All work is to be completed individually.

INDE 6370 Homework #5Due 22 MAR 10The objective of this assignment is to further develop your model building skills with ARENA. All work is to be completed individually.Modify the previous assignment to include:1. A new interarrival rate of expo(2) with a regular and a priority customer. There is no one in line when the system opens up. 10% of the customers are priority customers modeled with a BRANCH block.2. Two identical clerks who are fed from a single snake queue using the SELECT block. The queue has a priority customer preference.3. A new picture including a TV for each of the types of customers who have received service4. A transporter that shows the customer pushing their TV with a cart. There are a total of two carts and the carts move at 200 feet per minute over a 100 foot distance towards the exit door.5. The customers remove their orders from the carts and walk the rest of the way to the exit door which takes 15 seconds.6. Run the model for 8 hours and collect the time average number in queue, separate resource statistics for each type clerk and average system time for each type of customer.Submit an executive summary of the assignment including statistical results of the one replication, screen captures of your model, experiment, and animation and your model and experiment source code (look under the ARENA menu system to do this), and a copy of the output summary text file. Use a pressboard prong binder with a label on the outside with your name, course number, homework assignment number, and due date. Inside also include a cover sheet with your name, course name, assignment number, and due date.