College Admission Essay

College Admission Essay

Paper instructions from customer:

Imagine you are going to enter Bates College.

Write a 2-page college admission essay.

Please, describe an experience that has impacted your educational goals, and explain how Bates College can help you accomplish them.

sample on such an Essay

In your paper:

  • Present a brief introduction stating your aim of entering Bates College.
  • Show your own experience that affected your educational aims.
  • Prove that Bates College can help you to achieve your goals


 College Admission Essay

Author’s Name

Name of Institution




I am writing this admission essay with the hope that I can a secure a place as a student in Bates College. Knowing that Bates College has been ranked as one of the best liberal art colleges nationally prompts me to send my admission letter to your institution. Besides its national accolade, learning of Bates’ unique timetable that allows students to take advantage of abroad programs and its expansive offering of courses, equipped with the latest facilities and resources drew me to enrol to this college to help me accomplish my academic goals.

Life Experience

Growing up in a small community, I had an inherent sense of unity in connection with my neighbourhood collective. I lived in a society where neither skin color nor religious choice mattered. This sentiment among the community members did not last forever, though. Some residents formed a small religious group which incited other members of the society against a certain religion. They claimed that a particular religion was more superior to the other and urged everyone in the town to convert to that religion – a failure to covert would result in being chased away and even killed. This installed fear in our small society but neither religion was willing to negotiate, for each believed theirs was the correct spiritual path. 

What seemed to be a mere conflict transformed into a outright war. My community members began killing each other, women were raped, and others were forced to flee to other towns for protection. These incidents lead to trauma: the people in our community that fled have been living in the fear of another attack and the terrible memories are still fresh in their minds. This experience inspired me to major in psychology to help erase these painful memories from their minds and also bring a way forward for my community. I feel that attending

Bates College would help me accomplish my goals.

What I Look Forward to If Accepted

Bates College is known for excellence in teaching as well as in learning. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, resources and programs which will be of great assistance to my psychology program – and in turn, my community. Resources such the library, imaging and computing centre, as well as archives and special collection will make my learning easier. I also read that the college offers funding for research, which will be of aid to my endeavours in finding a solution my communities’ dilemma, if I can receive such assistance. 

If I am given a chance to join the ranks of Bates College, I will make the best out of the opportunity. My research assures me that the college has a Diversity and Inclusion Office of Intercultural Education. I would engage myself with learning how this office operates so as to intermingle with people from different cultures, religions and places, enabling me to learn how to connect with people from various life-circumstances. This educational experience will directly reflect on my career aspirations involving my communities’ maladies. Bates College also allows students to take advantage of abroad programs. This program would especially be of great help to me, as I believe traveling to different places will supply me with a more comprehensive understanding of my studies. 


I see this opportunity to join a prestigious college like Bates not only as a pathway to personal success, but as an educational endeavour that will provide me with a tool-set that will be able to handle the trauma of reality: the catastrophes that have occurred in my community. I am sincerely dedicated to the cause of my fellow townsmen, and believe their recovery is assured if given the chance. Though you may consider my case special in terms of personal history, I would argue that every student’s education is not solely for themselves, but rather for the greater good. 


Lewiston, M. (1877). Laws of Bates College revised in 1877. Lewiston Me.: The College.

Lewiston, M., & School, L. (1915). General catalogue of Bates college and

Cobb divinity school, 1863-1915. Lewiston, Me.: The College.

Lewiston, M. (1954). Bates College bulletin. Lewiston, Me.: The College.

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Process Essay

How to Write a Process Essay

Essay writing has become a common thing, especially in the academic sector.  Essays are meant to evaluate the intellectual abilities of the writer based on how they can organize and present their ideas. Whether you are writing an academic paper or an admissions essay, the writer should take keen note on how they respond to the topic at hand and critically analyze it to offer the best response.

Many students have not always welcomed the idea of writing an academic essay. What they fail to understand is that having the right guidelines before embarking on a task is key to accomplishing the task. If you are looking for the proper guidelines for writing a process essay, then you are in the right place. This article will give you step-by-step guidance on how to write an exemplary process essay.

What is a Process paper essay?

Among the relatively unknown type of essay is the process essay. A process essay, in simple terms, is a how-to essay. The essay describes a procedure taken towards accomplishing a particular goal. It can be viewed as a kind of tutorial with a step by step instructions that leads to an expected outcome. A process paper typically gives directions for some process or workflow and hence the name.  

There are two types of process essays: directional and informational process essays.

  1. Directive process essays: these types of articles give a systematic outline of how to accomplish a specific task. They offer guidelines in the form of steps. Examples of directional process essay include; a guide to finding directions, or a guide to making a meal.

This type of essay allows the use of second-person narration, i.e. ‘you’, as well as the use of imperative verbs.

  1. Informative process essay: these types of essays analyze a process and gives a detailed explanation of the process. They are more comprehensive than the directive ones as they explain how something is done and further on explain what happens when the process is underway. In short, they inform the reader of the processes involved in accomplishing the task.  The use of third-person narration is encouraged in this type of essay. The pronouns used include he, she, it or they.

Knowing the types of a process essay you are about to write will automatically influence your approach towards tackling it.

