Discussion Board: health is a team sport

Discussion Board: health is a team sport

Choose at least one classmate and create a post responding to his/her initial post on the Discussion Board.

Discussion Board: health is a team sport

This week’s topic of pain management and the challenges of coping with chronic illnesses is very relevant to what I’ve been dealing with for the past four years of undergrad. During these years, I’ve mentioned in other discussions that I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which caused me to have organ problems much like out Ted Talk speaker Eric Dishman, in which I had two transplants and months of dialysis by the time all by the time I was 23. I know what its like to go from relatively healthy to suddenly having your days presented to you in a number. I know my experiences are pretty rare, but many of us deal with chronic illnesses, which from out text we know accounts for 75% of health care and which a third of adults starting at 18, having at least one condition. Coping with a chronic illness has been extremely challenging, everything we’ve covered from negative emotional responses like depression to having a negative self concept is all so real. 

What has been the most beneficial for me as far as care management and coping, is Dishman’s perspective of care networking and having a team approach. With all that I’ve been through, I take comfort in knowing I have a huge team making sure I have the best quality of life. Unlike Dishman, I’ve never seen an isolated specialist. From my transplant team, rheumatologist, dermatologist, primary doctor, nutritionist, nephrologist, physical therapist, etc. every specialist I see is a part of the same network, they communicate with each other, and have excess to ever test, blood work, or visit summary. I find comfort in knowing that they’re all working together, and also working with me. My doctors have a social network where I can have access to my history and labs as well, and also communicate with them if needed. Having a team that’s all on the same page is so helpful when having a chronic condition and I recommend it to everyone. 

ANSWER: Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

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Managing Diabetes Should Be a Team Sport

I have a friend, Kelly who has a diabetic condition. It has not been easy on her but she manages it well. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and 2, both of which revolve around insulin management in the body. Kelly suffers from type 2 diabetes. Knowing one’s blood sugar level becomes vital when dealing with diabetes condition. It is easier and less stressful for diabetic patients to have care givers around them who are supportive. My friend’s family forms a very supportive team around her.

According to Erick Dishman, team approach proves to be the best way to take care of people living with chronic conditions. He recalls of the time he was diagnosed with kidney complications at his earlier years, while still in college. This condition led him to campaign for personalized health system based on three pillars, namely, care anywhere, care networking and care customization. Just as Dishmans cites the benefits of team approach, I have witnessed the same approach in Kelly’s life and can account for the benefits it has on her life. The family members are conscious of her diet, well-being and medication needs.

Team approach on health care system should be adopted and facilitated by policy makers.

Mainstream health system is very expensive, not to mention full of communication breakdown. Customized care takes into account the uniqueness of every patient which is key to effective health care. Embracing technology would play a big role in realization of successful healthcare team sport.

Works cited

Dishman, Eric. “Health Care Should Be A Team Sport”. Ted.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Article research review

Paper Instructions in Article research review

Article Review

Article research review

Solution: 5 Article Reviews

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1 :Article research review

Article Review: The death of dialect? Don’t believe a word of it

In the article by the Guardian, Jonnie Robinson tries to disagree with a popular belief that dialects are going extinct. He insists that they are actually far from being overtaken by language evolution. Robinsons cites The Evolving English WorldBank that helps store all the contributions from all the dialects around United Kingdom. The Bank, he says, has 1500 contributions to date.

According to Jonnie Robinson, dialects helps unite people in various social spheres upon establishing they hail from the same roots. For instance, there were two women in the article that happened to meet and realized they came from Grimsby. The word “spoggy”, became their unifying factor. They both understood it meant chewing gum and therefore, appreciated their roots.

The author however notes that dialects are mostly used in the earlier years of life persons in various age groups and then picked up later during the sunset years. This is due to relocation that happens to these people during their professional spheres of life. Some are forced to move to new localities thereby adapting to mainstream language for effective communication with people all backgrounds. As soon as they retire from forma employment, they head back to their roots and initiate their dialects afresh.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate for people of all walks of life. I agree with the author that dialects cannot go to extinction. The author provides an insight on the importance of preserving our dialects. Dialects forms a part of our heritage as well as unifying factor to people of shared roots. People should therefore preserve their dialects and ensure they do allow it to be eroded by civilization and continued evolution of new languages.

