10 Tips to Write Q&A based Economics Assignment

Economics homework always increases how students feel when given an assignment. 10 Tips to Write Q&A based Economics Assignment

With so much to study and completing syllabus, etc., scholars often feel they don’t know enough to complete their work, which always leads to their grades suffering.

One of the most difficult homework students feel is to write a Q&A based Economics paper. There are ample things to know about it, and thus, completing it becomes a dilemma for them.

However, if you face something similar with a Q&A based paper, all you need is to go through the Economics Assignment Writing Tips, which are stated below. These 10 tips will solve all your homework related issues and aid in completing your paper and submitting it on time.

Tip 1 – Understand the format

The first thing you need to do is understand the format if you plan on writing a Q&A based Economics homework paper.

Each writing style is different, and thus, when opting for this Q&A based paper, you need to learn about its format.

It is how you know that the steps you are taking are correct and will always offer you the best grades upon submission.

Tip 2 – Select questions accordingly

A mistake in the format is highly frowned upon by professors of every college or university. Therefore, you need to get the format correct. Without it, even if your paper is quite well written, your score will be deducted, and it will affect your grades significantly. Therefore, this is one of the most vital Economics Assignment Writing Tips for you.  

Writing a Q&A based Economics paper means you will need to ensure having an ample number of questions ready that is relevant to a topic given.

Writing such a format doesn’t mean you can simply write whatever question and answer you want. On the contrary, it strictly has to be completely related to your given topic, and answers should also be related to it.

Also, writing a paper in this format means you will need to select a plethora of questions to ensure that you don’t come up short when trying to finish your work.

These 10 tips will solve all your homework related issues and aid in completing your paper and submitting it on time.

Tip 3 – Research answers and every other aspect carefully

Hence, you have to select questions according to the topic and in ample numbers so that you can complete your work without any hassle is one of the crucial Economics Assignment Writing Tips to keep in mind.

Just knowing about what the questions would be doesn’t mean you will know exactly what and how much to write.

 You should research all questions individually and gather materials that would answer them. Also, the research should point to the word limit for every answer so that one’s project comes up short on materials.

Moreover, a student’s answer should have valuable information that not only answers the question but also answers the assignment topic.

Therefore, your research should be impeccable when searching for questions and answers related to a given Economic topic.

Tip 4 – Take expert’s help when needed

When following these Economics Assignment Writing Tips, remember that this takes time and so, you should be prepared to spend a few hours on research.

The essential tip to completing a Q&A based Economic assignment is to take help from private tutors whenever you need it. These professionals have ample knowledge about such homework writing formats and can assist a disciple easily.

It is their job and thus, no matter how difficult the topic is, these people will create a solution that will aid in writing a question-and-answer-based Economics paper easily.

Furthermore, these pros are available 24/7 to help their clients out whenever it is required. It means that you can ask for help anytime and your troubles and doubts regarding assignments will be cleared instantly.

Taking expert’s assistance is one of the best Economics Assignment Writing Tips that ensures efficiency and fetch desired grades.

Tip 5 – Talk to your professor for relevant information

A student’s college professor who has given the assignment is one of the best people that can offer suggestions and more about the homework.

This is why an individual should always talk to his/her professor about it and gather as much relevant information as needed.

They will guide their disciples to make it easier for scholars to complete a given work. Moreover, a professor can offer his/her student perceptions about formats, question types, etc., that will aid in finishing a Q&A based Economics paper.

So, before starting your work, always ensure to discuss with your college professor as they can offer great Economics Assignment Writing Tips.

Tip 6 – Check how to write Q&A based papers

Going through a sample Q&A based Economics paper will help massively. It will give an individual idea about how to proceed correctly.

Since there is a format one should follow, there is structurization that needs to be followed too.

To create an appropriate Economics paper based on questions and answers, you will need to check out numerous samples that have been scored higher by professors.

A person can find such sample papers easily by searching the internet. Also, if possible, one can help professors and classmates discover such papers that will benefit a person colossally.

Therefore, never forget such Economics Assignment Writing Tips. Checking sample papers when dealing with economics homework ensure good grades.

Tip 7 – Divide the entire work into small portions

As soon as you get an assignment to work on, you should divide the entire project into smaller portions.

