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Basically, account centres around all parts of cash, banking, resources and liabilities, ventures, credit among different subjects through budget reports. The assertions involve income proclamations, balance bookkeeping pages, and so on which are aggregated from the bookkeeping operations/exercises. Finance includes a urgent obligation inside the systems of any business right from it’s a new business to a global organization. Through money task help services given by dandysciencewriters, researchers can get a legitimate comprehension of resource the executives, make the exact expense based judgment, get duty and use and even perform appropriate reviews. Students will be given account task tests like those for reports and contextual investigations that can be found in the majority of the money tasks appointed by their speakers.

Career Choice Advice in Finance

In the chance that you are doing finance, you should realize that finance is not about cash despite the fact that this is generally the pick-up point. In the event that you are a business graduate, your certificate in finance will simply be the mark of foundation. The following stage will be to evaluate intently your conceivable career alternatives and afterward gauge those industry areas that have the most significant requirement for new professional. It is wise to understand your own qualities, shortcomings, and interests as you figure out which kind of expert work which advances the most to you and that which you will flourish most. Consequently, exploring the monetary administrations industry will enormously help you to land that position that has the most extreme similarity with your inclinations and abilities. A portion of the profession decisions you could get into are as per the following:-

  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital
  • Insurance
  • Public Accounting
  • Financial Planning

Financial vocations and occupations are accessible inside virtually every business across all enterprises. The best strategies to secure the position openings are – disconnected and online channels – however it is suggested you should consolidate the two techniques for more achievement. Vital, as a new alumni, mull over those monetary positions are a lot of particular and in this manner conventional occupation sheets may not be the fitting stages to search for these positions. On the off chance that you choose to utilize the disconnected pursuit technique, incredible sources to obtain guidance and employment opportunities for monetary positions are specific chief recruiters/talent scouts. Likewise, the school’s graduated class affiliation or graduated class web-based media gatherings could give extraordinary sources to exhortation to keep you educated with industry insiders and other systems administration sources, for example, work leads and vocation bits of knowledge. Always remember the estimations of expert cooperation during your systems administration since anybody new you meet could realize another who is aware of an employment opportunity. Continuously keep your correspondence roads open however a straightforward methodology – proficient, yet close to home relationship with each contact for example through ‘thank-you messages’ and so forth.

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A profession in finance is extremely rewarding for any graduate in money related angles as well as you will have taken advantage of a lot of information directly through the different monetary courses advertised. In any case, what is the essential mystery to be effective in the monetary profession field? Dominating in your examinations, OF Course! Also, the answer for your achievement in your investigations is to submit to your teachers superbly totally money schoolwork. The most helpful route to this TODAY is by going to experts who will furnish you with exact account task answers for your money schoolwork. Getting money schoolwork help is basic across most learning establishments and numerous students are helped by our specialists to be more committed, engaged and more fruitful with their irksome monetary tasks. At dandysciencewriters we offer a wide scope of help with research paper themes in money, monetary paper composing, for example, monetary expositions and taking care of account schoolwork issues.

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 •            Stock valuation

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•             US charges

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Accounting assignment Help

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•             Branches of accounting

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•             Risk Management

•             Depreciation.

•             Payroll accounting

•             Taxation

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MGT101 Introduction To Human Resource Management

It is often said that an organisation’s most important resources are its people. in MGT101 Introduction To Human Resource Management

1. Discuss five ways in which Human Resource Management contributes to an organisation’s performance. All discussions must be linked to New Zealand business examples.

2. Based on the New Zealand market, discuss and relate all the following Human Resource Management functions. Note: examples used in this assessment should be from New Zealand.

• HR planning
• Induction
• Talent Management
• Performance Management
• Remuneration

3. Explain human resource requirements in regards to recruitment and selection, including potential sources of personnel.

1. Discuss HRM and its place in organisations in NZ.
2. Outline the main functions of HRM in the New Zealand context.
3. Discuss the impact of key legislation on HRM practice in New Zealand.
4. Explain human resource requirements and potential sources for personnel
5. Analyse employment obligations and responsibilities within a particular context.
6. Assess staff development needs and policies.
7. Apply human resource management options to a specific situation.

This activity counts towards your final mark and is weighted at 2%.

