Box Office Disasters: Stories of Destruction from The Iliad to 2012 One of the oldest stories in Western civilization, The Iliad, describes the…

Winona College Tristan Giroux is a student at Winona College. She’s working on a research paper about disaster movies for Film Studies 105, taught by Professor Douglas Fischer. The research paper is only partly finished, but before she does more work on it, she asks you to help format this early draft to match the MLA style. She also asks you to help her create some

citations, add a placeholder citation, and manage her sources. Complete the following steps:

1. save the document as Movie Paper in the location specified by your instructor.

2. Revise the paper to match the MLA style, seventh edition. Instead of Tristan’s name, use your own. Also, use the current date.

3. Locate the sentences in which the authors Dana Someya and Peter Williams are mentioned. At the end of the appropriate sentence, add a citation for page 135 in the following book and one for page 152 in the following journal article: Someya, Dana. Society and Disaster in the Silent Era: A Modern Analysis. New York: Movie House Academy Press, 1997. Print. Williams, Peter. “Romance in the Shadow of Disaster.” New England Journal of Cinema Studies (2012): 133–155. Web.

4. At the end of the second-to-last sentence in the document, insert a placeholder citation that reads “Candela.” At the end of the last sentence in the document, insert a placeholder citation that reads “Goldman.”

5. Use Word Help to look up the topic “Create a bibliography,” and then, within that article, read the sections titled “Find a source” and “Edit a citation placeholder.”

6. Open the Source Manager, and search for the name “Someya.” From within the Current List in the Source Manager, edit the Dana Someya citation to delete “Society and” from the title, so that the title begins “Disaster in the Silent Era….” Click Yes when asked if you want to update the source in both lists. When you are finished, delete “Someya” from the Search box to redisplay all the sources in both lists.

 7. From within the Source Manager, copy a source not included in the current document from the Master List to the Current List. Examine the sources in the Current List and note the checkmarks next to the two sources for which you have already created citations, and the question marks next to the placeholder sources. Sources in the Current list that are not actually cited in the text have no symbol next to them in the Current List. For example, if you copied a source from the Master List into your Current List, that source has no symbol next to it in the Current List.

8. Close the Source Manager, create a bibliography in the MLA style, and note which works appear in it.

9. Open the Source Manager, and then edit the Goldman placeholder source to include the following information about a journal article: Goldman, Simon. “Attack of the Killer Disaster Movie.” Cinema International Journal (2009): 72–89. Web.

10. Update the bibliography.

11. Open Internet Explorer and use the Web to research the difference between a works cited list and a works consulted list. If necessary, open the Source Manager, and then delete any uncited sources from the Current List to ensure that your document contains a true works cited list, as specified by the MLA style, and not a works consulted list. (Tristan will create a full citation for the “Candela” placeholder later.)

12. Update the bibliography, finalize it so it matches the MLA style, save the document and close it.

attached is the document needed for this assignment.