Characteristics of a Process Essay

To consider a particular process essay as good, it has to have the following features:

  • A chronological order of events: Considering that, a process essay aims at explaining how to do something, chronological order of events is mandatory. The piece should give guidance from the start of the process to the end in a systematic manner to achieve the desired product.
  • Grouped steps into paragraphs: The steps involved in accomplishing the task should be arranged in different sections. Grouping gives the reader a clear outline of the process for better understanding.
  • Full details in each step: each step should be detailed in such a way that the reader can easily understand the steps. The clarity of narration is also mandatory.  
  • Use of transitional words and phrases: Since there is an order of events, the use of transitional words is necessary. Transitional words can be used when introducing a paragraph or within a paragraph. Examples of transitional words include next, later, eventually, finally, etc.

Basic rules of writing a process essay

  1. Understand the target audience: The audience of the paper should guide you on how you would approach the paper. To help your audience understand the paper more, you must clearly understand their needs and wants. This way, they would be more interested in the paper as it involves them, one way or the other. 
  2. Choose an appropriate topic: To make a good process paper, consider choosing a relevant and exciting subject. For example, “how not to become a boring teacher,” can be more eye-catching than “how to become an interesting teacher.”
  3. Make an outline and use it for guidance: Creating an overview before embarking on writing will ensure that you do not forget any step while writing. The draft will guide you on how to develop your paper.
  4. Group your steps to paragraphs: To improve on unity and coherency, you will need to group all your points in sections. This is to ensure that each step is tackled independently to make the reader understand clearly.
  5. Avoid too much of imperative sentences: In directionalprocess essays, the use of imperative sentences is encouraged. However, using too much of it is highly discouraged. Avoid using imperative words whenever possible to avoid sounding like an instruction manual.
  6. Use transitional words:  The appropriate use oftransitional words and phrases throughout the essay. Transitional words maintain the flow of the essay.  
  7. Proofread your work: Proofread your paper before turning it in. This is to ensure that you eliminate all the possible mistakes to make your work better.

Now that we have covered the basics of process essays, we can go ahead and look at how to write an essay outline.

Process essay outline

What is an essay outline? An essay outline is an organizational tool used by writers when writing an academic or professional essay. The outline is the ‘skeleton’ that builds the foundation of the entire work. It gives the writer steps to follow when developing their work. Read on to find out how to essay outline your process paper.

The basic outline of a general essay includes the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Having this in mind, the next question would be, how do you write a process essay outline? Here is how to:

The process outline template for a topic on how to make homemade pancakes would be as :

  • Make a list of ingredients
  • Whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl
  • Whisk milk, butter, and egg together in a separate bowl
  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix
  • Heat a pan and moisten it with oil
  • Spoon three tablespoons of the batter into the pan and spread evenly into a circle
  • Cook until the bubbles reduce the flip and cook the other side.
  • Cook for 2-3 minutes and serve.

Having made an outline that will guide you; you can proceed to write the essay.

 What are the steps in writing a process analysis essay?


The introduction is always the first part of an essay. It should always grab the attention of the reader to make them more interested in the work that follows. The introduction to your essay should cover a general outlook of what you are going to write about and leave the specific details for later. A thesis statement should end the introductory part. The statement at the end of the introduction describes what the writer intends to write about in the paper.

A process essay thesis could be something like: “This essay explores how to make homemade pancakes by using common ingredients.”

Generally, the introduction should be in three parts:

  1. The hook: to grab the attention of the reader
  2. Identification: general information of the topic to be discussed
  3. Thesis statement: describes what the paper will talk about


The body of the essay is the central part of the essay as it entails all the information that the writer aims at conveying. Before writing the body of your essay, always refer to the process outline made before writing the essay. This would ensure that you do not forget any step while writing the process in your essay.

The following rules apply when composing the body of the process essay:

  • Maintain the correct order throughout the body of the essay
  • Divide steps into paragraphs and include necessary details in the paragraph
  • Avoid being lengthy and complicated. Make the details easy to understand
  • Narrate using the second (you) or third person (they, it, she or he) narration
  • The use of transitional words and phrases make your essay more cohesive
  • You should mention the final product at the end of your essay

How to write a process paragraph

In an essay, the paragraph gives details of the main points of the paper. Many often as, what are the three parts of a process paragraph? How do you start a process paragraph?  Well, each paragraph should contain three parts. The three parts include:

  1. The topic sentence:  the topic sentence is at the initial of the paragraph. It introduces the main idea of the paragraph. Topic sentences usually offer a transition between paragraphs.
  2. The supporting details: the supporting information in between the paragraph expound on the topic sentence. The supporting information can be drawn from several sources, including facts & statistics, personal experiences, expert opinions and even your analysis.
  3. The concluding sentence: The concluding sentence sums up the paragraph with a final statement. T also serves as a transition to the following paragraph.


The conclusion of your essay should reinstate the thesis statement and the primary purpose of your essay. As you conclude, make the audience understand the importance of the essay. The conclusion gives the final thought concerning the topic discussed. Furthermore, it provides the reader with a sense of closure at the end of the paper.

Process essay topics

Process essays tackle a majority of issues. The topics range from science and technology to making of food, the formation of volcanic mountains; you name it.

