AHC30716 Certificate III In Horticulture


AHC30716 Certificate III In Horticulture. Written to meet the weeds located in the Southern Highlands Nsw Australia region, and relevent nsw and australian leglisation.

Task 1: Short Answer Questions

Question 1

Before a weed treatment, it is critical that the weed species and their potential for infesting an area are investigated. When weeds are growing, their identity and level of infestation can be visually assessed.

When no weeds are visible, how can you assess the potential for weed infestation?

Question 2

Describe how the Integrated Pest Management determines what the tolerable levels of infestation are?

Question 3

Select a relevant state legislation relating to the control of noxious weeds and describe how it determines what the tolerable levels of infestation are?

Question 4

List at least four sources of information (can include websites, articles, books and experts) you have used in researching possible approaches to controlling weed infestation

Question 5

List and explain 5 benefits of using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), also referred to as Integrated Weed Management (IWM) as a control option?

Question 6

Describe how legislative requirements should be considered when determining suitable control options?

Question 7

List at least 8 factors that impact weed tolerance levels in any given industry or situation.

Question 8

Why is it important to be able to identify all plants in an around the weed control area?

Question 9

Give an example and describe a beneficial organism that you should be aware of when developing a weed control program

Question 10

Review your organisation’s pest management plan and outline the four types of control and an example for each

AHC30716 Certificate III In Horticulture

Task 2: Case Studies

Case Study 1. WeedsChoose two weeds and complete the following form.
Weed Species 1Weed Species 1
Common NameMallowBlack night shade
Scientific Name  
 (Insert image) (Insert Image)
Characteristics of the weeds   
Potential suitable control measures   
The life cycle and  appropriate timing of weed control    
Methods of weed dispersal