Article research review


Article review: Communication Tips for Successful Conversations for Families and Caregivers of People with Aphasia

In the article, Patricia Forsyth seeks to help out families and others living with people with Aphasia. Though it may seem obvious to use verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate with people, it is not for people with aphasia. One has to carefully choose the cue that will allow mutual understanding of the intended message. The author tips to ensure effective communication, for example, one should be ready to provide a good environment with minimal noise. One should also ensure to have attention of the partner while allowing enough time to avoid rushing and creating confusion. Communication aids could also assist for clearer communication.

The author also points out flexibility. It is indeed more effective if all forms of communication were incorporated, such as gestures, drawings, facial expressions among others. While communicating verbally, Patricia points out the importance of speaking aloud at normal speed while addressing one thought at time. The sentences should remain clear and contain familiar or key words. In non-verbal communication, she encourages the use of numbers instead of words, drawings as well as photographs from relevant sources among other visual aids.

The article in my opinion is well articulated and appropriate for caregivers of people aphasia and their families. The information is relevant and useful for effective communication with all persons regardless of their flaws. The ideas provided in the article quite resourceful and I would recommend all people living with people with aphasia to consider implementing.

For effective communication with people with aphasia, the tips provided in the article ensure successful conversations.

 The interaction is more important than a mere transaction, therefore, the more articulate one is, the better the communication gets. One has be ready to communicate and allocate sufficient time for effectiveness to be achieved.


Article review: Don’t Be shy

Beau Bingham narrates to New York Times the impediment interpersonal communication has to many students in institutions of learning. He points out that the reason why he decided to engage students in classes of interpersonal communication skills at the Wyoming University, where he is an assistant lecturer, was to avert this problem of self-expression.  He points out how some colleges like Hamilton College have adopted speech lab where students learn interpersonal communication skills. Ashlie Boltinghouse, a student in Wyoming University, featured in the article, points out how she felt comfortable in Beau’s classes since everyone seemed openly anxious.

Contrary to opinion of self-expression being key to effective learning, the article features John Daly who teaches at Texas University, Austin, who disagrees with this opinion. Daly says that merits of class participation are overrated and creates unnecessary discomfort to those with speech anxiety. He argues that the inability to talk about a topic does not mean one did not understand. Dylan shares a similar opinion with James McCroskey, a professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He notes that forcing students to publicly express themselves can be counterproductive.

The article in my opinion enlightens students in the institutions of learning the importance of having good interpersonal skills just like in class readings. The article is appropriate for all students in order for them to get equipped with self-expression skills. These students will require to express themselves as they find jobs. During the interview, the panel need to be convinced that the person they are about to hire, can articulate issues to his or her colleagues and other people. I find the article resourceful.


Article review: Body Language; Picking Up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals

The article by mind tools seeks to enlighten us decoding body language during conversations. It features a woman, Lauren who gets disappointed by her boss, Guss at the last minute on a proposal she been working on. Had she been keen on her boss’s body language, she would have known in good time that her proposal would not been signed in. In the article, the ability to read negative body language is key. They allow one to deal with unspoken issues amicably. The signs of negative body language includes tense facial expression, downcast eyes, folded arms, bodies turned away from the speaker among others. When one is aware of these signs, it is possible to make adjustments on what to say or do in order to make the audience feel more comfortable and receptive. During a presentation, it is anyone’s desire that the audience is interested and engaged.

The article also provides ways of projecting a positive body language. This adds strength to the verbal ideas being put across. One can adopt various ways of making a confident first impression. For instance, having an open posture that is more relaxed but ensure the posture does not communicate a domineering attitude. Maintaining a good eye contact will go a long way in communicating sincerity and need for engagement. Another tip is avoiding to touching ones face. There is an unfounded belief that people who touches their faces while communicating, are mostly dishonest. It is therefore safe to avoid conveying mixed body language. Lastly, your handshake should be firm always as this portrays confidence.

In relation to the class readings, the article confirms the essence of effective communication. In my opinion, the article is very helpful and appropriate for everyone. I agree with the author that it is in everyone desire that message reaches their audience undistorted.

The article helps me in adopting the correct body language as I communicate with others in forums like interviews and public speaking.

Article research review


Article review: slang is it good or bad?

The article seeks to help people the importance of slang in communication. Provided one is aware of the meaning of the slang words, then it is no harm employing them in a conversation. Crystal, featured in the article points out that slang adds humor to the conversation as well removing undue seriousness that could others be implied. There are specific slang words only understood within certain groups of people. For example, the youth may use slang that the adults around them find hard to understand. This does not make it bad so long as those speaking understand each other perfectly.

