicate the proposed research question or topic


The research rationale gives a general background and reasons for the research paper. The reasoning should justify the need for carrying out the research.


The research proposal should have a set of research questions that would guide the researcher on how to conduct the study. An explanation of the issues to be explored should also be included.


The research methodology should state how the researcher intends to approach the research work. These include the resources needed and the methods used to conduct the research. Here, the researcher should also include the advantages and disadvantages of the methods used in conducting the study.


The proposal should indicate the schedule for the stages involved in conducting the research.


At the end of the proposal, the researcher should include references that indicate the sources of ideas discussed in the plan. The researcher should also include a list of sources that would aid the proposed study.

Finance and Accounting research papers

How can I write research paper?

After conducting research, a researcher should come up with a research paper(thesis) or a dissertation. The research papers are submitted by candidates to confirm that they conducted the research.  Writing a research paper requires a researcher to follow some necessary steps. The steps include:

Choosing your research topic

Conducting precursory research on the topic

Formulating a thesis statement

Designing an outline to guide on writing

Drafting the research paper: include an introduction, body, and conclusion

Writing a final draft of the paper

Proofreading your work to eliminate any mistake

Research in Finance

What is finance research?

For students taking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in finance, finance research work could be one of the requirements of the course. The students are required to submit a thesis of their finance research study. Finance analysts in business entities also perform tasks to analyze the financial information of the body.

Research in the field of finance revolves around accounting and financial practices, including a study of the finance market and predicting future financial standings.

How do analysts do research?

A research analyst in the field of finance is responsible for the financial evaluation of an entity.   Research analysts are involved in:

  • Estimating future financial standings of the company
  • Analyzing a company’s financial standings at present with reference to the past
  • Organizing data of the financial analysis 
  • Presenting the data to the management 

What is a researchable topic?

A researchable topic is a subject that forms the basis of a research study. A well put research topic aids in successfully conducting research.  There are several researchable topics in the field of finance. Read on to find out more about the finance research topics.

What is research title?

A research title appears at the beginning of a research paper. The research title highlights the main ideas of the whole research study. The title of the research should provide a summary of the research paper. The title should be concise, precise and straightforward.

Finance and Accounting research papers

Finance and Accounting research papers

What are some research proposals topics in accounting and finance?

To accomplish finance research, students need to come up with relevant finance research topics.

Research topics in finance and accounting

  1. List of project topics in finance

The list below provides dissertation topics in finance for MBA and BBA students:

