Case Study Uber hack : More than 1 in 10 Australians may be victims of Uber’s ‘ astonishing data breach Source : news . com . au [ Jennifer…


Cyvercrimes are a rising threat to businesses. Study the Case Study of Uber Hack and explain the potential impact of cybercrimes on a business.

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Case StudyUber hack : More than 1 in 10 Australians may be victims of Uber’s ‘ astonishing " databreachSource : www. news . com . au [ Jennifer Dudley – Nicholson ]MORE than one In 10 Australians almost certainly had their personal information stolenby criminals in an " astonishing " hack on Uber accounts that the ride- sharing giantcovered up for more than a year .The multibillion -dollar company revealed the information of 57 million customers anddrivers had been compromised in the data theft , which it then tried to cover up by payinga $US100, 000 ransom to the perpetrators in a move new chief executive DaraKhosrowshall admitted " should not have happened " .And tonight , Uber confirmed Australian customers " personal information had beenstolen in the hack and informed the Privacy Commissioner .The Uber security breach exposed it’s customers " names , email addresses , and mobile*phone numbers , as well as the names and licence numbers of thousands of drivers thatwere stored with a third- party cloud service .More than 2. 69 million Australians use the ride – sharing service , according to Roy Morganfigures, or 14 per cent of the population .The cybersecurity fallure was exposed just months before new Australians laws force*companies to reveal data breaches to consumers , though exclusive research from ESETwill on Thursday reveal 60 per cent of organisations did not plan to reveal data theft’sImmediately .An Uber spokesman did not confirm whether Australians were among the 50 millioncustomers and 7 million drivers who had personal information stolen in the attack , butsaid the company was working to belatedly notify government agencies ."We are In the process of notifying various regulatory and government authorities andwe expect to have ongoing discussions with them , " the spokesman said ." Until we complete that process we aren’t in a position to get into any more details . "