This will help a scholar to finish homework efficiently. You can take one task at a time and complete it within a specified time limit.

This will help in getting the Q&A based paper complete quickly. In addition, once an individual knows what to do and how to proceed, dividing a single long task into multiple short ones won’t be a problem at all.

Thus, always divide your long task into smaller ones as it will help you get the work done efficiently and assist in submitting a complete work on time.

Tip 8 – Create an outline for your assignment

Even if you are writing a Q&A based Economics paper, don’t start writing as soon as you select all the questions and gather the answers.

Create an outline first and then proceed accordingly. The outline will ensure that you don’t miss any essential point or question when writing the final draft.

It should have information about question sequencing, information that should fall under each question, and more.

It is the easiest way to ensure that a student doesn’t miss out on any vital points or get the sequencing of an assignment wrong.

Again, this is one of the essential Economics Assignment Writing Tips to follow.

Tip 9 – Take breaks whenever needed

A scholar should ensure that he/she is efficient when working on his/her Economics homework.

This is why taking breaks is a crucial tip that many pupils fail to understand. Constant working on your Q&A based assignment will lead you to feel demotivated and more.

To stay motivated and work efficiently, people need to opt for breaks in between tasks.

For instance, you divide your work into smaller portions; so, when you finish one part, take a break. You can also time yourself like set 25 minutes to finish a task, and when it’s done, take a 5-minute interval.

However, always remember not to take a break too long as it will again affect your efficiency.

Tip 10 – Proofread after finishing your paper

One of the last Economics Assignment Writing Tips; always proofread your Q&A based Economics assignment. It will help ensure that questions and their answers presented for the topic are correct.

Proofreading helps in checking out grammatical mistakes, punctuations, the information presented for each question, etc.

After checking, if you feel editing is needed, then do the needful before submitting it. This will ensure that an individual will submit a paper worthy of getting high marks. It is one of the reasons you should always check your papers before submitting them to your college or university.

Following these tips has helped millions of students worldwide and will help you too with your Q&A based Economics homework. Hence, always follow these Economics Assignment Writing Tips to ensure that you complete your work on time and also fetch the grades you deserve. So, start following these today and reach academic greatness!

These 10 tips will solve all your homework related issues and aid in completing your paper and submitting it on time.

Business Term Papers

Business Term Papers

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Tips to improve your business term paper writing
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Understand different parts that compose Business Term Paper. With this, you can create an outline that will act as your guide throughout your business paper writing process. Depending on your instructor’s instructions, your Business Term Paper may include, cover/ title page, table of content, the main body (viewpoint, state of research, problems among other), conclusion, references/ bibliography, and appendixes.
Create detailed information on each of the above-mentioned section and sub-section of your term paper. You should demonstrate understanding of what each section should present when you begin organizing your collected data.
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  2. If personal guns are banned, will this ruin the handgun production industry?
  3. Should minimum salary (or minimum wage) be canceled? If so, how do you evaluate each employee’s work?
  4. Will the traditional definition of commerce and retail die in 10-15 years, and shopping activity migrate entirely to the Internet?
  5. Is advertising on the Internet more effective than other kinds of ads?
  6. Should tobacco production companies be obliged to pay more taxes or donate to cancer curing facilities?
  7. What are the main disadvantages of outsourcing?
  8. What role does business ethics play in making important decisions for a company?
  9. What roles do ethics and morality play in a business-oriented society?
  10. How do you make a museum exhibition exciting and marketable?
  11. What are the key factors that contributed to high sales rates of mobile phones in the last three years?
  12. What are the challenges faced by companies with international human resources?
  13. What are some old and rigid corporate rituals that are still present to this day?
  14. Is brainstorming as effective in creating business solutions and ideas as it is said to be?
  15. Define “healthy work environment.” How can you create one?
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Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

Paper instructions:

Pages:3 pages (825 words), Double spaced
Academic level:College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline:Communications
Title:Gitex 2018 Dubai in October
Number of sources:1
Paper instructions:Write about Gitex that occurred in October 2018 in Dubai

Students will write a paper and do a very short oral presentation (3 minutes) to inform
their classmates of a current event in the business world, either in the UAE or
internationally. These students will select one event that has transpired or was written
about or discussed in the media within the last three months to report on. This can be
anything from the corporate world, e.g. mergers, corporate scandal, advertising, profit
reports, or anything involving companies at all found from a news article or any other
The purpose of this project is a) to prepare a 3 pages, double spaced, word processed
analysis of a current event in the business worlds and b) to give an informal