  1. Consequences of microfinance in third world countries
  2. Analyze the impacts of sanction to an economy
  3. Discuss effects of the 2012 Olympics games on London Stock Exchange
  4. Discuss the relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and the economic growth of a country of your choice 
  5. How does the analysis of financial statements affect the decisions of asset-based financing in XYZ bank?
  6. Mechanisms of terrorism financing
  7. The future of internet banking
  8. The impacts of modern technology to finance systems
  9. Islamic finance in capitalists’ environments (features, implications, advantages, and disadvantages)
  10. Features of microfinance
  11.  Management of cash flow in XYZ business entity
  12. Derivatives of currencies
  13. Control of cash in XYZ company
  14. Study on the management of assets and liabilities of XYZ.
  15. A comparison of two or more international economies
  16. Study on the satisfaction of customers in Islamic finance
  17. Research on the satisfaction of customers in banking
  18. Is taxation a right policy?
  19. Study of the no-deal Brexit in banking systems
  20. Reasons for the opposition of digital currency
  21. Evaluate customer satisfaction on microfinance
  22. Evaluation of accounting procedures in the company of your choice, say XYZ
  23. An analysis of investment reports by XYZ company
  24. How can you use financial tools to monitor levels of liquidity?
  25. The role of auditors in preventing the fall of a country’s economy
  26. Analyze the features of single and double bookkeeping
  27. Importance of auditing in corporate entities
  28. What is the future of accountancy?
  29. Compare the risk disclosure of two different companies
  30. Discuss accounting ethics
  31. The revolutionization of the banking sector through microfinance
  32. The relevance of the Grameen Bank Model in third world countries
  33. Is GAAP effective? If yes, support the answer using a company that uses it
  34. Is the academic sector efficient in training students towards becoming finance experts?
  35. Choose a business strategy and evaluate its effectiveness
  36. Compare the auditing policies in different commercial banks
  37. The impacts of microfinance in general economic growth
  38. Using an example, determine the relationship between a country’s economy and its population
  39. Study the implications of investors in emerging economies
  40. The developments of internet banking
  41. Analysis of different retirement plans
  42. Impacts of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  43. Impacts of Brexit in the U.K.
  44. Financial risks in the banking sector
  45. Effects of online banking to economies
  46. How can education systems improve on finance studies?
  47. A comparison of the financial management and financial accounting in an entity
  48. The use of textual analysis in financial statements
  49. Study the investigation of fraud in accounting
  50. The efficiency of auditing managers in assessing the risk of fraud
  51. Strategies for managing fraud risk
  52. Benefits of a combined effort between internal and external auditors
  53. The importance of financial statements
  54.  The relevance of accounting information in a stocks market
  55. The use of forensic audits in preventing fraud risks
  56. Discuss pension as a retirement
  57. Development of commercial systems in developing countries
  58. The impacts of VAT on the development of an economy
  59. Study the role of external auditors in a bank of your choice
  60. How payroll management systems impact on fraud risks
  61. Study the role of financial ethics
  62. Effects of public finance in the economic development of a country of your choice
  63. How does Brexit affect the European Union?
  64. Does Brexit affect immigrants?
  65. Discuss the impact of Brexit on foreign exchange
  66. How does Brexit affect the capital market?
  67. How does Brexit affect the bond market?
  68. Study the effects of capitalism in companies
  69. The execution of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in risk analysis
  70. Study the impacts future impacts of commodity market
  71. Discuss the effectiveness of the double-entry in bookkeeping systems
  72. Discuss the health insurance policies in a country of your choice
  73. The effects of tax policies on small to mid-size enterprise (SME) 
  74. Study the capital determinants within the Small to Mid-size Enterprise (SME) 
  75. Compare the different strategies of auditing
  76. Study the measurements of environmental accounting
  77. Study the benefits of investments in a company
  78. Discusses the effects of the stock market on the currency of an economic market
  79. Discuss the control of debts in a company
  80. Discuss the taxation policies of a country of your choice
  81. Study of the relationship between management and the stock performance
  82. Discuss the Islamic guide on asset-backed financing
  83. Discuss why non-profit organizations are exempted from paying taxes
  84. Discuss the impacts of Sukuk in Islamic finance
  85. Investigate on Islamic banking customer satisfaction
  86. Discuss the assumptions made in Islamic financing
  87. Analyze the contribution of Islamic banking products to Islamic institutions
  88. Compare and contrast Islamic finance and capitalism
  89. The impacts of gold contracts to India’s economy
  90. Discuss the management of interest rate risk in an economy of your choice
  91. Discuss the financial adaptions in various sectors, i.e., Agricultural sectors
  92. An in-depth study of online trading
  93. Discuss the factors that affect investment behaviors
  94. Analyze the financial management of a company of your choice
  95. Do psychological variables, i.e., emotions, affect the demand for insurance?
  96. How do auditors prevent economic downfall?    
  97. Discuss theories on the moral development of finance professionals
  98. Discuss the relationship between microfinance and poverty alleviation
  99. How does XYZ company manage its cash flow?

Examples of companies that can be researched include Walmart, Apple, Nestle, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Toyota, among others.  

Finance and Accounting research papers

These research topics in finance and banking could be used in formulating a logical thesis.