1. Read about the history of HRM development in New Zealand by using the link to the HRINZ website (You can find the material under the Reading Activities)

How do you think HRM can help with some of the emerging challenges outlined in this reading?

Submit your findings on Discussion Board in Blackboard by making a new (or separate) thread. Make sure you read what other students submit. Do you agree with their analysis? Comment on their posts and discuss.

MGT101 Introduction To Human Resource Management: The benefits to HR from owning the strategic Human Resource or workforce plan include:

1. The strategic HR plan allows HR to speak a common business language that other functions understand.

2. HR adds value to line management as it helps them to articulate the capabilities, resources an actions needed to close talent gaps or optimise the workforce.

3. In current economic conditions, it provides HR with a platform for capability based workforce optimisation that goes beyond headcount reductions.

4. HR is seen as a strategic function that understands and proactively addresses needs of the business.

5. HR is able to prioritise and tailor its programmes, concentrating scarce resources on appropriate interventions, based on an analysis of the strategic workforce plans across the businesses it supports.

The HR Planning Process

The purpose of HR planning is to answer the following questions:

• What HR resources do we need to achieve our goals?

• What are the gaps between our human resource needs and the talent currently available?

• What HR programmes and activities do we need to put in place to bridge the gaps?

MHR6451 Human Resource Management Methods

MHR6451 Human Resource Management Methods, Frederick Taylor had firsthand experience and knowledge of the soldiering of labor; this term that he coined means that workers were deliberately slowing down production. He wanted to increase worker productivity and reduce their resentment at the same time. He used the principles of scientific management to study the problems of production and worker resentment. In addition to coming up with standards for deliverables for each job based on scientific analysis and continuously improving work through observation and analysis

Taylor recommended that workers whose productivity surpassed the standards were given incentive pay as a reward. One of Taylor’s significant accomplishments was defining management as the position held by trained professionals (Blake & Moseley, 2011). Fragments of Taylor’s scientific management methods, published in 1911, still exist today in modern enterprises because efficiency is still correlated to profitability (Bell, 2011). For more information on this, read this article:

Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:
Evaluate performance-based review processes.
Examine a historical perspective of the performance review process.
Compare annual performance review evaluations and real-time feedback coaching.

Learning Activities (Nongraded) in MHR6451 Human Resource Management Methods

Nongraded Learning Activities are provided to aid students in their course of study. You do not have to submit them.
If you have questions, contact your instructor for further guidance and information.

BUS302 Strategic Human Resource Management

Task 1 – A HRM.Org.Nz

BUS302 Strategic Human Resource Management. Without human capital, nothing can replace it. It is recognized as an important factor in business and society.

The concept of human resources can be understood mainly in terms of assets and investments. The point of view of human resources as assets means to secure high quality human, to cherish and utilize it, and to maintain high value at all times, in order to increase the value of the assets by considering them as assets.

The view of human resources as an investment is to increase their value as an asset by investing in developing their potential.

In the past, due to the lack of awareness of human resources, the amount of investment in human resources was relatively less than the investment in organizational physical resources and financial resources.

However, now, human resources are becoming more and more important in contributing to organizational performance than other resources due to improvements in the level of economic and social culture and rapid changes in the environment.

In this context, human resources are becoming the most important strategic resource that plays a crucial role in the organization’s adaptation to the environment and its continued growth.

The University of Auckland founded in 1883, Auckland is the country’s largest university. The mission of the University of Auckland is to be “A research-led, international university, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning, research, creative work, and administration, for the significance of its contributions to the advancement of knowledge and its commitment to serve its local, national and international communities.” 

(Mission and Values, N/D) To accomplish this mission, the University of Auckland has a reasonable ‘Human Resource Management’ through Work Policy, Staff benefits, Equity at the University and so on.

Flexible Work Policy

The University if Auckland is committed to enhancing recruitment and retention, providing an excellent working environment, and increasing staff member engagement and productivity through supporting a balance between work, family and personal life.

Providing flexible employment practices and conditions which support a balance between work, life and family needs. (AucklandThe, 2013)

Staff benefits

The University of Auckland allows staff to consider three types of superannuation scheme and provides discounted health insurance, leaning and development oppor tunities.

