BMGT 205 Human Resources Administration

Ensure each question is answered directly in your own words supported by resource/reference information from the textbook, the case and any other resources you choose to use in BMGT 205 Human Resources Administration.
1.Do you think the employer should be entitled to dismiss Mr. Keays without giving him reasonable notice? Explain
2.Does an employer have a right to insist that employees submit to medical examinations by doctors chosen by the employer? Explain
3.If the doctors inform the employer that Mr. Keays’ absences are due to his chronic fatigue syndrome and that they are likely to continue in the future, should the employer be entitled to dismiss Mr. Keays? Explain
4.If Mr. Keays wins his wrongful dismissal case, will the court order Honda to reinstate him to previous employment? Should it do that?

BMGT 205 : Human Resources Administration

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