  1. List of projects topics in accounting
  2. Study of accounting frauds
  3. Challenges of electronic accounting systems
  4. Features of forensic accounting
  5. Importance of accounting ethics
  6. How can education systems improve accounting studies?
  7. In-depth study of risks associated with auditing sectors
  8. Functions of accounting in the development of a nation
  9. How does accounting information affect the decisions of a company?
  10. Effects of digital accounting in banking systems
  11.  The importance of cost accounting
  12. The roles of administrative accounting in an organization
  13. Analyze the accounting reports of a company of your choice
  14. Compare the accounting education systems of the two countries of your choice
  15. The necessity of software in accounting
  16. Discuss the evolution of accounting
  17. Discuss how financial markets affect managerial accounting
  18. The need for personal accountants
  19. Discuss the 2008 finance crisis 
  20. Discuss measures taken to control the growth of debts
  21. How can you avoid financial fraud?
  22. Discuss the most effective accounting systems  
  23. Discuss the roles of forensic accountants
  24. How does one become a certified accountant?
  25. Discuss the effects of cultures on accounting theories
  26. Discuss the development of methods of accounting
  27. Discuss the tax reduction strategies
  28. Does time affect cash flow?
  29. Discuss the changes in offshore accounting
  30. Benefits of taxation accountings
  31. Discuss how accounting tracks business activities
  32. Discuss the tools used in forensic accounting
  33.  How can a company create inventory systems using accounting strategies?
  34. Discuss the accounting procedures provided in the GAAP
  35. Discuss the guidelines for internal control
  36.  How does digital technology affect the accounting department?
  37. Discuss the precision of programs in account software
  38. Discuss the development of systems that improve accounting
  39. Discuss the difficulties in performing accounting theories
  40. How do financial accounts increase the confidence of investors?
  41. Discuss the effects of inflation on investments
  42. Discuss the importance of regular studies of balance sheets
  43. How do accountants use cashflow in the analysis of balance sheets?
  44. How do companies manage the expenditure of profits?
  45. Discuss the intangible assets that can be owned by a company
  46. Discuss the differences in capital expenditure in new and established companies
  47. Discuss the copyrights on intangible assets
  48. How does the management of intangible assets prevent bankruptcy?
  49. Why do companies purloin the intangible assets of competitor companies?
  50. How do accountants make the correct decisions while performing accounting tasks?
  51. Discuss how companies improve on finance transparency

The above research topics on accounting and finance will help students in choosing a topic that best fits their interests.  

Finance and Accounting research papers

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BUS 599 Strategic Management

Task in BUS 599 Strategic Management

The name of the non-alcoholic company is “Elite South”. The reason of selecting this name is that “Elite” means a group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities and in Southern part of United States consumption of soft drink is in highest quantity. This company produces non-alcoholic energy drinks for people. BUS 599 Strategic Management

The mission of this company is to provide best quality soft drink to its customers which can provide them refreshment. Company wants to keep its customers happy and satisfied. There are different components of mission of the company such as market, Self- concept, Concern of survival and public image. All these are main components of the organisation as it is a new company and for them market and its components are essential factors.

There are five major trends NAB companies are focusing on such as Functionality, Fermented drinks, Personalisation, Alcohol free alternatives, and Sustainability. All these trends are having some significance which is helping NAB companies to focus on their customers. 

Since there is a raise in beverage industry many new products has been launched every-day which has several benefits which are focusing on such as stress reliever, immune system, health and beauty all these features helps in maintaining functionality. Fermented drinks also have several health benefits such as it helps in digestion, it is probiotic rich and it also helps in boosting immune. Personalisation is the important aspect as every company has to launch new and personalised product in the market to attract target customers. It is not necessary that every individual consumes alcohol so there is requirement of an alternative and NAB is the alternative. Companies should avoid using products which can harm environment because today consumers are aware about the environmental pollution and they have started avoiding products which can harm environment (Burrell, 2019).

Rapid growth is analysed in Non-alcoholic industry in United States. According to a research NAB industry is growing 1.2% annually and revenue of US$248,552 m is generated in 2020 and market is expecting a high growth in 2020-2023. An average per capital consumption stands at 220.3 litres in 2020 (Esser, Clayton, & Brewer, 2017).

Root beer is made up of different types of herbs, roots, berries and barks. This can also be considered as medical beverage. And there is an immense growth which is analysed in the market.

Craft, A and W Restaurants, Seagram are some of the top manufacturers of root beer and since in past there is a high growth observed in the consumption of Root beer it is expected that in future consumption will increase at a high rate and by 2025 root beer will be available in many countries such as China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia (Market Watch , 2019).

Shelf-Space: Shelf space is available for non – alcoholic beverages as they have to replace alcoholic beverages. Social media plays an important role in this because with proper advertising of the product and usage target audience can be influenced. Today everyone is aware about their health and by showing important health benefits of the product market can be created for NAB (R, 2018).