And also staff can take advantage of discounted five childcare/early childcare education centres and leisure, recreation and culture. University of Auckland supports for staff with disabilities that they can get discount at Goldie vineyard on Waiheke Island and immigration support as well.

In addition, library, global relocation assistance, equity, car parking and flexible working hour are provided for staff. Particularly, it is special to support officially all staffs who are not citizens or residents.

 The University of Auckland has a licensed advisor to make the immigration process as easy as possible for all their applicants. (AucklandThe, 2013)

Treaty of Waitangi

The University of Auckland has a strong history of developing partnerships with Maori. Tertiary education for indigenous peoples is also a crucial issue worldwide.

The University of Auckland aims to become New Zealand’s foremost site of excellence for Māori in tertiary education. (The University of Auckland, 2013)

Equity at the University

Support for Maori and Pacific staff, staff with disabilities, LGBTI staff, Carers, working parents, mature age staff and other equity groups. (Equity, N/D)

Task 1 –B

  1. Employment Relations Act

The employment relations act covers a range of topics including that recruiting, employment agreements, trial periods, union membership training and development.

The purpose of this law is to maintain a fair and productive relationship between the employer and the employee. If there is no established law, villain employers will abuse labor contracts and trial periods, and employees will suffer. 

So government help to build reliable employment relationships based on legal protection for healthy work environment. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Minimum Wages Act

The Government of New Zealand has set a law to set a minimum wage level for workers’ livelihoods and to pay the employer more than that level.

 There are three minimum wage rates that Adult minimum wage, Starting-out wage, and Training minimum wage.

The current minimum wage for adults is $ 15.75, starting-out and training is $ 12.60. (Minimum wage rates, 2017)  Adult minimum wages that the most common type of wage, it applies to all employees working in New Zealand except for the starting-out workers or trainees.

A starting-out wage is an employee between the ages of 16 and 19 who is entitled to a minimum of 40 credits a year to become qualified. Training minimum wage applies to employees who aged 20 years or over and has completed industry education with 60 credits to become qualified. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Holidays Act

New Zealand Government legally stipulates minimum leave and holidays entitlements. All employees (part time, full time, fixed term and casual) can get at least four weeks of paid annual holidays each year for rest. Sick leave and bereavement leave allow to employee after six months of current continuous employment with same employer. Employees can take a holiday any time when they are not feeling well or need a break. Of course, employer should encourage taking a holiday to maintain a good work environment. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Follow laws

Employer is obliged to follow the laws made in the country that minimum wages, and holidays and so on. It should also be recognized that the relationship between the employer and the employee must be based on specific legal protections as well as mutual trust. Employee has to write and sign on their employment contract and it must be completed with employer before working. Employment contracts vary according to job description, but they must also comply with the mandatory provisions that must be included in all employment contracts.

  1. Code of conducts

“This is a management tool for setting out an organizations values, responsibilities and ethical obligations.” (Code of conduct, 2017) The employer has to set out a clear and fair staff policy. If the company does not announce the big and small rules of the company properly, the employees will definitely get confused. For example, the company have to be covered in induction that general topics and job-related topics. General topics are that company structuring, safety procedures, pay scales and pay days holidays and so on. Job-related topics are that job task, introduction to the supervisor and co-workers, job objectives and so on.

  1. Safe environment

Employers must follow established laws from government, set their own code of conduct, and strive for the work environment of their employees. If there are any problems, employees should not hesitate to come to the employer and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Appropriate staff training is also necessary for the development of the staff and the company. Feedback can help employees pinpoint where employees are standing, what they need to do, and so on. (ICAEW, 2012) In addition, it is important to thoroughly eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and provide adequate compensation and growth opportunities to help create a good working environment.

  1. Teamwork

The whole thing can not be good just doing what employee need to do individually. Of course they have to work individually, but they have to work together for the whole team and respect each other. For teamwork efficiency, it is most important to understand each other first because everyone has their own personality, and their personality is different. So based on this background, employees will be able to create the best team by exchanging opinions and respect each other. This will naturally lead to a good working environment.

  1. Good performance individually

Employee must personally set goals and strive to achieve their goals. Competing in good faith for team members’ personal development also contributes to creating a vibrant working environment. It is not to unconditionally check each other and dislike them, but to compete for their own development without harming each other. It will be an environment that employee wants to work for a long time, if they feel satisfaction when they look back and look at themselves rather than feel like going to a company to get a salary.