The author, however warns people to be very cautious while using slang because some slang words are considered extremely rude. It of paramount importance that one’s understands the real meaning before using any slang. Also those associated with illegal drugs should be avoided if one intends to make a good impression. The authors encourages those learning English as the second language not to give up due to the misunderstanding of the slang language because it becomes easier with time.

In my opinion, the article is appropriate and in accordance with the class readings. Slang has both merits and demerits as it adds flavor to the conversation but also can cause language barrier. The article go a long way in encouraging people to keep with their slang and enjoy learning English. Slang helps one identify with their age group members therefore enhancing effective communication. Slang use with moderate control should be promoted among people of all eases unnecessary tension during conversations, creating a lively environment for people to effectively communicate with one another.

Works cited

Aviv, Rachel. “Don’T Be Shy”. Nytimes.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

“Body Language picking up and Understanding Nonverbal Signals”. Mindtools.Com, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Communication Tips – National Aphasia Association”. National Aphasia Association, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Duncan, Pamela, and Josh Holder. “The Death of Dialect? Don’t Believe A Word Of It”. The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018.

Watson, Margaret. “Slang – Language Article – The English Magazine”. English-Magazine.Org, 2018, Accessed 24 Nov 2018. research review

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Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

Paper instructions:

Pages:3 pages (825 words), Double spaced
Academic level:College (1-2 years: Freshman, Sophomore)
Subject or discipline:Communications
Title:Gitex 2018 Dubai in October
Number of sources:1
Paper instructions:Write about Gitex that occurred in October 2018 in Dubai

Students will write a paper and do a very short oral presentation (3 minutes) to inform
their classmates of a current event in the business world, either in the UAE or
internationally. These students will select one event that has transpired or was written
about or discussed in the media within the last three months to report on. This can be
anything from the corporate world, e.g. mergers, corporate scandal, advertising, profit
reports, or anything involving companies at all found from a news article or any other
The purpose of this project is a) to prepare a 3 pages, double spaced, word processed
analysis of a current event in the business worlds and b) to give an informal

Guidelines for the paper accounting for 4 marks (out of 5):
1. Select a current business event
2. The paper may include the following general sections:
– Brief introduction describing the major business event
– Issue(s) raised/discussed in the literature (newspaper, internet, etc.) you read
– Summary of the main arguments used in the literature you read
– Own opinion about the topic
– Conclusion
3. The paper should be around 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt.
4. Refer to other literature. There should be at least 2 academic references.
5. Plagiarism. If you are simply lifting material off the web sites, and not explaining things
in your own words, it is an automatic F. Even if you struggle with the writing, if you do it
yourself you will get a better grade than a zero.
6. Use grammar check and spell check in your computer.
7. Proofreading, or the lack of it does affect the grade.

Answer: Gitex in October 2018 in Dubai

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Gitex Dubai in October 2018

Gitex, (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), October 2018 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates happens every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is mainly an electronics sale extravaganza but also includes quality talks, diverse exhibitions, among other high scaled events. It attracts numerous retailers, suppliers and consumers including professionals in Information Technology, students and other enthusiastic entrepreneurs with startups. The Gitex in this year was no different. It was more diverse and advanced than it had been in previous years. There were more and better events including exhibitions, talks, coded robots and drones, online gaming among other items. The start-ups were also in great numbers emerging from all over the globe. The uncertainties that surround them are able to be eroded once the audience interact with the entrepreneurs in an interactive forum. The people in attendance were in excess of 150000 from all over the world.

The main focus this year was on coded robots and drones. These coded robots could do multiple operations by a click of remote controller, for instance, presenting newscasts, operating machines et cetra. The cut-edging technology was also depicted on other items.  Among the innovations launched at the just concluded Gitex in Dubai was the flying car. The Etisalat unveiled an automated flying car. The science behind a flying car was deeply captivating and the moment astounding. Balloon shaped car was said to be more economic taxi and can fly at a speed of 97 kilometers an hour. This would could move the transport industry a great deal ahead.

There were also online markets where one could shop for almost anything of their preference. This included latest cellphones, radios, television sets, and even groceries that could be shopped at the comfort of their residences. Those with start-ups had their opportunity too. They advertised their scaled business models to the enthusiastic consumers already in attendance. They guided them on how to navigate their websites for easier and convenient decision making. The consumers are therefore able to make informed decisions do online shopping in the future. High quality talks were also held in the presence of various Emirates government represented in various departments.

