ASS006-3 Health Issues In Gender Age And Ethnicity

1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding critical appreciation of differing social groups experiences of health and/or healthcare in the  United Kingdom in ASS006-3 Health Issues In Gender Age And Ethnicity.

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities systematic review of the literature linked to service provision related to a health/care and a  social group, identifying appropriate and relevant research papers and synthesise and  critically evaluate your findings.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

The second assignment links to your first assignment systematic review. The second assignment is a 2000-2500 word write up of your systematic review findings written in report format. You must choose your own report title relevant to the content of your report. If issues  were raised in assignment one tutor feedback in relation to your chosen research aim/question or selected research studies, you will need  to demonstrate you have taken action to address these e.g. if you were told that sources  you chose in your systematic review in assignment  one were not UK-based primary research papers focused on answering your research question, you will have acted to address this by finding new studies ensuring for this assignment, you have a minimum of 6 research papers to analyse the findings of. Your report should include the following sections. You do not include a methodology section in assignment two as you have already written this in assignment one.

a) Abstract – here you outline what the report is about; what areas it covers; key findings; and brief summary of your overall conclusion and recommendations. It should be short .

b) Contents page – the headings and page numbers in your contents page must tie in with those in the report.

This is where you draw everything together and include a critical analysis and evaluation of findings in relation to policy and/or practice/services for your chosen group and health issue. Here you can include studies that did not meet your inclusion criteria but are relevant e.g. discussion papers, reports, etc. You can use studies from other countries in this section (as well as in  your introduction).

g) Conclusion and recommendations: In this section you will need to provide an evidenced, reasoned and argued conclusion with recommendations. Your recommendations are based on any issues highlighted in the studies you included in your review and in your discussion section.

h) References – this is a list of all sources used and cited in the text in Harvard format.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to:

• Critically analyse the impact gender, age, sexuality and/or ethnicity has on a health care topic of your choosing.

• Using an appropriate theoretical perspective, critically evaluate the extent to which UK policy and practice is meeting the needs of your chosen social group.

• Synthesise and communicate the findings of your systematic review clearly and logically in report format using standard referencing rules.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

You will clearly demonstrate the ability to carry out and write up a thematic analysis of the findings of primary research papers that are UK-based. Your analysis will focus on answering your research question. Both your in-text citations and your reference list will be accurate according to the University Harvard referencing guidelines throughout and your referencing is systematic. You will ensure you have used secondary referencing where it is needed. You will demonstrate a critical ability to synthesise and evaluate findings. You will draw on a very wide range of appropriate academic books and/or journal articles and avoid using non-academic sources to construct a critical argument in your introduction, discussion and conclusion sections. You will demonstrate that you can apply your chosen theory in your critical analysis of your findings. Your methodology is analytical, clear and succinctly written with relevant, justified inclusion and exclusion criteria.  You will follow the assignment brief and cover all required areas. You will thoroughly proofread and edit your work before submitting it.

Your work will be double spaced and clearly structured as outlined above in report format.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

This assignment will link to key concepts and ideas taught in the lectures/seminars. In lectures/seminars you will be learning about how differing social groups experience health and health care in the UK and differing factors that may impact on this including the historical social construction of differing groups and inequalities faced. You will demonstrate graduate-level skills and knowledge.

There is some engagement with the task, there is no real attempt to carry out a thematic analysis. The work is  largely either a description of one study after another or a literature review with no focus  on the findings of the UK-based primary research studies included.

Problems highlighted in assignment one in relation to  issues with the researchquestion/aims/objectives or in  ability to identify 6 primary research studies remain.

A competent but largely descriptive piece of work, which attempts to address all the stated required areas.

There is an attempt to divide the findings section into themed sub-sections but the ability to synthesise findings is lacking overall and there is a tendency just to discuss one study’s findings after the other or ‘themes’ are not drawn from common findings, instead are based on findings from one study.

Learning outcomes are met in a comprehensive analytical response to the task. There is evidence of careful planning  and all assessment criteria are addressed. Theory selected is appropriate and there is evidence of good understanding of the chosen theory. Background includes a critical examination and evaluation of the chosen  topicand the extent to which the historical social construction of the chosen social group has impacted on health and care provision in the UK. The research question is focused with clearly stated aims/objectives.

Critical and analytical work, which demonstrates a rigorous approach to addressing all threerequired sections. Theoryselected is appropriate andjustifies and there isevidence of excellent understanding of the chosen theory. Background includes an excellent critical examination and evaluation of the chosen topic and the extent to which the historical social construction of the chosen social group has impacted on health and care provision in the UK. The research question demonstrates excellent understanding with creativity evident. There is a strongrationale for the research question and aims/objectivesfully address answering the question and the needs of the systematic review.

ASS006-3 Health Issues In Gender Age And Ethnicity