9 Do Homework – Alharth Mohmed – Google Chrome X a Secure I

I need help with H.W explanation require, please. I would be appratited

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[email protected] 14612 EE Question Help It? Give a paramelric description oltl’re ion-n r(u,r) = (x(u.v),y(u.v),z[u.v)) forlhe following suriace 9 The czapofthesrlherex2 +y2 +22=81. or ESZSS Seled The curred choice below and fill in the answer boxes to complete your choice.(Type any angle measures in radians. Use angle measures greater lhan or equal in U and less lhan 21:. Type exact answers; in terms of I.) O A. r(u.v)= (81 cos u.81 sin u.v) for SuS and iv; O B. r(u,v):(95inucusv,95inusinv,9cosu} for Sus and Svs O C. rlu.v)=(9cos u,9 sin Lu”) for Sus and Svs (9 D. r(u.v)= (9CD:usinv.95inu5inv,95inv} lor Sus and Svs |_||-_’l| "’ || ~’- llill;llilli|| | Click to select and enter your answer(s) and then click Check Answer @ All parts showing — CIearAII criedmnswer ‘ b