Assume that the federal government has imposed an increase in the gasoline tax of 50 cents per gallon, effective in three months.

1.Assume that the federal government has imposed an increase in the gasoline tax of 50 cents per gallon, effective in three months. How might a motel franchise headquarters organization estimate the effect on demand that this new tax would have for their member motels, which are located in all parts of the country? How could restaurant chain organization operating turnpike food services make such an estimate? How could a regional airline?

2.Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. are considering taking their first trip abroad. Deciding to buy a group tour, they find that some countries in which they are interested seem to offer a much better value than do others. Assuming that the ingredients of the tours being considered are very similar, what factors are likely to account for this price difference?

3.You have accepted a United Nations Development Program assignment in tourism to a small Central American country. Your first task is to make financial calculations concerning the economic feasibility for a resort development. What factors do you consider when beginning this process? Assuming your findings result in a favorable conclusion, what would your next step be?

4.Bonnie S, CTC, is an agency travel counselor. She has decided that her agency’s market area has a good potential to sell more ecotourism. How should Bonnie proceed to identify prospective buyers of such tours?


As the newly named president and CEO of tourism Banff, the Destination Management Organization for the world-famous iconic tourism community location in Banff National Park (BNP), and Canada’s first and most famous national park, you have been asked to formulate a tourism development and promotion policy which balances the needs of residents of the small community of 6,700 permanent residents and the over 5 million annual visitors to BNP.

In formulating the requested policy, keep in mind that the town of Banff is located in a national Park, how would you balance the rights and responsibilities of:

Permanent residents of the community;Visitors living in the nearby city of Calgary; and Visitors from the rest of Canada?

How would you decide which kind of tourism activities you would both allow and encourage within the National park?

In formulating a vision for the future of the National Park community/ destination, whom would you involve in the visioning process?

thank you very much.