Some of the topics that are easy to tackle include:

Directional process essays on personal matters

How to nail your interview

How to make a good impression

How to change a flat tire

How to become a good citizen

How to tame a dog

How not to be jealous

How to be an exemplary student

Directional process essay on how to make food

How to make sushi, sandwiches, chicken curry, etc.

Informational process essays on the formation of natural features

Formation of oxbow lakes

Formation of plains and valleys

Formation of volcanic mountains

General informational essay

The process of mitosis

The digestion process

Development of cancerous cells

What is a process essay example?

Below is an example of a directional process essay on how to prepare for an interview.


The first impression that you put out determines how you would interact with people afterwards. Therefore, creating an excellent first impression is essential, especially in environments where you need to get something out of. The first impressions in interviews go a long way in determining whether you are qualified for a particular job or not. In this essay, you will discover how you can easily make a good impression in your interview

First, before the day of the interview, you will need to do background research on the company. This would enable you to find out more information on the company for a better understanding of the company’s goals. While looking at the company’s background, you should take keen note on the type of questions you are likely to be asked and prepare accordingly. This way, you will manage to have a majority of the information concerning the company at your fingertips.

Secondly, if you want to be more engaging during your interview, you need to come up with reasonable and smart questions of your own. Interviews are meant to be a question and answer session for you to determine the way forward. The interviewers will always acknowledge your great intellectual ability if you put forward smart questions. These questions will give you an in-depth understanding of the company, something that might be of great help to you as an employee in case you pass the interview.

As we all know, time is money. Therefore, showing up on time for the interview would be an impressive gesture to your interviews. Ensure that you carry along all necessary documents for the interviewer’s perusal. This way, you will give the interviews an easy time while attending to you.

Finally, yet importantly, always ensure that you dress appropriately for the role you are going to interview for. Appropriate dressing speaks out for you even before you open your mouth. A decent and appropriate dressing will always impress the interviewers.

In conclusion, interviewers take keen notice on how you present yourself. Therefore, giving an excellent first impression of your interviewers will earn you some points that would make you pass the interview. Following these steps would help you achieve a good first impression.

How to Write a Process Essay

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How to Write a Process Essay

Article research review

Paper Instructions in Article research review

Article Review

Article research review

Solution: 5 Article Reviews

Author’s Name
Instructor’s Name

1 :Article research review

Article Review: The death of dialect? Don’t believe a word of it

In the article by the Guardian, Jonnie Robinson tries to disagree with a popular belief that dialects are going extinct. He insists that they are actually far from being overtaken by language evolution. Robinsons cites The Evolving English WorldBank that helps store all the contributions from all the dialects around United Kingdom. The Bank, he says, has 1500 contributions to date.

According to Jonnie Robinson, dialects helps unite people in various social spheres upon establishing they hail from the same roots. For instance, there were two women in the article that happened to meet and realized they came from Grimsby. The word “spoggy”, became their unifying factor. They both understood it meant chewing gum and therefore, appreciated their roots.

The author however notes that dialects are mostly used in the earlier years of life persons in various age groups and then picked up later during the sunset years. This is due to relocation that happens to these people during their professional spheres of life. Some are forced to move to new localities thereby adapting to mainstream language for effective communication with people all backgrounds. As soon as they retire from forma employment, they head back to their roots and initiate their dialects afresh.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate for people of all walks of life. I agree with the author that dialects cannot go to extinction. The author provides an insight on the importance of preserving our dialects. Dialects forms a part of our heritage as well as unifying factor to people of shared roots. People should therefore preserve their dialects and ensure they do allow it to be eroded by civilization and continued evolution of new languages.

Article research review


Article review: Communication Tips for Successful Conversations for Families and Caregivers of People with Aphasia

In the article, Patricia Forsyth seeks to help out families and others living with people with Aphasia. Though it may seem obvious to use verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate with people, it is not for people with aphasia. One has to carefully choose the cue that will allow mutual understanding of the intended message. The author tips to ensure effective communication, for example, one should be ready to provide a good environment with minimal noise. One should also ensure to have attention of the partner while allowing enough time to avoid rushing and creating confusion. Communication aids could also assist for clearer communication.

The author also points out flexibility. It is indeed more effective if all forms of communication were incorporated, such as gestures, drawings, facial expressions among others. While communicating verbally, Patricia points out the importance of speaking aloud at normal speed while addressing one thought at time. The sentences should remain clear and contain familiar or key words. In non-verbal communication, she encourages the use of numbers instead of words, drawings as well as photographs from relevant sources among other visual aids.

The article in my opinion is well articulated and appropriate for caregivers of people aphasia and their families. The information is relevant and useful for effective communication with all persons regardless of their flaws. The ideas provided in the article quite resourceful and I would recommend all people living with people with aphasia to consider implementing.

For effective communication with people with aphasia, the tips provided in the article ensure successful conversations.

 The interaction is more important than a mere transaction, therefore, the more articulate one is, the better the communication gets. One has be ready to communicate and allocate sufficient time for effectiveness to be achieved.