By choosing creative design, developing   unique service model and promoting   highly specific expertise product can be differentiated from other existing product in the market. As today people are concerns about environmental factors so by environmental friendly packing or creative packing people can be influenced to buy new product. Differentiating can also be done by developing a unique delivery model. Root beer can also be promoted by specifying its expertise healthcare benefits to the people. Since it is made up of different herbs and barks it can also be used as medical beverage. And since root beer can be used by many other substances to increase their taste it can easily replace alcoholic drinks or it can be a best replacement for alcoholic drinks (Gabriel, 2015).

This product will be directly available to customers i.e. online selling is being used to sell this product. Consumers can have this product by monthly subscription or they can buy according to their requirement.  Online distribution channel is being used because it will save intermediates cost and this product can be buy at lower rate than other existing product. This product will be directly delivered at the doorstep of the customer by using courier facility or by company’s delivery person. Production of this product will be done after analysing the need of the product and in future a stock will be maintained after analysing the trend. Delivery will be directly done from warehouse. Warehouse of the company will be placed on different locations of the country for creating awareness about the product and this will also ensure fastest delivery.

Government have some rules and regulations. It is very important to mention ingredients of a product on its label. And to prevent this risk company will mention all its ingredients which are used on its label (Kregiel, 2014).

Today everyone is aware about protecting environment and for this certain steps is taken by governments such as recycling of packaged material, environmental friendly packing and many others. Company can take step to prevent this risk by using environmental packing material.

This risk is involved at a high rate because public health is the major concern. For preventing this risk company should mention product expiry date on the top of label and with bold letters so that consumers can be aware and company should also aware people about this fact (Roemer & Stockwell).
BUS 599 Strategic Management

MATH123-Quantitative Reasoning

Project Overview in MATH123-Quantitative Reasoning

As an Ivy Tech student, you are making an investment in your education. This project will look at how that investment will pay off if you graduate and get a job in your desired field. You will be comparing your future finances with someone who is not a college graduate. Assume that the median annual income for a high school graduate is $21,500 (although the actual value is higher). Use this value in comparison statements with proper absolute and relative change statements. MATH123-Quantitative Reasoning

In this project you are required to do the following (You must submit both Excel and Word documents): 

Project Questions

1.Explain what job you have chosen and why. Use the median salary from the following website: Compare your salary to that of a high school graduate. How does your salary compare to the high school graduate? Use BOTH an absolute change and relative change statement for your comparison.

2.Proper English, spelling, grammar and Excel setups, calculations etc. Mortgage Loan

3.Assume you are planning on spending a certain amount of income towards a mortgage. If you spend 22% of your monthly salary towards a house, what is the highest price house you can afford? What is the highest priced house a high school graduate can afford? Use an absolute or relative change statement to compare the house prices of the high school graduate and your house. Assume that the standard APR is 1.85% for 30 years. Make sure to show at least 1 sample formula that you used in Excel to get the house price.

4.Research housing options in the area you want to live in. Will your future salary allow you to afford the house you want, or should you consider other housing options? How much more or less must you spend compared to the previous question to get the house you want? Cite what source you used to find housing costs. Based on the house you chose, what monthly payment is needed to afford the house? Assume that the standard APR is 1.85% for 30 years. Retirement Account

5.Consider the retirement investment with 3.99% APR for 38 years using 8.5% of your monthly income. Which scenario (A, B, or C) will give you the best value for retirement? For each scenario, find the relative change from the original retirement amount to the doubled amount. A. If you were to double the APR (from 3.99% to 7.98%), how much would you have in your retirement account? B. If you were to double the contribution into the account (from 8.5% to 17% of monthly salary), how much would you have in your retirement? C. If you were to double the time that you are investing (from 38 years to 76 years), how much would you have in your retirement account?

6. If you wanted to save $100,000 for your retirement, how many years would that take? If you wanted to save $200,000, how many years would that take? Is the amount of time to save $200,000 twice as much as to save $100,000? Explain why or why not.

