BH3319 Theory And Practice Of Leadership

Task Details/Description: BH3319 Theory And Practice Of Leadership

BH3319 Theory And Practice Of Leadership. A feature can be anything from across the term 1 module content. It can be a trait, a behaviour, a skill etc. We will discuss this in greater detail in class, however the onus is on the features being drawn from academic concepts/ theories as opposed to being from a layman’s perspective. You need to justify why the four features you choose would contribute to effective leadership by drawing on relevant leadership theory and research.

Remember that there is no right answer. What I am looking for is how you critically argue your choices with empirical evidence (i.e. theory and research). The essay is empirically-driven in nature and adopts an evidence-based management perspective and so the use of empirical research and theory to select, discuss, and justify each feature is crucial in order to do well.

You can use whatever models and theories you like from term 1 content and your related wider readings. Avoid using more than two features from a given theory or model in order to demonstrate breadth in your work. That is, I do not want you to just describe the four key dimensions of transformational leadership, or choose mostly (personality) traits as your features. You want to try and provide a well-rounded perspective on the variety of complementary factors (i.e. features) that may constitute effective leadership.