Article review: Don’t Be shy

Beau Bingham narrates to New York Times the impediment interpersonal communication has to many students in institutions of learning. He points out that the reason why he decided to engage students in classes of interpersonal communication skills at the Wyoming University, where he is an assistant lecturer, was to avert this problem of self-expression.  He points out how some colleges like Hamilton College have adopted speech lab where students learn interpersonal communication skills. Ashlie Boltinghouse, a student in Wyoming University, featured in the article, points out how she felt comfortable in Beau’s classes since everyone seemed openly anxious.

Contrary to opinion of self-expression being key to effective learning, the article features John Daly who teaches at Texas University, Austin, who disagrees with this opinion. Daly says that merits of class participation are overrated and creates unnecessary discomfort to those with speech anxiety. He argues that the inability to talk about a topic does not mean one did not understand. Dylan shares a similar opinion with James McCroskey, a professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He notes that forcing students to publicly express themselves can be counterproductive.

The article in my opinion enlightens students in the institutions of learning the importance of having good interpersonal skills just like in class readings. The article is appropriate for all students in order for them to get equipped with self-expression skills. These students will require to express themselves as they find jobs. During the interview, the panel need to be convinced that the person they are about to hire, can articulate issues to his or her colleagues and other people. I find the article resourceful.


Article review: Body Language; Picking Up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals

The article by mind tools seeks to enlighten us decoding body language during conversations. It features a woman, Lauren who gets disappointed by her boss, Guss at the last minute on a proposal she been working on. Had she been keen on her boss’s body language, she would have known in good time that her proposal would not been signed in. In the article, the ability to read negative body language is key. They allow one to deal with unspoken issues amicably. The signs of negative body language includes tense facial expression, downcast eyes, folded arms, bodies turned away from the speaker among others. When one is aware of these signs, it is possible to make adjustments on what to say or do in order to make the audience feel more comfortable and receptive. During a presentation, it is anyone’s desire that the audience is interested and engaged.

The article also provides ways of projecting a positive body language. This adds strength to the verbal ideas being put across. One can adopt various ways of making a confident first impression. For instance, having an open posture that is more relaxed but ensure the posture does not communicate a domineering attitude. Maintaining a good eye contact will go a long way in communicating sincerity and need for engagement. Another tip is avoiding to touching ones face. There is an unfounded belief that people who touches their faces while communicating, are mostly dishonest. It is therefore safe to avoid conveying mixed body language. Lastly, your handshake should be firm always as this portrays confidence.

In relation to the class readings, the article confirms the essence of effective communication. In my opinion, the article is very helpful and appropriate for everyone. I agree with the author that it is in everyone desire that message reaches their audience undistorted.

The article helps me in adopting the correct body language as I communicate with others in forums like interviews and public speaking.

Article research review


Article review: slang is it good or bad?

The article seeks to help people the importance of slang in communication. Provided one is aware of the meaning of the slang words, then it is no harm employing them in a conversation. Crystal, featured in the article points out that slang adds humor to the conversation as well removing undue seriousness that could others be implied. There are specific slang words only understood within certain groups of people. For example, the youth may use slang that the adults around them find hard to understand. This does not make it bad so long as those speaking understand each other perfectly.

The author, however warns people to be very cautious while using slang because some slang words are considered extremely rude. It of paramount importance that one’s understands the real meaning before using any slang. Also those associated with illegal drugs should be avoided if one intends to make a good impression. The authors encourages those learning English as the second language not to give up due to the misunderstanding of the slang language because it becomes easier with time.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate and in accordance with the class readings. Slang has both merits and demerits as it adds flavor to the conversation but also can cause language barrier. The article go a long way in encouraging people to keep with their slang and enjoy learning English. Slang helps one identify with their age group members therefore enhancing effective communication. Slang use with moderate control should be promoted among people of all eases unnecessary tension during conversations, creating a lively environment for people to effectively communicate with one another.

Works cited

Aviv, Rachel. “Don’T Be Shy”. Nytimes.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

“Body Language picking up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals”. Mindtools.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Communication Tips – National Aphasia Association”. National Aphasia Association, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Duncan, Pamela, and Josh Holder. “The Death of Dialect? Don’t Believe A Word Of It”. The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Watson, Margaret. “Slang – Language Article – The English Magazine”. English-Magazine.Org, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018. research review

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Reflective Essay paper

Work type:Reflection paper/Reflection essay
Pages:2 pages (550 words), Double spaced
Academic level:High school
Subject or discipline:Literature
Title:Writer’s choice
Paper instructions:For this assignment, I ask that you research and write a 2-3 page self-reflection on any Dominican icon or legendary figures that you believe are connected to or in denial of their African roots. Feel free to choose any one we discussed in class, such as: Carolina Contreras (Miss Rizos) the pioneer of the first curly hair salon in Santo Domingo; Junot Diaz – author of The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Amara La Negra (Dominican-American artist or Sammy Sosa.

Reflective Essay paper

The Answer

Author’s name

Instructor’s name



The Pioneer Dominican Natural Hair Salon

In the Dominican Republic, long straightened hair that hung down women’s back was the ideal look .Family members and bosses in the Dominican Republic would openly criticize anyone who decided to grow her natural hair. The hair was considered unkempt, unprofessional and ugly. Carolina Contreras also known as Miss Rizos, made headlines by her ability to unite women who embrace and rock in their natural hair.