In my opinion, Gitex technology week is a very noble admirable idea. As depicted in this year’s electronic sale extravaganza, Emirates governments should ensure its growth as well as sustained continuity. This is because it gives hope to the upcoming scientists and other innovative minds of the young people especially those students that attends the Gitex in Dubai. It also ensures that everyone around the globe remains updated about the ever growing electronic industry. Electronics have become an important part of our lives today. They are involved in our lives in almost all aspects, be it communication, healthcare, medicine, food science among others. In this context, the more electronics advance in technology, the better and easier our lives become. For instance, in healthcare, electronic machines assists the doctor in arriving at an accurate diagnosis as well as establishing the underlying cause or problem. There are other major applications of electronic technology are satellite communication, telecommunication, internet technology among others. Gitex Dubai is therefore making the dream of world managed by technology come true. By providing space and audience for innovators to showcase their items, exchange ideas and learn new ideas through live interactions, great milestones in technology are achieved. The interaction between innovators, suppliers, retailers, government policy makers, students and consumers holds untold impacts.

In conclusion, the Gitex in Dubai technology week should be adopted by all countries worldwide. Though it is a priceless opportunity and many people from all over the world like to attend, it may be impossible for everyone to attend due to varied reasons. However, if all governments could make arrangements to have such electronic sale extravaganzas in their countries, more audience would be captured. Though start-ups are faced by immense uncertainties, the successful ones ends becoming very great companies. The Gitex helps to create opportunities for the people to understand and clear those doubts. The suppliers and retailers as well as the innovators would not mind going round the globe where audience is guaranteed to showcase and sell their items.

The coded robots and drones are bridging the gaps of human incapability and therefore providing solutions to various issues in life. Human beings cannot work round the clock, neither can they persevere immense pressure. The artificial intelligence enable gadgets can work under any condition for as long the controller desires. In electronic industry, more job opportunities are emerging and so by supporting these industry, the young professionals leaving institutions of higher learning would engage themselves easily. In fact, by having more international sales like Gitex Dubai, more innovations would be encouraged in the spirit of competition among innovators. The pressure to upgrade in technology would lead to new ideas. Gitex is a model that should be emulated by all countries who view technology growth important in its people’s lives.

Works cited retrieved on 24th November, 2018.



Bonus Questions

Innovation and Disruption

Since disruption causes previously successful businesses to fail, which could mean the loss of jobs and major changes in an economy, some governments have political policies in place that protect current businesses. On the other hand, innovation can help improve efficiencies and expand new markets and opportunities.  Thus, other governments have structures that help support and encourage innovation.  Others feel that it is possible to support both at the same time.

What do you think is a better position (support current/ support innovation/support all) and how do you think government(s) could do this? (Short essay ~ 200 words)



Student’s Name

Instructor’s Name



Innovation and Disruption

Innovation creates new opportunities and helps businesses make better use of existing ones. While this could be considered a good thing, it could also put other companies out of business. This could produce untold sorrows to millions of people whose jobs are taken away by technology (Twerenbold, 2017). There has been talk of universal basic income for all citizens but the applicability and results are still debatable as the society has not reached the optimum level for total application of technology. There has been talk of supporting current industry but there are various reasons why this idea is not the best.

Firstly, the market environment is driven by competition. Every business gains its lead through innovation. As a result, companies invest a lot of money in innovation. Continuing to support companies that refuse to innovate will deny those that innovate a return on their investment. This will hurt innovation in the long run since companies will be reluctant to invest in innovation when they can’t undercut their competitors. Secondly, supporting companies will be an additional burden to the government. This will force the government to divert money supposed to be used for other services, such as healthcare, to support companies. This will create an unfair business environment.

In response to the fears that many people be rendered jobless, the government should tax heavily companies that employ disruptive technology. This money can be reinvested in creating a conducive environment for innovation so that other companies come on board. It can also be used to provide a welfare system for people who are made redundant by the innovation, while they are encouraged to acquire relevant skills.

Works Cited

Twerenbold, Roman. The Good, the Bad and the Innovative: Understanding the Darker Side of Innovation for Development. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). 2017.            80d7004f285c?OpenDocument&Click=. 