7.Consider that you saved for 38 years using 8.5% of your income towards retirement at 3.99%. If the high school graduate also saved 8.5% at a rate of 3.99%, how long would it take for them to reach the same amount that you had after only 38 years? Instead, if the high school graduate saved for 38 years, how long would it take you to reach the same retirement since you are contributing more money? (Assume the same APR and years.) Salary Increase

8.If your job gives a salary raise of 1.5% each year, what will be your salary after 10 years? (In other words, after 10 raises have occurred.) Write an absolute or relative change statement comparing the current salary to the salary after 10 raises. What will be your salary after 20 years? Write an absolute change statement from your current salary to the salary after 20 years. MATH123-Quantitative Reasoning

MBA-6010 Strategic Planning

Task in MBA-6010 Strategic Planning

The training will teach you how the various business functions interact in the simulation, how to make decisions and then read the results.  You will be making decisions that position your product against customer requirements, building a production process that allows you to meet the market demands for your products, how to finance those operations and how to improve processes and products through Research and Development and Total Quality Management.  Finally, you will learn to read and interpret a full set of performance documents including Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements, Production and Sales summaries and the Balanced Scorecard.

As part of the training, you will complete the following:

Introduction Video and Quiz
Rehearsal Tutorial
Situation Analysis
“CAPSIM Situational Analysis Training,” for a visual on how to find the tutorials and situational analysis.
“CAPSIM Situational Analysis. Training” for the following:

Complete a minimum of TWO Practice Rounds.
Complete Financial Measures Template (see below. The template is loaded in your Books and Resources for this Week).
The instructor will check the simulation dashboard to confirm that you have completed these exercises.  It is important that you spend the time during Week 1 doing these exercises to become comfortable with how the simulation works and what effects some of your decisions will have on the annual financials, etc. The simulation has a steep learning curve, so Week 1 is meant for you to become familiar with the simulation.

Please note that your grade in the course does not depend on how well you do in the simulation.  In that sense, the “competition rounds” are a misnomer.  You can do well or poorly in the rounds.  It doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that you can understand and explain the effects that your decisions had on the financial results, which you will track weekly with the Financial Measures Template.  

Complete the Financial Measures Template:

Financial Analysis is a comparative process.  These numbers on their own do not always have a lot of meaning.  For example, Cumulative Profits has meaning on its own, but it has greater meaning when compared against the competition or when looking at your own trends over time.  Your analysis in Week 1 of the Practice Rounds or Competition Rounds will have to be made against the other five companies.  After that, consider your trends over time as well as against the other companies.

Select a different measure each week and write a paragraph describing how that financial measure is created (e.g., ROS=Profit/Sales) and cite your source, what the financial measure tells the company, and how your performance compares with the competition and over time.

Upload your Financial Measures Template to the course room when you have completed all of the tasks using the Upload Assignment button below.  Each week, you will update your Template with new results from each round. MBA-6010 Strategic Planning

MOD001093 Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Businesses are an intrinsic part of any nation’s economy, and businesses serve a complex set of functions in providing goods and services, job opportunities as well as generating foreign exchange.  The engagement of businesses across a wide cross-section of industries, makes business planning a multifaceted, yet intricate process. MOD001093 Entrepreneurship And Innovation

An important component of the business development process is the creation of a business plan.  A business plan is a document that describes a new business, its products or services, how it will earn money, leadership/management and staffing, financing, operations model, and other details that are essential to both operation and success (Pinson, 2005).
Entrepreneurs create business plans as part of the start-up process but they are also beneficial to existing businesses wishing to change direction or adapt their strategy. 

The timeline on most business plans, according to Kuratko and Hodgetts (2001) covers the company’s first three to five years.  It was further noted that while a business plan is required by anyone seeking funding, whether from financial institutions or investors, it is recommended for all start-ups because it serves as the business roadmap. The business-plan-writing-process can also help an entrepreneur uncover concept weaknesses, market misperceptions, or other specifics that might cause a shift in how the business is to be positioned or built.

The PEST analysis as defined by Lynch (2015) is a checklist of the political, economic socio cultural and technological factors which may impact upon the success off the new business venture.  In an extended version of this framework environmental and legal factors are considered.  Due to significance of the environmental implications of this business the author has also included these factors in the PESTLE analysis shown below.  The author has also assessed these factors to determine whether they present opportunities or threats to the business venture.
MOD001093 Entrepreneurship And Innovation

HMG 6477-Financial Analysis For Hospitality Enterprises

Hotel DelRay is located at the heart of the city of Brussels, in Belgium. Brussels is a major hub for international politics, a home for several international organizations and diplomats, and a fortress for European Union Institutions. The importance of the city not only elevates the financial and economic infrastructure, also increases the volume of government and business travelers from all over the world. HMG 6477-Financial Analysis For Hospitality Enterprises

Thus, lodging establishments in the city of Brussels have recently been facing fierce local and international competition. DelRay, which is owned by Italian BD&T Hospitality Investment Company, has been in Brussels’ local lodging industry for the past twenty-five plus years. DelRay is one of the most popular and demanded hotels in Brussels by the international government institutions due to its strategic position. The hotel’s success is largely due to its great security procedures and they specialize in providing highly quality service based on international government protocols. 