Miss Rizos opened an environmental friendly salon for women who wanted to keep their hair natural and curly in Santo Domingo. She is an innovative 29 year-old lady who skillfully found an alternative to the old norm of chemically straightened hair to advocate for natural and kinky hair. Being a risk -taker in business, she used most of her savings, donation from friends and money from a campaign that raised 10,000 dollars to start her salon.

This salon served the community with excellent blow-dry and hair treatment that would prevent hair breakage and restore its natural curls. Ms. Fuentes, a customer at Miss Rizos salon, finds excellent satisfaction when she took her three daughters to Miss Rizos salon. She admits that it was fulfilling for her and her daughters to find a place in the Dominican Republic where their curvy natural hair was embraced and considered beautiful.

Miss Rizos is a creative woman who used the social medium platform to communicate to the public through tutorials and empowerment videos on natural hair products and haircuts. Though her ambitions, her YouTube channel became so popular and she therefore decided to open a salon. Being a loving women, she says that anger is not the emotion that drove her movement, but the love and beauty of being natural and black.

Miss Rizos is a legend who embraces her African roots and advocates for self-love and the eradication of racism. Black people admires to be more Eurocentric and have their hair straightened just like the people of power in their community. However Miss Rizos think that natural hair is the most beautiful accessory on her Body and it represents freedom of choice and the ability to decide to be herself.She loves her hair texture despite the fact that it leads to rejection from certain social classes.

Miss Rizos is a super-achiever of her dreams. She was able to reach over 50,000 followers and hosted many successful events in over 20 cities. She has been a source of inspiration to many young girls through empowerment programs and educational hair workshops. She is a self -driven woman andher passion is not financial related, but the need to advocate for women with afro textured hair to be their true selves. Though many had called her hair ugly as a young adult that did not stop her from changing their perspective.

In conclusion, Miss Rizos made a huge impact in the Dominican Republic beginning with her mother and three sisters who followed her foot-steps. S he is an educative lady, who uses her platform to break down the beauty standards portrayed in media and steps in with her natural version of beauty. Her vision as an activist is to encourage black people to love themselves just the way they are and also influence the laws in the Latino America to protect women and young girls who wear natural hair from discrimination.

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Reflection essay|Charging the Photographer

Work type:Reflection paper/Reflection essay
Pages:4 pages (1100 words), Double spaced
Academic level:College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline:Communications
Title:Writer’s choice
Number of sources:0
Reflection essay | Charging the Photographer

Assignment Instructions

  • Your task is to write the ANALYSIS for the case below.
  • The question is should a person be charged for posting the image in question with a false commentary about it?
  • YOUR reflection should be based on this link and use the class materials to analysis it.
  • Your analysis should be a minimum of 1000 words you can divide between 500 words for YES and 500 words for NO.
  • Your analysis must be written in essay form and can have multiple paragraphs.
  • Your analysis must look at both sides YES and NO.
  • Your analysis must have clear justifications, use the course materials both law and ethics and use and apply the ethical theory discussed.



Author’s Name

Institutional Affiliation


Technology has improved our way of life in different aspects.  For instance, it takes a shorter time today for information to circulate throughout the world due to increased access and use of social media platforms, and so does a photograph. The integrity of the users, however, is wanting at times. This paper seeks to argue why either a person can be charged for posting an image with a false commentary about it or not based on law and ethics as prescribed in the ethical theory.

Supporting charging the offender

From the image, it is well explained that when the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Dubai’s Ruler were on an impromptu inspection at the airport, they found public officer busy using entry stamp and other tools and not busy on his phone as claimed on the social media. The person responsible for spreading false information through a false commentary to the image should be charged as per the laws and ethics. According to the law on ethics of images, it is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure what he shoots, publishes either through social media or otherwise is genuine and truthful. Selecting and editing a photo to support a point of view is an issue against these ethics, and as such an offender should be charged with a crime of defamation, which is criminal according to the UAE’sFederal Laws on combatting cyber crimes.

In the UAE, the freedom of communication either by the press or otherwise is allowed with limitations by the government. The UAE did not sign the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) since it conflicts with their constitution. According to the ethical theory groups, on consequence theory, it teaches people to take responsibility for their faults.

Against charging the photographer

It is quite thrilling that the government is defending its workers even when they are not doing due diligence. The photo captured the true events as per the moment it was taken. The government provided their people and consumers the righto be informed with the right information.

 The comments on the photo help to bring out the real characters of public officials. Such a person who informs the public with enlightening information should, therefore, not be charged. The ethical theory groups, on virtue theory, it emphasizes doing the right thing even when it hurts. It may hurt the government on their public relations with the consumers, lazy public officials should be put on alert to curb such vices in offices. Through social media, all other workers realize the need to be professional as they discharge their duties resulting in a committed government workforce. A person who aids such a course either by posting a photo or otherwise should not be jailed for the same.

According to ethics and loyalty, there is a need to conduct oneself with professionalism and the same uphold virtues and competence. Also, people deserve the truth. Loyalty to an organization should not hinder the freedom of expression. The governments like The UAE should consider giving unlimited freedom of rights to its citizens. People should not be charged for expressing their true courses. The government structures should foster unlimited freedom of rights to its people and those steering such courses applauded.


