BUS 356 Staffing Organizations

Part I:

BUS 356 Staffing Organizations. Provide your data in a summary table (as above).

Next, discuss which employment equity groups are most underrepresented and for which job classes they are underrepresented most.

Looking at the tables, which type of careers appear to demonstrate the most significant under-representation?

Keep in mind, you can also use the NOC to classify jobs with more precision. In a larger organization, it may make sense to divide these categories into more groups.

Critical Thinking Questions:

Legally, it is voluntary to self-disclose equity status during workforce surveys and employment applications. What problems may voluntary self-disclosure create for an HR professional conducting these analyses?

Why might availability targets be more realistic than the targets provided by the SHRC?

BUS 356 Staffing Organizations

Part II:

For the sake of time, the following examples considers only one employment equity group.

Your manager wants to know why Indigenous people are underrepresented in senior management. The manager requests that a talent management specialist inform you of the number of applicants, number of job offered provided, and the predive ability of several selection criteria by equity group over the past year. Your manager wants you to determine if there is measurement bias and/or adverse impact for each tool.