Task 2 – A

Based on your analysis above, evaluate strategic workforce planning including

ü staffing,

Technique used by the organization to put the right person at the right job. There are two type of staffing strategies:

Internal Staffing Strategy : Recruits for new positions to workforce pool

External Staffing Strategy: placement of candidates work systems design,  learning and development, performance management and compensation management of the Chosen company and discuss the relative issues the company is facing for each aspect discussed above.

Task 2 – B

Recommend improvements in the 5 areas discussed above based on standard practices in the literature through reviewing no less than four peer reviewed journal articles as source.

MGT1OBE Working With Others

MGT1OBE Working With Others. You are a team of student interns at a large, private organisation. Your boss has outlined your internship project: your team is to advise the company on an organisational problem. The project will require you to gather information within and outside the organisation, you will need to analyse the information gathered, and propose solutions in the form of a consulting report as well as a presentation to the Board of Directors.

As part of the internship orientation, your boss has given you a team building assignment. Your task is to produce a report how to turn your group of student interns into a highly functional team capable of carrying out the internship project.

Your boss explains you will not be provided with any more information about the internship project until the team building assignment is completed.

Your task is to produce a report how to turn your group of student interns into a highly functional team.

This assignment requires you to do research. Your task is to draw on Organisational Behaviour theory and use it to critically analyse your team and make recommendations to improve its performance with respect to the internship project

What you will be arguing, and how you have structured the report.

Identify Three Issues Likely To Affect Team Performance.

Based on your analysis of section 2, identify three potential team issues (opportunities and problems arising from your team composition) that are likely to impact on team performance. You need to include at least one possible problem or weakness. Explain and clarify using concrete examples.

SSC263E Cross Cultural Intelligence


Singapore continues to be a popular location for foreign multinational companies to set up their regional offices. This is largely due to the country’s reputation for ease of doing business.

It is also helped by its good track record of low corruption, good governance, and highly educated labour force. In fact, some Japanese companies, e.g., Panasonic and NEC, are even more bullish and view Singapore as a “talent hub” where they can groom local talent.

As Singapore continues to be a favourable destination for foreign companies to set up their regional offices in order to expand their reach into the Southeast Asian region, these companies are also bringing with them their own corporate culture. Such corporate culture has been shaped by the cultures of their home countries, and have influenced not only their ways of doing work, but also their own management structure. These features can either invigorate the regional office or it can also have a way of dampening spirits of local employees in the regional office.

a) Discuss three main challenges that both local employees and their foreign counterparts will face working together in the regional office in Singapore. You can choose to examine this in the context of a non-Singaporean Asian company or Western company. You should interview 2 Singaporean employees and 2 foreign employees on their perceptions of their workplace culture. The respondents should come from the same workplace. Your analysis should distinguish between the perceptions of local and foreign employees you have interviewed, and identify any nuanced cultural differences present. To adequately answer this question, analyse your findings based on relevant concepts and theories from the course.

b) Develop and design an induction programme that would establish clear milestones to promote a more conducive environment for exemplary Singaporean employees to step into leadership roles at the regional office depending on the context chosen in part (a). Explain how your programme directly or indirectly addresses the challenges you have identified in (a). Note that you will need to take into account, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards local employees and vice versa.

c) In order for the induction programme in the regional office to be successful, there must be buy-in from all parties concerned. Plan a communication strategy for the induction programme that is not only sensitive to differences but also effective in publicising the programme, and will not put the organisation in a negative light. You should identify the language, tone, keywords, and phrases you will use in your response to this part of the ECA. Apply the communication model and other relevant concepts from the course when elaborating on your communication strategy.

HRM331e Human Resource Managment

Introduction to this End of Course Assessment (ECA)

HRM331e Human Resource Managment. This ECA makes up for 50% of the overall course evaluation component. This ECA is designed to assess your understanding and application of class concepts.

Question 1:

Analyse table 4 of the case provided below. Based on your reading of the case and analysis of the case, come up with specific reasons as to why the engagement numbers are the way they are.

Question 2:

Analyse and examine some of the problems with Life@Ease talent management programme. Be sure to relate to theories and principles we have covered in class.