The decision to charge or not charge the person responsible for posting a photo and inserting false commentary should be guided by the ethical principles as per the law. The intentions of the comment should inform the decision and not the action of commenting. It is important that the government of the UAE consider amending their constitution to enable them using the UDHR and offer their citizens unlimited freedoms of rights. Upholding ethical values should be encouraged to all persons around the globe to ensure that people value cultivating virtues in their daily undertakings.

Reflection essay | Charging the Photographer

Crypto-currency and Bitcoin

Pages:1 page (275 words), Double spaced
Academic level:High school
Subject or discipline:English 101
Number of sources:0
Crypto-currency and Bitcoin

Write a explanation about crypto-currency and bitcoin. Define, mention the uses and include advantages and disadvantages of it, In addition to that explain blockchain in general.

Answer |Crypto-currency and Bitcoin


Author’s Name

Institutional Affiliation


Crypto-currency is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange in buying and selling goods and services. It involves a complex generation of codes that allow financial information to remain secret. Bitcoin was first released 9 years ago and was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Each Bitcoin is a virtual currency which once acquired can be used to trade online to all people accepting it as a means as payment. Every transaction is recorded in public ledger called a blockchain.

These currencies are used to buy or sell goods and services from people or organizations accepting bitcoin as payment. Every trading services are taken through the mining process and the transaction recorded in the blockchain, (Extance, 2015).

It is a shared public ledger where all bitcoin network relies on. Cryptography is used in all calculations in the blockchain transactions. A process called mining is used to enable the addition of transaction records in the blockchain, (Extance, 2015).

There are various advantages of crypto-currencies. First, block chain is a decentralized public ledger that is hack-proof, unlike the traditional banking. All transactions on every token’s network are available and verifiable on the blockchain, unlike traditional banking, (Cryptocurrency, 2018).

Another merit of this currency is that the digital currency in this industry has a universal acceptance and everyone can compete on an even playing ground unlike in the traditional banking.

Lastly, the crypto-transactions allow micro-transactions that are impossible in mainstream currencies.

One of the disadvantages of crypto-currency is that sometimes they are to slow for daily commercial use. Miner can only handle up to 7 transactions per second while visa can handle 24000 transactions per second, (Cryptocurrency, 2018)

Another flaw in the industry is mistrust in the coding system of the blockchain. The complexity in the coding system creates confusion resulting in mistrust in the system.

Lastly, unscrupulous traders are common in this industry where they buy cheap tokens and then hype it up in media resulting in a majority of people incurring losses.


Extance, A. (2015). The future of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and beyond. Nature News526(7571), 21.

“Cryptocurrency: Advantages And Disadvantages Explained”. Bitcoinexchangeguide, 2018, Accessed 9 Dec 2018.

Human Trafficking

Pages:3 pages (825 words), Double spaced
Academic level:High school
Subject or discipline:English 101
Title:human trafficking
Number of sources:6
Human Trafficking

Answer: Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as trading persons for reasons like forced labor, sexual exploitations for the benefits of the trader or other involved parties. It may take place within a country or across nations. Mostly, the traffickers target vulnerable persons especially women and children and coerce them to undertake various demeaning activities and is therefore modern-day slavery, (Weitzer, 2015). This paper seeks to discuss the causes of human trafficking, the impacts the trade has on the society and ways to mitigate extent of the illegal trade.

The first cause of human trafficking is poverty mostly brought about by unemployment. People anguishing in poverty are more vulnerable and this places them in a precarious situation and likely to fall prey in the hands of human traffickers. As these people fight to better their livelihood, they find themselves in the hand of human traffickers. As job opportunities decline, the rate of this trade goes up, (Opensiuc,  2018)

Another reason why human trafficking prevails is due to the huge profits generated in the industry. It is estimated that close to a hundred and fifty billion dollars is generated per year, (ILO, 2018). The unscrupulous organizations dealing with human trafficking are less likely to abandon this business considering the huge amount of money they make. Human trafficking comes second after trafficking of drugs in illegal globally, (Unodc.Org, 2018).

Political instability due to acts of war or any civil unrest causes people to flee and take refuge elsewhere. Their lives become unstable and vulnerable. At times, these refugees could be lured by the human traders that they will be provided with job opportunities in a deceptive manner and may fall victims.

Lastly, some social and cultural practices promote human trafficking. Some communities demean women and children. As women seek to assert themselves and prove their worth, people in power within the society takes advantage of their vulnerability. They promise them better environments that would ensure their upward scaling in career paths. The traffickers use their plight as bait to trade them.

Human trafficking has far-reaching effects around the world. Among them is the economic impact. As people are traded across nations, the countries of origin lose remittances and human resource. This causes loss of revenue and drags back the government’s development agendas. Also, most governments use a lot of resources combating human trafficking.

Health-wise, the persons trafficked suffer immensely during the trading process and in their later lives. They are often transported in overcrowded vehicles, therefore, gets exposed to infectious diseases, injuries among others. Those trafficked for sexual exploitation may contract sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDs. The impact extends to those living with infected persons as well as the government as they provide healthcare.

