1 . The a 1 in the formulas to estimate the rate ratios in stratified analyses refers to what parameter?




4.  The process of transforming subjective experience into objective or shared reality involves conceptualization and operationalization

a. true


5. Poverty is a variable

a. true


6. Biomedical research methodologies do not rely on theory

a. true


7. Descriptive Research is guided by a hypothesis

a. true

b. false

8.   Which of the following does a p-value of < / = 0.05 mean?

a.    This value is arbitrary and rarely used in scientific research

c.     19/20 times you right and 1/20 you are wrong

d.    The Z-score

9.Which criteria for causation in Epidemiology?

a.    Bradford-Peach

c.     Spontaneous Generation

d.    Koch’s postulates

10  Which study design would you use to assess the attitudes of parents about a new chlamydia vaccine for adolescents?

a.    Correlational

c.     Causal-comparative

  1. d.    Experimental