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The final part of your plan will include a customer communications section. Draft and recommend one customer communications strategy to include in the plan. Detail the following:

  • Determine and describe with at least 400 amount of words how you will stay in contact with customers with a customer communications strategy. 
  • Add 1 communication vehicle that you will use such as an e-zine, a blog, a social networking page with updates, a newsletter, direct marketing campaigns, and so on. 
  • Choose 1 communication vehicle, and draft the communications message, with at least 400 amount of words, that you would deliver for the first piece. For example, if you are writing a customer blog, a first message could be about customer service and how it sets your company apart from the competition. 
  • Then, add this section at the end of your final Key Assignment plan. Organize the sections, edit them, and post the final draft of the plan.
  • Use the attachment to base everything off of. the attachment was the rough draft of the plan