The third effect of human trafficking is on the society. Women have a nurturing ability towards children and family at large and in their absence, the uniting factor lacks hence disintegration of the affected families occurs. Also, as these women get forcibly transferred from their families, population growth decline. The lesser the number of women, the lesser the number of children being born to a society.

Lastly, human trafficking has an impact on gender equity and to the greater extent human rights. It is against human rights to coerce a person to engage in forced labor or commercial sexual practices among other activities involved in human trafficking. The inhuman conditions trafficked persons find themselves into devalue them and infringe on their rights

There are various ways that if employed could help mitigate the effects of human trafficking. Firstly, there are international laws against human trafficking. Each nation should ensure they are followed and offenders are made to face the law, (ILO, 2008). It is the responsibility of each state around the world to maintain effective border control measures in order to curb human trafficking. Some public officials at the borders engage in corruption and aid human trafficking and should not be condoned.

Public education would enlighten the civilians who fall prey to these offenders. An informed population is in a capacity to make informed decisions regarding their life, even in desperate situations like unemployment or civil unrests. The educated population are also aware of their human rights and would, therefore, determine if any practice infringes on their rights. A proper justice system would aid the fight on human trafficking, (Weitzer, 2014), for instance, fighting the root cause of the illegal trade which involves traffickers themselves. Among all the causes of human trafficking, the perpetrators are the greatest, (Richmond, 2018). Eliminating the perpetrators safeguards the vulnerable people from the possibility of being engaged in human trafficking.

Human trafficking is social crime that should be fought by a united front. Every nation should discourage activities that are likely to be offered by trafficked persons. It is of interest that all nations share information about the vice and together ensure they win the war to eliminate human trafficking. Public education is paramount in the fight against human trafficking.


Banks, D., & Kyckelhahn, T. (2016). Special report: characteristics of suspected human trafficking incidents, 2008-2010. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics; 2011: 1.

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Iron Jawed Women | Movie Review

Iron Jawed Women | Movie Review

  • Grade: 25 points
  • Length: WST 100: 1 page (Papers outside this range will lose points); Times
  • New Roman, 12 pts., 1.5 spacing
  • Length: WST 300: 1.5 pages (Papers outside this range will lose points);
  • Times New Roman, 12 pts., 1.5 spacing
  • After viewing Iron Jawed Women, write a one page paper (a page and a half
  • for WST 300 students) in which you describe how the movie affected you.
  • What current issue/issues do feel would be worthy of protest? Discuss your political issue in relationship to the film.
  • Your paper must include a short description of the issue discussed in the film that related to your issue, but do not spend time on the details, unless they are critical to the essence of the paper.
  • Very Important: Please note that this is a full-length paper. It must therefore have an introduction, coherently organized body of paragraphs (with appropriate transitional words, phrases or sentences) and a conclusion.
  • You do not need to include a reference page since I know the source of your information.
  • An “A” paper will comprehensively and clearly address all aspects of this assignment.


Film Critique: Iron Jawed Women

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Film Critique: Iron Jawed Women

The film Iron Jawed Angels featured a woman. Alice Paul who championed a movement protesting the for women’s right to vote. She led a group of women who believed they were suffrage activists and staged a protest outside the state house during the President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. All the women involved in the protest gets arrested allegedly for obstructing traffic and are put in prison, including the senator’s wife who had joined the course. In prison they agree to go on hunger strike but they were ruthlessly fed with milk and uncooked eggs. Although the imprisoned women were not allowed any visitor, the senator’s wife get a visit from her husband and sneaks a letter to him. The letter played a great role as it forced the success of the ratification of the 19th amendment which enshrined the women’s right to vote.

The film portrayed American government as hypocritical in its endeavor to fight for the rights of the poor. Alice Paul critics president Wilson for fighting for poor Germans while women in his backyard were being oppressed. Carrie believes protests would make them look weak hence she prefer a calm and civilized way that would ensure that they had the backing of the democrats. Alice Paul shares a different opinion with Carrie Catt, the chair of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and formed her own Congressional Union for Women Suffrage. Through the film, one is able to appreciate women as equally important people whose opinions should be considered in a modern day society. Their contributions cannot be ignored on basis of gender neither should they be rigged out positions of power. Men on the other hand should consider the plights of women with their daughters, wives and mothers in mind. The future of America depends on contributions each person makes today regardless of their gender orientation.

The film captures the women’s right to vote as the main cause of the protests.

There were other issues like the need to be loved as depicted by Alice Paul’s encounter with the cartoonist, need for pleasure among others, but the women sacrificed them all in order to ensure success of the main agenda, right to vote and hold office.

In my opinion, reason why the president cautions of avoiding the death of any of the prisoners is selfish. He directs that the guards ensure no died while serving their term with only the image of his presidency in mind. He does not seem to consider the women’s plight as important and had the letter by the senator’s wife not sneaked, things would have remained the same for a longer time. Gender inequality is still vivid today in America though not in the same magnitude. Although women are allowed offices in high places, their ratio as compared to men is still low having in mind that in general population, women are more. Success of Alice Paul and her friend Lucy Burns signifies hope of equality in both gender in the political scene and other aspects of life. The unity with purpose depicted by the women shows the need to unite while fighting for a course. Individually, our voices may not be accorded the required attention. The success for the women cost them their families and freedom. Likewise, in life, we must be ready to forego some pleasures for the greater course.