Question 3:

Based on your analysis and evaluation of the case, design a talent management programme, and engagement plan to increase engagement levels, retention and performance. You can think out of the box and be creative in your solutions.

Question 4:

Given the strategic direction of Life@Ease to start local and go global and to be innovative, what are the competencies that you think employees at Life@Ease would need to “go global” and be innovative. Based on your research on cultural agility and ability to be innovative, develop a competencies framework that would reflect the direction of Life@Ease. Your competencies framework should be specific to the industry and context of Life@Ease. HRM331e Human Resource Managment

HR7003-Human Resource Managing

HR7003-Human Resource Managing. Using good quality academic and journalistic sources, prepare a 1,500 word report for the CEO on HRM issues at B.N. Foray. Your knowledge and understanding of management of individual, team, and organisational change, including change and leadership theories will be critically examined. 

The title of your report should be:

A Business Report to optimise the delivery of HR Processes at B.N. Foray.

Your report should include:

1.A title Page

2.Executive Summary 

3.Contents Page

4.Outline of the primary HRM issues in B.N. Foray

5.Proposal to optimise the delivery of HR Processes at B.N. Foray.

6.Implementation plan including outline costings, responsibilities

7.Risk register

8.Bibliography using Harvard Referencing conventions.

The word count of 1,500 words will not include the title page, executive summary, contents page or bibliography.

You will not need to draw on all change and leadership theories that you read but should select instead those which are most applicable to the case study – B.N. Foray  – and apply them appropriately. 

It is important that you show knowledge of key debates within the literature on Human Resource Management within an organisation. Also, it is strongly advised that you are critical in your writing and ensure a good level of integration and coherence in applying theories. Please work on, and ensure an excellent level of criticality, coherence, and flow of your report. This will require effective discussion and clarity. 

Please note that a significant amount of the marks are awarded on the basis of wider reading, critical and logical presentation, quality of argument, referencing, academic integrity and academic writing conventions. Please see Assessment Criteria on the Moodle.

The Learning Outcomes assessed by this assessment are:


1.Analyse and critically evaluate major ideas and practices in the field of people management. 

2.Evaluate major contemporary theoretical and managerial perspectives on people management.


3.Engage critically and analytically with literature relating to major developments in the field of people management.

4.Appreciate how research into effective people management underpins thinking in the other, more specialised fields of HRM and HRD practice that you will be studying.

Subject Based Skills

5.Ability to effectively apply HR theories and models to situations and various scenarios. 

6.Effectively apply key ratios appropriate for analysing the financial performance of the organisation.

Skills for life and work

7.Develop and express strong, original and well-justified arguments to support your views.

8.Advise colleagues and senior managers about making improvements to management systems and thinking in organisations.

Comm211 Human Resource Managment

Individual assignment

Comm211 Human Resource Managment. This assignment is focused on your ability to take the information from class and apply it to a real organization. Choose an organization you have worked with in the past or that you are familiar with and use one of the following areas to create your strategy:  

Area (Select 1)

Compensation & Benefits

Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity



Performance Management

Safety at the workplace

Other (with prior consent of instructor)

If you do not have experience working with an organization, review current events or local find a local organization to work with.

The strategy will focus on creating an outline to help the organization in the future.  For example, if you received a job with an organization without an interview, how would you create a selection process to replace you?

Work in the selected area should include the following:

A narrative describing the background, major issues, practices, and problems/challenges based on personal knowledge/experiences, observations, and/or interviews. The narrative or “problem statement” should be in essay form.  The problem should not be the focus on the paper.  Once you have established the area of opportunity provide data, research and information to support the value of improving that particular area.  For example, a lot of organizations have functioned well without ever interviewing a single employee, but what value could a good selection process bring to the organization?

You can include a copy of any materials in reference to the program or practice. If there are no reference materials, provide strategies and best practices to provide direction for the organization. Please note that these materials will be kept confidential and will not be shared with others.

With your referenced material you should look for material that provides strategic direction concerning how to address the challenge you have identified in #1 above.

Provide an evaluation of the program or practice in light of your knowledge of the topic gained in the course, research and class discussions. Discuss how this program or practice supports the organization’s strategic objectives. This evaluation should be based on what you would do after the program is put into place.