Guidelines for the paper accounting for 4 marks (out of 5):
1. Select a current business event
2. The paper may include the following general sections:
– Brief introduction describing the major business event
– Issue(s) raised/discussed in the literature (newspaper, internet, etc.) you read
– Summary of the main arguments used in the literature you read
– Own opinion about the topic
– Conclusion
3. The paper should be around 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt.
4. Refer to other literature. There should be at least 2 academic references.
5. Plagiarism. If you are simply lifting material off the web sites, and not explaining things
in your own words, it is an automatic F. Even if you struggle with the writing, if you do it
yourself you will get a better grade than a zero.
6. Use grammar check and spell check in your computer.
7. Proofreading, or the lack of it does affect the grade.

Answer: Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

Author’s Name
Instructor’s Name

Gitex Dubai in October 2018

Gitex, (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), October 2018 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates happens every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is mainly an electronics sale extravaganza but also includes quality talks, diverse exhibitions, among other high scaled events. It attracts numerous retailers, suppliers and consumers including professionals in Information Technology, students and other enthusiastic entrepreneurs with startups. The Gitex in this year was no different. It was more diverse and advanced than it had been in previous years. There were more and better events including exhibitions, talks, coded robots and drones, online gaming among other items. The start-ups were also in great numbers emerging from all over the globe. The uncertainties that surround them are able to be eroded once the audience interact with the entrepreneurs in an interactive forum. The people in attendance were in excess of 150000 from all over the world.

The main focus this year was on coded robots and drones. These coded robots could do multiple operations by a click of remote controller, for instance, presenting newscasts, operating machines et cetra. The cut-edging technology was also depicted on other items.  Among the innovations launched at the just concluded Gitex in Dubai was the flying car. The Etisalat unveiled an automated flying car. The science behind a flying car was deeply captivating and the moment astounding. Balloon shaped car was said to be more economic taxi and can fly at a speed of 97 kilometers an hour. This would could move the transport industry a great deal ahead.

There were also online markets where one could shop for almost anything of their preference. This included latest cellphones, radios, television sets, and even groceries that could be shopped at the comfort of their residences. Those with start-ups had their opportunity too. They advertised their scaled business models to the enthusiastic consumers already in attendance. They guided them on how to navigate their websites for easier and convenient decision making. The consumers are therefore able to make informed decisions do online shopping in the future. High quality talks were also held in the presence of various Emirates government represented in various departments.

In my opinion, Gitex technology week is a very noble admirable idea. As depicted in this year’s electronic sale extravaganza, Emirates governments should ensure its growth as well as sustained continuity. This is because it gives hope to the upcoming scientists and other innovative minds of the young people especially those students that attends the Gitex in Dubai. It also ensures that everyone around the globe remains updated about the ever growing electronic industry. Electronics have become an important part of our lives today. They are involved in our lives in almost all aspects, be it communication, healthcare, medicine, food science among others. In this context, the more electronics advance in technology, the better and easier our lives become. For instance, in healthcare, electronic machines assists the doctor in arriving at an accurate diagnosis as well as establishing the underlying cause or problem. There are other major applications of electronic technology are satellite communication, telecommunication, internet technology among others. Gitex Dubai is therefore making the dream of world managed by technology come true. By providing space and audience for innovators to showcase their items, exchange ideas and learn new ideas through live interactions, great milestones in technology are achieved. The interaction between innovators, suppliers, retailers, government policy makers, students and consumers holds untold impacts.

In conclusion, the Gitex in Dubai technology week should be adopted by all countries worldwide. Though it is a priceless opportunity and many people from all over the world like to attend, it may be impossible for everyone to attend due to varied reasons. However, if all governments could make arrangements to have such electronic sale extravaganzas in their countries, more audience would be captured. Though start-ups are faced by immense uncertainties, the successful ones ends becoming very great companies. The Gitex helps to create opportunities for the people to understand and clear those doubts. The suppliers and retailers as well as the innovators would not mind going round the globe where audience is guaranteed to showcase and sell their items.