Reflective Essay paper

Work type:Reflection paper/Reflection essay
Pages:2 pages (550 words), Double spaced
Academic level:High school
Subject or discipline:Literature
Title:Writer’s choice
Paper instructions:For this assignment, I ask that you research and write a 2-3 page self-reflection on any Dominican icon or legendary figures that you believe are connected to or in denial of their African roots. Feel free to choose any one we discussed in class, such as: Carolina Contreras (Miss Rizos) the pioneer of the first curly hair salon in Santo Domingo; Junot Diaz – author of The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Amara La Negra (Dominican-American artist or Sammy Sosa.

Reflective Essay paper

The Answer

Author’s name

Instructor’s name



The Pioneer Dominican Natural Hair Salon

In the Dominican Republic, long straightened hair that hung down women’s back was the ideal look .Family members and bosses in the Dominican Republic would openly criticize anyone who decided to grow her natural hair. The hair was considered unkempt, unprofessional and ugly. Carolina Contreras also known as Miss Rizos, made headlines by her ability to unite women who embrace and rock in their natural hair.

Miss Rizos opened an environmental friendly salon for women who wanted to keep their hair natural and curly in Santo Domingo. She is an innovative 29 year-old lady who skillfully found an alternative to the old norm of chemically straightened hair to advocate for natural and kinky hair. Being a risk -taker in business, she used most of her savings, donation from friends and money from a campaign that raised 10,000 dollars to start her salon.

This salon served the community with excellent blow-dry and hair treatment that would prevent hair breakage and restore its natural curls. Ms. Fuentes, a customer at Miss Rizos salon, finds excellent satisfaction when she took her three daughters to Miss Rizos salon. She admits that it was fulfilling for her and her daughters to find a place in the Dominican Republic where their curvy natural hair was embraced and considered beautiful.

Miss Rizos is a creative woman who used the social medium platform to communicate to the public through tutorials and empowerment videos on natural hair products and haircuts. Though her ambitions, her YouTube channel became so popular and she therefore decided to open a salon. Being a loving women, she says that anger is not the emotion that drove her movement, but the love and beauty of being natural and black.

Miss Rizos is a legend who embraces her African roots and advocates for self-love and the eradication of racism. Black people admires to be more Eurocentric and have their hair straightened just like the people of power in their community. However Miss Rizos think that natural hair is the most beautiful accessory on her Body and it represents freedom of choice and the ability to decide to be herself.She loves her hair texture despite the fact that it leads to rejection from certain social classes.

Miss Rizos is a super-achiever of her dreams. She was able to reach over 50,000 followers and hosted many successful events in over 20 cities. She has been a source of inspiration to many young girls through empowerment programs and educational hair workshops. She is a self -driven woman andher passion is not financial related, but the need to advocate for women with afro textured hair to be their true selves. Though many had called her hair ugly as a young adult that did not stop her from changing their perspective.

In conclusion, Miss Rizos made a huge impact in the Dominican Republic beginning with her mother and three sisters who followed her foot-steps. S he is an educative lady, who uses her platform to break down the beauty standards portrayed in media and steps in with her natural version of beauty. Her vision as an activist is to encourage black people to love themselves just the way they are and also influence the laws in the Latino America to protect women and young girls who wear natural hair from discrimination.

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Write 2 page essay on the topic CASE-CONTROL RESEARCH STUDY.of Interest: The subjects recruited for the case study were exposed to trihalomethane, a by-product produced during the chlorination of wate

Write 2 page essay on the topic CASE-CONTROL RESEARCH STUDY.

of Interest: The subjects recruited for the case study were exposed to trihalomethane, a by-product produced during the chlorination of water, which is done for the purpose of disinfection.

Patients who were histologically confirmed to have primary bladder cancer were recruited as the case population for the study and they were identified with the help of urologic services. The other inclusion criteria’s for the recruitment of the case population were: age group between 20 and 80 years and they must reside within the geographical area surrounding the hospital.

The study was a multi-center case-control study conducted in Spain and the subjects were recruited from 18 participating hospitals located at five different geographic regions in and around Spain. The cases were recruited through regular reviews of the discharge and pathology records in hospitals at by the research staffs who were involved in the study.

The number of cases who participated in the study was 338 out of the 1,457 eligible cases who were interviewed. However the article does not provide any information about the eligible subjects who were not part of the subjects. The reason for their non-participation has not been mentioned.

The control population was chosen from the same hospitals where the case subjects were recruited. The control group included patients who suffered from problems like hernias, orthopedic problems, circulatory disorders, and who were admitted to the hospital. Those who had problems that were related to the study were not chosen as controls. About 582 controls from 1,465 eligible controls were selected. Signed informed consents were obtained from both the case and control participants before onset of the study.