Since its grand opening day, DelRay has had excellent records of growth figures, occupancy levels, and financial performance regardless of the time or the season of the year. However, in recent years, DelRay has started to observe inefficiencies in its operations and poor financial outcomes due to conventional and outdated operation systems in the property. Hence, the chairperson of BD&T has a recent discussion and a meeting with DelRay’s GM about this issue and the chairperson of BD&T has suggested an upgrade the existing but not fully effective property management system (PMS).

A critical part of this upgrade project is to come up with the optimal capital allocation and acquisition plan and the financial feasibility assessment based on the project’s expected cash flows in the future. In this important meeting, BD&T and DelRay finance and accounting team has discussed and agreed on the project essentials as presented below. As UCF’s Rosen College graduate and the director of Finance at DelRay, you are in charge of this capital acquisition and feasibility study for the expansion project. 

Required Analysis And Discussions:

1. Based on the given information in the “Estimation of the Net Investment Value (NINV) of the New PMS Upgrade” section, calculate the NINV of this upgrade project for the initial year.

2. Given this capital structure and acquisition details, estimate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for this upgrade project (40 pts.).

3. According to the financial projections for the following 4-year CF pro-forma, calculate the stream of CFs for this upgrade project (Hint: project assumptions and limitations are important to calculate CFs)

4. Based on NINV, WACC, and CFs results, perform a financial feasibility analysis with four capital budgeting methods as illustrated in “Financial Feasibility Analysis of the New PMS Technology” section 

5. Discuss your results and findings from NINV estimation, capital acquisition and WACC, flow of funds (CFs), and financial feasibility. Explain why is this worthwhile or not to invest in detail. In addition, explain the possible problematic areas and issues (i.e., cost of internal equity) to be improved for the project and for Delray’s long-term financial success. Do not forget to support your arguments. You can solve this question using the main equations of those methods or using financial calculator or excel solutions as introduced in the textbook 
HMG 6477-Financial Analysis For Hospitality Enterprises

ACC 502 Accounting Statement Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the financial performance of a company to make recommendations to potential investors about the purchase of stock. ACC 502 Accounting Statement Analysis

Studying all aspects of a company’s financial statements is necessary in order to understand the financial performance and health of a company. This is particularly important for investors trying to determine whether or not to buy stock in the company.

An investor has approached you about whether or not purchasing stock in the company would be a wise investment. Using your financial analysis of the company, you will send a letter to the investor summarizing your findings and explaining whether you recommend a stock purchase at this time.

You will use information in the Form 10-K for Amazon to complete this assignment. Using the correct formulas, calculate the following ratios using Excel:

1.Three liquidity ratios for the past 3 years
2.Three solvency ratios for the past 3 years
3.Three profitability ratios for the past 3 years

Conduct research about a competitor company within the same sector using IBIS World and other topic resources. Complete a competitor analysis that includes a minimum of three ratios and compares Amazon to a competitor company using these ratios to determine financial performance as well as how the company rates compared to overall industry averages. Be prepared to justify your analysis by explaining your findings.

Using your research findings and analysis of company performance in relation to industry competitors, construct a 250-500 word letter making stock purchase recommendations for a potential investor. In the letter, address the following, referencing specific ratios and comparative numbers as appropriate.

1.Discuss the overall financial performance of your company in relation to industry averages and a specific competitor. Explain whether the company performed better or worse than the competition using specific numbers and providing an explanation of what the numbers illustrate.

2.Recommend whether the potential investor should purchase stock in your company and justify your recommendation based upon your research and analysis of the company ratios and industry competition.

Submit the Excel file that contains your ratios and the Word file letter to your instructor.
ACC 502 Accounting Statement Analysis