The coded robots and drones are bridging the gaps of human incapability and therefore providing solutions to various issues in life. Human beings cannot work round the clock, neither can they persevere immense pressure. The artificial intelligence enable gadgets can work under any condition for as long the controller desires. In electronic industry, more job opportunities are emerging and so by supporting these industry, the young professionals leaving institutions of higher learning would engage themselves easily. In fact, by having more international sales like Gitex Dubai, more innovations would be encouraged in the spirit of competition among innovators. The pressure to upgrade in technology would lead to new ideas. Gitex is a model that should be emulated by all countries who view technology growth important in its people’s lives.

Works cited

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYgSYsDEy94 retrieved on 24th November, 2018.



Bonus Questions

Innovation and Disruption

Since disruption causes previously successful businesses to fail, which could mean the loss of jobs and major changes in an economy, some governments have political policies in place that protect current businesses. On the other hand, innovation can help improve efficiencies and expand new markets and opportunities.  Thus, other governments have structures that help support and encourage innovation.  Others feel that it is possible to support both at the same time.

What do you think is a better position (support current/ support innovation/support all) and how do you think government(s) could do this? (Short essay ~ 200 words)



Student’s Name

Instructor’s Name



Innovation and Disruption

Innovation creates new opportunities and helps businesses make better use of existing ones. While this could be considered a good thing, it could also put other companies out of business. This could produce untold sorrows to millions of people whose jobs are taken away by technology (Twerenbold, 2017). There has been talk of universal basic income for all citizens but the applicability and results are still debatable as the society has not reached the optimum level for total application of technology. There has been talk of supporting current industry but there are various reasons why this idea is not the best.

Firstly, the market environment is driven by competition. Every business gains its lead through innovation. As a result, companies invest a lot of money in innovation. Continuing to support companies that refuse to innovate will deny those that innovate a return on their investment. This will hurt innovation in the long run since companies will be reluctant to invest in innovation when they can’t undercut their competitors. Secondly, supporting companies will be an additional burden to the government. This will force the government to divert money supposed to be used for other services, such as healthcare, to support companies. This will create an unfair business environment.

In response to the fears that many people be rendered jobless, the government should tax heavily companies that employ disruptive technology. This money can be reinvested in creating a conducive environment for innovation so that other companies come on board. It can also be used to provide a welfare system for people who are made redundant by the innovation, while they are encouraged to acquire relevant skills.

Works Cited

Twerenbold, Roman. The Good, the Bad and the Innovative: Understanding the Darker Side of Innovation for Development. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). 2017.

http://www.unrisd.org/unrisd/website/newsview.nsf/(httpNews)/9cd705ac73d6e013c125            80d7004f285c?OpenDocument&Click=. 

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BUS302 Strategic Human Resource Management

Task 1 – A HRM.Org.Nz

BUS302 Strategic Human Resource Management. Without human capital, nothing can replace it. It is recognized as an important factor in business and society.

The concept of human resources can be understood mainly in terms of assets and investments. The point of view of human resources as assets means to secure high quality human, to cherish and utilize it, and to maintain high value at all times, in order to increase the value of the assets by considering them as assets.

The view of human resources as an investment is to increase their value as an asset by investing in developing their potential.

In the past, due to the lack of awareness of human resources, the amount of investment in human resources was relatively less than the investment in organizational physical resources and financial resources.

However, now, human resources are becoming more and more important in contributing to organizational performance than other resources due to improvements in the level of economic and social culture and rapid changes in the environment.

In this context, human resources are becoming the most important strategic resource that plays a crucial role in the organization’s adaptation to the environment and its continued growth.

The University of Auckland founded in 1883, Auckland is the country’s largest university. The mission of the University of Auckland is to be “A research-led, international university, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning, research, creative work, and administration, for the significance of its contributions to the advancement of knowledge and its commitment to serve its local, national and international communities.” 

(Mission and Values, N/D) To accomplish this mission, the University of Auckland has a reasonable ‘Human Resource Management’ through Work Policy, Staff benefits, Equity at the University and so on.

Flexible Work Policy

The University if Auckland is committed to enhancing recruitment and retention, providing an excellent working environment, and increasing staff member engagement and productivity through supporting a balance between work, family and personal life.