During the initial interview demographic information and familial, medical, including smoking history, and occupational history of all the eligible participants were collected using computer assisted software. The short listed case and control population were

Compose a 500 words essay on What does Sociology contribute to our understanding of health. Needs to be plagiarism free!It observes ways in which communities, groups, and organisations, the forms of s

Compose a 500 words essay on What does Sociology contribute to our understanding of health. Needs to be plagiarism free!

It observes ways in which communities, groups, and organisations, the forms of social structure, and other various social interactions and their effects on actions, attitudes, and opportunities. Basically, sociologists, along with many health professionals, maintain that illness and health are culturally and socially defined and they believe that human beings make choices which affect their health and well-being(Perry 2011) .

The gap presently between the poor and the rich, or rather the relations between factors such as health and social class have been of sociological importance since Marx’s work on capitalism. People belonging to higher social classes tend to enjoy better life chances, are more healthy and live relatively longer than those lower down the social scale. In other words, the better off people are more inclined to eating well and healthily. In the Third World and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, vaccination programs are normally less effective than they should be because people have less food to eat and the diet is usually not balanced. Feeding well is the best way of preventing diseases (Timmermans & Haas 2008).

Early in the nineteenth century, a huge number of deaths were a result of what people called ‘the disease of poverty’ because most of those who perished were poor and suffered from malnutrition. In the twentieth century, however, “the diseases of poverty” have been replaced by what is now known as the diseases of affluence, where people eat too much of the wrong things. Eating foods that are high in cholesterol, smoking and drinking too much are just a number of causes of these lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle choices for instance exercise and diet are considered key factors in whether a person is ill or healthy. The modern industrialised societies’ problems are not caused by too little food, but too much harmful or unhealthy food resulting to illnesses such as diabetes, stomach

Compose a 750 words essay on Underachievement Of Black Afro Caribbean Boys. Needs to be plagiarism free!According to literature, boys’ underachievement is effectively analyzed when comparing the boy

Compose a 750 words essay on Underachievement Of Black Afro Caribbean Boys. Needs to be plagiarism free!

According to literature, boys’ underachievement is effectively analyzed when comparing the boy’s repetition in school, results of the girls, adult literacy and transitions to secondary school to that of the girls (Hickey, 2003).

There have been reports however from sub-Saharan Africa, within some countries of boys underachieving but is not mainly because of performing poorly but high dropouts. The fact that also girls are involved in underachievement clearly indicates that research is still developing.

Prove has indicated that reports which are considered reliable can be those from United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia (Lingard, 2003). Reports from these countries major on the increasing evidence of girls’ high scoring performance, compared to boys. OFSTED (1996), published ‘The Gender Divide: Performance Differences Between Boys and Girls at School’ in the United Kingdom, on the achievement of boys, the New Zealand Education Review Office published ‘Achievement of Boys’, (Aitken, 1999), and lastly in Australia a debate led to a report on ‘Boys: Getting it Right’ (House of Representatives, Standing Committee on Education and Training, 2002). These debates have finally led to programmes rising aimed at increasing the levels of achievement among the boys.

Underachievement can also be derived from the fact that boys are performing below the required limits (Martino & Pallotta-Chiarolli, 2003). This is evidenced by the information gathered after carrying out tests in some countries within the learning centers. Although this covers only some geographical areas, they help in analyzing the educational outcome of those areas.

I will pay for the following essay How has my writing changed in this semester why. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Consequently, I c

I will pay for the following essay How has my writing changed in this semester why. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Consequently, I could not boast about great achievements in the beginning. however, I identified my weak points and developed clear goals I wanted to set. My motivation was warmed up by clear assignments, support and help of my mates and comprehensive teaching approach.

Now I feel more confident when it comes to writing due to the skills I improved during this course. I have understood the line between formal and informal writing. I avoid using personal pronouns in academic essays. What is even more important, I have learned more about essay and paragraph structures. I used to deliver my thoughts in mess but now I know that every essay should have distinctive introduction, main body and conclusion. It is difficult to underestimate the contribution of my peers to my learning process. Peer-review process showed me how other people perceive what I wrote. It helped me to spot and correct my mistakes, reorganize my paragraphs and avoid meaningless sentences in writing. I started writing on the point, giving more examples, relating abstract things to real life