8003SHRM Strategic Human Resource Management

You need to write a report. In that report you need to start with looking at marking/grading rubric requirements.
• In preparation for this assignment, you are required to read the following article about modernising workforce planning; Tucker, E 2019, ‘How to modernize workforce planning’, People & Strategy, vol. 42, no. 4, pp. 14-19. 8003SHRM Strategic Human Resource Management

• Based on what you have learned and understood from the article and your knowledge of the concepts and principles presented in this subject, undertake a strategic workforce planning exercise for your organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar.

• Develop a systematic process of human resource planning (HRP) based on a detailed environmental scan, labour demand forecasting, labour supply analysis, and balancing demand and supply to meet the current and future staffing needs of your chosen organisation.

• You must support your analysis with theory from journal articles and/or other additional resources; for example; if you suggest, “xyz organisation’s HRM is provided by a centralised Health service and an on-site human resources team, supported by numerous data repositories, including a human resource information management system (HRIMS) and significant HRM participation from area and line managers” (reference), you need to provide reference to support depending on the context of your organisation’s operations.

• There needs to be an integration of literature and practice to secure high marks as per the marking/grading rubric.

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