Providing flexible employment practices and conditions which support a balance between work, life and family needs. (AucklandThe, 2013)

Staff benefits

The University of Auckland allows staff to consider three types of superannuation scheme and provides discounted health insurance, leaning and development oppor tunities.

And also staff can take advantage of discounted five childcare/early childcare education centres and leisure, recreation and culture. University of Auckland supports for staff with disabilities that they can get discount at Goldie vineyard on Waiheke Island and immigration support as well.

In addition, library, global relocation assistance, equity, car parking and flexible working hour are provided for staff. Particularly, it is special to support officially all staffs who are not citizens or residents.

 The University of Auckland has a licensed advisor to make the immigration process as easy as possible for all their applicants. (AucklandThe, 2013)

Treaty of Waitangi

The University of Auckland has a strong history of developing partnerships with Maori. Tertiary education for indigenous peoples is also a crucial issue worldwide.

The University of Auckland aims to become New Zealand’s foremost site of excellence for Māori in tertiary education. (The University of Auckland, 2013)

Equity at the University

Support for Maori and Pacific staff, staff with disabilities, LGBTI staff, Carers, working parents, mature age staff and other equity groups. (Equity, N/D)

Task 1 –B

  1. Employment Relations Act

The employment relations act covers a range of topics including that recruiting, employment agreements, trial periods, union membership training and development.

The purpose of this law is to maintain a fair and productive relationship between the employer and the employee. If there is no established law, villain employers will abuse labor contracts and trial periods, and employees will suffer. 

So government help to build reliable employment relationships based on legal protection for healthy work environment. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Minimum Wages Act

The Government of New Zealand has set a law to set a minimum wage level for workers’ livelihoods and to pay the employer more than that level.

 There are three minimum wage rates that Adult minimum wage, Starting-out wage, and Training minimum wage.

The current minimum wage for adults is $ 15.75, starting-out and training is $ 12.60. (Minimum wage rates, 2017)  Adult minimum wages that the most common type of wage, it applies to all employees working in New Zealand except for the starting-out workers or trainees.

A starting-out wage is an employee between the ages of 16 and 19 who is entitled to a minimum of 40 credits a year to become qualified. Training minimum wage applies to employees who aged 20 years or over and has completed industry education with 60 credits to become qualified. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Holidays Act

New Zealand Government legally stipulates minimum leave and holidays entitlements. All employees (part time, full time, fixed term and casual) can get at least four weeks of paid annual holidays each year for rest. Sick leave and bereavement leave allow to employee after six months of current continuous employment with same employer. Employees can take a holiday any time when they are not feeling well or need a break. Of course, employer should encourage taking a holiday to maintain a good work environment. (Laws governing HRM in NZ, N/D)

  1. Follow laws

Employer is obliged to follow the laws made in the country that minimum wages, and holidays and so on. It should also be recognized that the relationship between the employer and the employee must be based on specific legal protections as well as mutual trust. Employee has to write and sign on their employment contract and it must be completed with employer before working. Employment contracts vary according to job description, but they must also comply with the mandatory provisions that must be included in all employment contracts.

  1. Code of conducts

“This is a management tool for setting out an organizations values, responsibilities and ethical obligations.” (Code of conduct, 2017) The employer has to set out a clear and fair staff policy. If the company does not announce the big and small rules of the company properly, the employees will definitely get confused. For example, the company have to be covered in induction that general topics and job-related topics. General topics are that company structuring, safety procedures, pay scales and pay days holidays and so on. Job-related topics are that job task, introduction to the supervisor and co-workers, job objectives and so on.

  1. Safe environment

Employers must follow established laws from government, set their own code of conduct, and strive for the work environment of their employees. If there are any problems, employees should not hesitate to come to the employer and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Appropriate staff training is also necessary for the development of the staff and the company. Feedback can help employees pinpoint where employees are standing, what they need to do, and so on. (ICAEW, 2012) In addition, it is important to thoroughly eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and provide adequate compensation and growth opportunities to help create a good working environment.

  1. Teamwork

The whole thing can not be good just doing what employee need to do individually. Of course they have to work individually, but they have to work together for the whole team and respect each other. For teamwork efficiency, it is most important to understand each other first because everyone has their own personality, and their personality is different. So based on this background, employees will be able to create the best team by exchanging opinions and respect each other. This will naturally lead to a good working environment.