“IRON JAWED ANGELS”. Youtube, 2018, Accessed 27 Nov 2018.

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Analyze community’s values in the novel The Giver

Work type:Journal article
Pages:2 pages (550 words), Double spaced
Academic level:College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline:English 101
Number of sources:4
Analyze community’s values in the novel The Giver
Paper instructions:Sameness: The Individual vs. Society

Jonas’s community chooses Sameness rather than valuing individual expression. The Giver says, “Our people made… the choice to go to Sameness… We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with differences… We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others” (page 95). 

In The Giver, author Lois Lowry shows us how a society’s values of control, comfort, and equality can supply benefits but can also place a heavy burden on the values of freedom, life, and love. 

Using specific evidence from the novel, The Giver, analyze the benefits and costs of one of the community’s values. Then explain how Jonas’s decision to leave the community with Gabriel honors new values the community has forgotten. Focus on exploring and expressing your experiences, thoughts, ideas, or questions as they relate to the journal prompt.


Author’s name

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Freedom is priceless

The novel discusses a peculiar society called, “the community” whose people people are guided by priciples of sameness. This sameness in the society’s context meant living a similar life for all the people in the society. Everyone upheld agreed values by all means possible. Jonas is a boy feature in the novel who is nervous about his upcoming 12th year ceremony. As it turns out each family was carefully matched, that is, the parents were not a couple by choice also their children were adopted as per the rules of the society. The sameness idealogy ensured that people got overally controlled since no one dared to deviate from the set out rules. The children’s growth milestones were arranged such that no child led an individualized life. Each stage was marked by an event, for instance, by year one, all babies got their names, at seven they learnt interdependence, at nine they got bicycles, at ten haircut, at eleven new clothes and lastly at twelve their career paths were chosen for them.

According to the elders who were entrusted with making rules, perceived sameness as a way to control the society and maintain harmony. Everyone went by the rules, which according to the elders was a safe way of life since no one was allowed the freedom to choose, lest they made a wrong choice. As per the norm, at age twelve, Jonas and his friends were assigned their careers and commenced training. Jonas, unlike his friends was selected as the “receiver of memory”. His trainer, an old man, formerly the receiver of the memory becomes the Giver. Unlike his friends who could freely share their training moments, Jonas was not allowed to share his thoughts about his training. With time Jonas begun to understand that thhe society was living a deception. Their way of life was unrealistic. For instance, a mother was only allowed to give birth to three children after which she was subjected to hard labor. Also the adolescents were drugged to surpress their feelings. This was unfair treatment as Jonas remarks feeling good about “stirrings”.

The choice for Jonas to leave the community with Gabriel was investable since Jonas had began understanding issues. The Giver assisted him by honestly answering his questions which led to Jonas decision of escaping the community. He had to flee with baby Gabriel since the rules stated that the little baby was to be released, which Jonas now understood meant killing the baby.

In my opinion, the community is an illusioned society that perceives people like objects whose rights can be infringed anyhowly. In a civilized community, human beings deserve freedom to choose how to lead their lives. Every individual is unique and therefore cannot lead a similar life with the rest of the fellow human race. The leader should uphold diginity as they lead their subjects without withholding reality from them. Jonas choice to leave the community depicts the human urge to enjoy life with freedom to choose in any aspect of their life. Killing should not be taken lightly and anyone without considering their consent be made to undertake the action on other people lives

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Reflection essay|The Burson-Marsteller

Work type:Reflection paper/Reflection essay
Pages:4 pages (1100 words), Double spaced
Academic level:College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline:Communications
Title:writer can choose the topic
Number of sources:0
Paper instructions:MINIMUM WORD COUNT 1000 words

Using the course materials you are to write an original decision, based on the SAD model of ethics analysis.

You are to write the decision that would have been used by the Burson-Masteller PR team to justify what they did.

The sources must be from the course materials.

Look at the Slideshare.

Look at this Case Study.


Author’s Name

Instructors Name



The Burson-Marsteller decision was justified

Public relation practices plays a vital role in everyday running of a company. These practices are founded on a code of ethics governing all functions undertaken by the company. They guide the employees and the management to stay on course as they deal with the public. The SAD (Situation, Analysis, Decision), is an important formula in all moral reasoning and decision making process that are any firm’s daily activities. This paper seeks to demystify the belief the public has regarding the Burson-Marsteller public relation team questioning their ethical grounds concerning their representation against Google. The firm had a reason that guided their course of action and an in depth analysis of the events that took place between the firm and Facebook concerning Google would set things to light. Firstly, facts about the email from former political columnist, John Mercurio are as important as the image of the affected firm, Facebook. There was never a deliberate smear campaign against google. It was in public knowledge that google social circles prompts users to fetch their information from Facebook. This according to Facebook infringes on the users rights and violates the FTC rules. The Google’s social circles should be equipped with each of their users information without necessarily having to involve other cites to source for information. Had the Burson-Masteller’s Jim Goldman and Mercurio chosen to reveal Facebook as their………

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