BSBMGT516 Facilitate Continuous Improvement

BSBMGT516 Facilitate Continuous Improvement. Choose one of the scenarios and topics below and complete all the questions and tasks.

Scenario A: You are a project manager that has been hired by company ABC to lead and manage a continuous improvement project in the customer service area of the business.

The level of complaints from customers is increasing, there is a high turnover of staff, the technology in the customer service area is inadequate to serve the increased number of clients and the customer base has now grown to encompass clients from different cultural background. Your project team comprises of the 4 customer officers working in the customer service department and their team leader, none of them has worked in the company longer than 6 months.

Scenario B: You are the manager of the administration department in a small manufacturing company that is fast growing. Your team performs different tasks such as accounting (including payroll), liaison with suppliers and clients to resolve complaints, HR tasks such as recruitment and employee relationship management and any other administrative tasks that other departments (logistics, manufacturing operations, and marketing) cannot perform due to the increased workload. Your team comprises of 5 administrators who are overworked, stressed and demotivated. They have been with the company since day one and, although they constantly complain about the work, they are averse to change and improvement.

1.Develop a strategy to encourage team members to participate in decision making processes, assume responsibilities and take initiative for resolving the issues outlined in the scenario.

  In your strategy, include:
3 things that you can implement

When and how often you would implement them

How you will inform team members of the outcomes of the continuous improvement efforts.

2.Describe how you will communicate the continuous improvement strategies and outcomes to stakeholders. 
a)List at least 3 stakeholders
b)Describe the communication process for each stakeholder
c)Describe how you will monitor and improve the communication strategy