  1. Good performance individually

Employee must personally set goals and strive to achieve their goals. Competing in good faith for team members’ personal development also contributes to creating a vibrant working environment. It is not to unconditionally check each other and dislike them, but to compete for their own development without harming each other. It will be an environment that employee wants to work for a long time, if they feel satisfaction when they look back and look at themselves rather than feel like going to a company to get a salary.

Task 2 – A

Based on your analysis above, evaluate strategic workforce planning including

ü staffing,

Technique used by the organization to put the right person at the right job. There are two type of staffing strategies:

Internal Staffing Strategy : Recruits for new positions to workforce pool

External Staffing Strategy: placement of candidates work systems design,  learning and development, performance management and compensation management of the Chosen company and discuss the relative issues the company is facing for each aspect discussed above.

Task 2 – B

Recommend improvements in the 5 areas discussed above based on standard practices in the literature through reviewing no less than four peer reviewed journal articles as source.

MGT1OBE Working With Others

MGT1OBE Working With Others. You are a team of student interns at a large, private organisation. Your boss has outlined your internship project: your team is to advise the company on an organisational problem. The project will require you to gather information within and outside the organisation, you will need to analyse the information gathered, and propose solutions in the form of a consulting report as well as a presentation to the Board of Directors.

As part of the internship orientation, your boss has given you a team building assignment. Your task is to produce a report how to turn your group of student interns into a highly functional team capable of carrying out the internship project.

Your boss explains you will not be provided with any more information about the internship project until the team building assignment is completed.

Your task is to produce a report how to turn your group of student interns into a highly functional team.

This assignment requires you to do research. Your task is to draw on Organisational Behaviour theory and use it to critically analyse your team and make recommendations to improve its performance with respect to the internship project

What you will be arguing, and how you have structured the report.

Identify Three Issues Likely To Affect Team Performance.

Based on your analysis of section 2, identify three potential team issues (opportunities and problems arising from your team composition) that are likely to impact on team performance. You need to include at least one possible problem or weakness. Explain and clarify using concrete examples.

SSC263E Cross Cultural Intelligence


Singapore continues to be a popular location for foreign multinational companies to set up their regional offices. This is largely due to the country’s reputation for ease of doing business.

It is also helped by its good track record of low corruption, good governance, and highly educated labour force. In fact, some Japanese companies, e.g., Panasonic and NEC, are even more bullish and view Singapore as a “talent hub” where they can groom local talent.

As Singapore continues to be a favourable destination for foreign companies to set up their regional offices in order to expand their reach into the Southeast Asian region, these companies are also bringing with them their own corporate culture. Such corporate culture has been shaped by the cultures of their home countries, and have influenced not only their ways of doing work, but also their own management structure. These features can either invigorate the regional office or it can also have a way of dampening spirits of local employees in the regional office.

a) Discuss three main challenges that both local employees and their foreign counterparts will face working together in the regional office in Singapore. You can choose to examine this in the context of a non-Singaporean Asian company or Western company. You should interview 2 Singaporean employees and 2 foreign employees on their perceptions of their workplace culture. The respondents should come from the same workplace. Your analysis should distinguish between the perceptions of local and foreign employees you have interviewed, and identify any nuanced cultural differences present. To adequately answer this question, analyse your findings based on relevant concepts and theories from the course.

b) Develop and design an induction programme that would establish clear milestones to promote a more conducive environment for exemplary Singaporean employees to step into leadership roles at the regional office depending on the context chosen in part (a). Explain how your programme directly or indirectly addresses the challenges you have identified in (a). Note that you will need to take into account, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards local employees and vice versa.

c) In order for the induction programme in the regional office to be successful, there must be buy-in from all parties concerned. Plan a communication strategy for the induction programme that is not only sensitive to differences but also effective in publicising the programme, and will not put the organisation in a negative light. You should identify the language, tone, keywords, and phrases you will use in your response to this part of the ECA. Apply the communication model and other relevant concepts from the course when elaborating on your communication strategy.

NZDB 560 Business Communication

Task 1  Concept of Business Transformation

Learning outcome 1

NZDB 560 Business Communication. Review a range of business transformation frameworks and models for driving organisational change.

To complete this task, you can use the same realistic business case study   of  an organisation existing in New Zealand  which you are familiar of its operation an explore how business transformation is appropriate to connect and align to organisation’s mission.

(a)   Examine  the concepts of  corporate and business strategies  by relating both  to achieve the  mission of a business organisation .

(b)  Critically examine the purpose of business transformation in order to identify, execute and achieve  business strategies.

(c)  Explain the role of business transformation as a holistic thinking of aligning business strategies to the entity’s mission  through successful change process.  You are required to prepare a  diagram  to illustrate a workable  business transformation framework of your  chosen organisation.

(d)  Evaluate  at least four (4) factors  that  affect your  organisation’s  business transformation framework. Your answer must consider business transformation framework taking into account the following factors:

· Organisational environment (understanding customers, technology, competition)

· Organisational culture (processes and systems, organizational values, leadership models)

· Organisation’s history of leading change (vision, strategy, goal setting, measuring results)

· Organisational structure (roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships)                                                                    

(e)  Review  and explain the following models of business transformation taking into account their application on improved organisational effectiveness:

a) Information evolution model (  Support  your answer using the five (5)  organisational maturity levels in the context of four organisational pillars as described by this model).

b) The Novius Business Empowerment Framework (Justify your answer considering all stages from planning to implementation).

Task  2:  Organisational systems and resources to business transformation

Learning outcome 2 :

Critically analyse, evaluate and interpret organisational systems and resources to assess the need for transformation in a range of areas against current market needs in organisations.

To complete this task, you are to analyse, evaluate and interpret organisational systems and resources of your  selected business organisation  to assess the need for business transformation against market needs.

(a) In the context of a proposed business transformation  of your  organisation that is faced with competition , evaluate  your  business organisation’s variables  :

· Systems ( organisational culture , organisational  structure, functions )

· Process (  production, equipment, softwares, other business processes)

· Human resources (communication,  performance, training, development

(b)  Interpret the concept of system level transformation by taking into account different variables of planned business transformation .   Use System’s Model of Change or Continuous Change Process Model to justify your answer.

(c) Evaluate the concepts of Top to Down and Bottom Up approach to planned business transformation  of your selected business organisation.

(d)  Critically examine  how  System – Related and Human- Related changes are initiated by your selected business organisations using the approaches ( identified in Task 2c ),   taking into account  the market needs for your  entity’s product or service.

Task 3:  Business Transformation Life Cycle in business transformation

Learning outcome 3:

Apply creative and design thinking to formulate and communicate conceptual and theoretical frameworks to drive identified business transformation. 

(a) Critically analyse  the concept and various stages of BTLC (Business Transformation Life Cycle) which a business organisation goes through in order to effectively manage expectation of various stakeholders.

(b) Justify your answer  identified in Task  3.a by using an example of  a  New Zealand-based organisations that has successfully applied this model during their  business transformation.

(c)   Examine the concept of value management in business transformation.

(d)  Critically explain  how the concept of value management  is necessary to design  BLTC  to drive business transformation in  your selected business organisation.

(e)  Communicate  your  planned business transformation to your  organisation’s management .  You are required to prepare a written report for this task to cover your  answers from Tasks 1 to 3.

HRM331e Human Resource Managment

Introduction to this End of Course Assessment (ECA)

HRM331e Human Resource Managment. This ECA makes up for 50% of the overall course evaluation component. This ECA is designed to assess your understanding and application of class concepts.

Question 1:

Analyse table 4 of the case provided below. Based on your reading of the case and analysis of the case, come up with specific reasons as to why the engagement numbers are the way they are.

Question 2:

Analyse and examine some of the problems with Life@Ease talent management programme. Be sure to relate to theories and principles we have covered in class.

Question 3:

Based on your analysis and evaluation of the case, design a talent management programme, and engagement plan to increase engagement levels, retention and performance. You can think out of the box and be creative in your solutions.

Question 4:

Given the strategic direction of Life@Ease to start local and go global and to be innovative, what are the competencies that you think employees at Life@Ease would need to “go global” and be innovative. Based on your research on cultural agility and ability to be innovative, develop a competencies framework that would reflect the direction of Life@Ease. Your competencies framework should be specific to the industry and context of Life@Ease. HRM331e Human Resource Managment